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Droid Tri-Fighter

The Tri-Fighter (or as i call it, "the nutcracker") was a light interceptor of the confederate fleet during the clone wars, built as an excellent dogfighter for space-superiority. Apart from the main laser cannon, each wing was fitted with a light blaster, and plasma torpedoes could be fitted underneath the hull. Discord missiles were also frequently used, which rather than detonating, would release a group of seven buzz droids each.

I made this model with Darwins excellent "Battle for Tatooine" in mind, so it includes a looping animation, named "spell throw", aswell as an animation where it fires all it's blasters in sequence, called "spell slam" (works well with a modified cluster rockets spell). "Weapon", "Hand Right", and "Hand Left" are attachment points for the main and the two bottom blasters respectively. The blue parts are teamcolored. I took Kellym0's advice on this one and modeled the laser flares instead of using particles, so they should scale properly with the model.

droid, cis, confederate, star wars, jedi, sith, federation, republic, clone wars, space, ship, fighter, interceptor

Droid Tri-Fighter (Model)

11:47, 3rd Apr 2015 MiniMage: Awesome.

Deleted member 212788


Deleted member 212788

Looks very neat, I really like the overall look and feel of the star wars themed models you're making.
Got a question, are you planning on adding a vulture to the mix and if so, will it have a ground/assault walker mode?
Well, since Olofmoleman already did a vulture, it is not really prioritized. I was considering it though, just to get one that fits together with the other models. Right now, i am working on my AT-AP which only has animation left, expect it to be uploaded within 48 hours!

EDIT: Screenshots!!!




  • Screen Shot 04-02-15 at 11.49 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 04-02-15 at 11.49 PM.PNG
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  • Screen Shot 04-02-15 at 11.50 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 04-02-15 at 11.50 PM.PNG
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Oct 22, 2013
Oh god that AT-AP looks really good!
Can't wait to see the anims.
As for this thread's model, looks really nice!
A star wars map with all these models would do justice with them.
perhaps you should do a vulture, as olofmoleman's is brown and does not match your other CSI's units color scheme and animation style, you could even just make a re-skin of it for that.

this little guys really cute. I think hes adorable. I see little to no problems with it. 9/10

things I like:

I like the blaster flares you added, they look exactly like the ones I put on ur HMP, I find that hilarious -- I did those pretty ghetto too. minimage made his aerial drone's flares much nicer then mine. I noticed you animated each flares bone, that tiny addition actually impressed me a lot, I never imagined moving the bones forwards/back wards to achieve that growing shrinking look, usually I just lazily use the size function. very neat.

I like the walks, especially walk - 2, I thought that barrel roll was very well made. walk 3 is over shadowed by 2s awesomeness

and lastly, spell throw. holy god dam hell that looks crazy.

Things I personally would work on:

death seems simple enough, though some parts of it flying off might be nice. Im reminded of my work on my.... animated cattail... D I think? the bone white dead one.

during death I animated 8 ''pieces'' which had 2 bones, one bone spun the piece very fast, the other bone moved the piece away from the plant rapidly.
similarly, you could have parts of the body spinning flying away from the tri fighter like shrapnel for a more cinematic ''death'' rather then just nose diving into space and suddenly vanishing after an admittedly very sexy explosion. but thats just me being anal.

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It makes he happy to get such a praising review from someone as perfectionistic as you. And yes, ofcourse i will make a buzz droid! It will likely be a simple one with a 128x128 texture, which you could use for something like a locust swarm spell (though admittedly, i've always hated that spell). I don't think it would ever be scaled large enough to warrant for any greater amount of detail. Right now, my modeling list looks something