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This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
As the title suggests, this is Grom Hellscream. I've had multiple requests to make a new Grom throughout my years of WC3 modeling, and with the new WoW expansion out I suddenly got inspired to make him. So here he is :)

I worked hard on this one and he's probably my best work so far, so I hope you all like him. I had more plans for him originally, animation-wise. But they turned out to be quite time-consuming to make and since I also have stuff going in RL, I decided to keep to the basics.

Give credits if you use and/or edit.

UPDATE: Fixed a bug, Mdlvis cut off part of his hair when I optimized for some reason.

UPDATE2: Fixed animation bug in portrait.

Major update:

Gave Grom as little face-lift because some of his low quality-ness was bugging me. Changes:
  • Did some touch ups on the texture. Face and hair is much more detailed and crisp, and the rest of the texture has much clearer highlights, resulting in an overall better look.
  • Scaled up Gorehowl quite a bit because the old one was way too puny. Also moved it close to his hand, so now his grip is closer to the head of the weapon. This looks much better and less like he's balancing the weapon by the end of the hilt.
  • He now boasts both new and reworked animations. The walk cycle has been completely redone and should look a lot more dynamic, the attack animations have been tweaked to look less awkward, and he finally has the cinematic animations, which brings me to my next point:
  • He now has a Chaos version, as well as the above mentioned animations. The animations are built the same way as the vanilla version, so it's not an alternate animation set. It's for use in cinematics, like in the Orc campaign.
  • The portrait animation has added bones, resulting in more realistic and less static movements.
  • His weapon and hero glow now has global sequence animations.
There might be more, but that's all I can think of right now. I've decided to leave the old Grommash here as well, for comparison purposes and in case people would like to use it.

Grommash (Model)

GrommashChaos (Model)

GrommashOld (Model)

05:48, 6th Feb 2015 MiniMage: Oh this is awesome. A Hellscream 2.0. The feet seem a little big, but eh, this is warcraft, so whatever. XD Anyhow, I'll approve this with a 5/5. Well done.




05:48, 6th Feb 2015
MiniMage: Oh this is awesome. A Hellscream 2.0. The feet seem a little big, but eh, this is warcraft, so whatever. XD

Anyhow, I'll approve this with a 5/5. Well done.
Great, it's out :)

I like the Attack 2, Attack 3 and the Spell animation a lot, even the portrait ones turned good (quite menacing I must say).
The walk animation turned fine too, could use more side to side leaning but it's good.

Lovely mesh and sweet texture, I mostly like the belt and the pauldrons texture (you did a great job with those areas).

5/5 from me.
Level 7
Oct 20, 2010
Really great job Tauer! Ever since you announced Grom I have been checking your forum everyday for it's release.

Anyways, I'm no expert in modeling, but i'd give this a 5/5. I don't seem to see anything wrong with it.
Level 11
Jun 27, 2010
Really great quality! The animations are so fluid it's wonderful. Really hoping to see a brown version. You should consider adding the tattoos he has around his torso.

5/5 +rep
Level 6
Nov 3, 2005
This model's dope af! As hard as you worked on the animations, I think it deserves more attention. I feel his swings and walkings are too "tight" if that makes sense (his arms cling to close to his body, torso position doesn't change enough, idle doesn't circulate about enough) I also think the thumbnail of your account makes for a better portrait. It'd be awesome that if you made the separate fel version, you went through the trouble of making him far more brolic, with his teeth larger and everything.
Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
A great model. Lovely eye effects too :)
Maybe you could make a maghar skin for this one too?