Eragon Inheritance Final 13

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Brought to you by: Clan INHR


Hello Hiveworkshop, we are a team of three individuals that have been working on this open source project since Sep 2014. After 29 releases we are proud to present the final product for the Wc3 community, we dedicate this map to all members of clan INHR and Eragon supporters that have supported our endeavour.


What makes Eragon so special for me is the exceptional storyline. The gameplay and the graphics within our game reflects that world very nicely. It's also a work of art how each individual game element fits perfectly with everything else. Not one moment ever feels like a throwaway. Of course, the beautifully sculpted world of Alagaësia is the main star. Its ancient cities and mystical creatures unlike any other lore. The opening to this game alone sets the mood and atmosphere, and provides dozens of water-cooler moments you will remember for a long time.

The game features an intense battle between good and evil where the border between reality and fiction becomes a blurry mess. Our hero Eragon who scrambles through the darkness with his small group of companions are fleeing for their lives with superior evil forces constantly chasing them. Will they bow down to evil or fight and defeat the evil threatening every living soul in Alagaësia.

Eragon Inheritance Final 4 is something you simply have to play. Would you kindly enter the world of Alagaësia, and experience a completely changed and revamped custom game that is going to blow your mind?


Exceptional balance, Eight unique fire-breathing dragons', A Goblin mechatronic faction, Fantastic 10/10 terrain perfected by SilenceX, Skyfire Gunship and the stunning PrimeMatron demonic princess.

Changelog: Updated game compatablility with patch 1.30.2. Overhaul of balance and graphics. Some new abilities and models.

Credits - Models and Icons-9,
RightField Bart_Illidan RightField frostwolf th15 UndeadArthas1 Norinrad RuinHead eXciTe Mister X minkeun0806 sc_freek MeanMachine frostwolf Tarrasque SvenHappyTauren Kuhneghetz Horn R.A.N.G.I.T. wingednosering Illidan(Evil)X General Frank Necrokenis Elenai Rizz_Boomer donut3.5 Callahan IamMclovin Elenai INF3RNO levigeorge1617 General Frank HappyTauren DarkChaplain RightField Mc ! -=Emergenzy=- RightField Ayane Syroco Buster acapulco RightField Hellish Hybrid VGsatomi RightField olofmoleman Illidan(Evil)X Final Tyrant olofmoleman Tarrasque Burning_Dragoon5 panther rider olofmoleman PrMosquito JetFangInferno WaggaWagga olofmoleman JetFangInferno Callahan General Frank CybrgDragon Meteor_demon Pyritie spong3bob Elenai Pelsen Tranquil Mephestrial Kitabatake Ergius Deathcom3s Xelthyr D.O.G. Amaruak Norinrad WILL THE ALMIGHTY dickxunder Gottfrei MasterHaosis skrab spong3bob Hawkwing dickxunder Norinrad PrinceOfFame willydawiller Mr. Bob Model Red XIII Shadow_killer Soul Theft Red XIII Truth Troll UA Mephestrial takakenji Kuhneghetz Kitabatake Kehel Sellenisko ikillforeyou Sellenisko Kuhneghetz karland90 hortaxman MassiveMaster Sellenisko kola999 The Weird Human Thrikodius Callahan supertoinkz vegetation -Grendel Thrikodius The Weird Human Vortigon MiniMage eubz Sin'dorei300 Hexus Wandering Soul Sin'dorei300 Sweet Oblivion Uncle Fester MiniMage JesusHipster UgoUgo Andrew Overload519 Alpain Sellenisko AhhFreshWeeD Korija2029 Fingolfin ILH Vortigon JesusHipster kangyun kellym0 HerrDave skymarshall HerrDave dhguardianes IX-ArTuR-XI HerrDave MatiS Just_Spectating exN VGsatomi Juice_F GreyArchon olofmoleman Wyvernoid R.A.N.G.I.T. Illidan(Evil)X General Frank mortal Amaruak Norinrad Devine dickxunder Mr.Goblin jigrael GooS Zombie lieutang dickxunder Mr.Goblin bigapple90 CloudWolf AbstractCreativity Palaslayer The Panda Stanakin CloudWolf KelThuzad enjoy CloudWolf Nugamentum 4eNNightmare ikillforeyou NFWar Hellx-Magnus 67chrome Stanakin 4eNNightmare PeeKay kola PeeKay Darkfang JollyD eubz Uncle Fester Hadeis Ujimasa Hojo kola Marcos DAB BLazeKraze kangyun Eagle XI Fingolfin Unknown102 Fingolfin Stefan.K Solu9 Mechanical Man HerrDave PROXY HerrDave Tauer kellym0 Wandering Soul, skrab, Ket, communist_orc, Illidan(Evil)X, HerrDave, Minimage, Ergius, CRAZYRUSSIAN, HappyTauren, graystuff111, Mythic, LoDown, !!GORO!!, Stanakin, Ujimasa Hojo, Kitabatake, Muoteck, JollyD, Eagle XI, Mr.Goblin, Elenai, Direfury, Tranquil, General Frank, -Grendel, epsilon, Tenebrae, Kuhneghetz, Laercio, CoLd Bon3, KILLCIDE, Em!, ~Nightmare, San, inhuman89, Mr. Bob, Deolrin, darkdeathknight, Lockheart, Mechanical Man, The Weird Human, stan0033, t-rav201, 00110000, Chriz, Uncle Fester.

Eragon Spoof - Waiting

Eragon Inheritance Final (Map)

Not sure about some items and what they actually do as their descriptions are pretty just some story type sentences. Hero abilities should be properly placed in their learn menus. Some start from the first row, others don't. Some heroes have the same...
Level 1
Apr 17, 2018
I tried all the factions and had fun while doing so
1) as Surdan whenever i engaged in combat my units would get silenced and not be able to attack, im not saying its a bad thing but at least lower the duration of the spell
2) all the heroes generally have the same stats, the damage differs, id like to see agility and intelligence based heroes other than strength
3) at least 1 hero should be revivable, the risk of losing all your heroes is to much and spamming the inventory with dragons blood is not aesthetic
All in all its a great map, you've done a good job, keep it up!


Map Reviewer
Level 53
Jun 4, 2009
Hey deepstrasz thank you for commenting, did you also play the game?
It's an open source project, so i believe anyone has the right to upload it. Anyways me, Brisingr and front2back have been editing and uptating it since 2006. The huge blank is to make necessary room so the credits section doesn't take over the whole page. Is there a rule against that? I didn't see sorry.
No but you can hide the wall of text between [ spoiler] [/ spoiler] tags without the space between [ and spoiler. That space occupies the whole screen instead.
Can you link where it says it is open source?
I don't know Wc3 terminology but in software open source per definiton means everybody can access the source code. Everybody can open this map in world editor with no requirements, I would say that qualifies this map as open source. Papercutt is the original author of the terrain, and in game he has given strong support to continue development of his work.
I can only provide oral consent. Papercutt only created the basic terrain, we have almost changed 90% of the map terrain and imported models made triggers etc. Even if we started out on papercutts flat terrain that did not belong to us this version is certainly our intellectual property at this point. It's nice to see you enforce rules but this is our map, my alias is krem2. If you go into the top left "Quest" section of each and every Eragon inheritance release version you will see krem2 has claimed credit for the changes.


Map Reviewer
Level 53
Jun 4, 2009
Not sure about some items and what they actually do as their descriptions are pretty just some story type sentences.
Hero abilities should be properly placed in their learn menus. Some start from the first row, others don't.
Some heroes have the same abilities for the same player. Maybe, a bit more diversity?
Not all heroes have glow (example: Brom/Vinr Alfakyn). You could add that: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
Houses have small selection circles.

Overall, it's mostly based on Warcraft III content, even items are the standard ones from the game.
However, as an enhanced version of a stopped project, I can approve this.

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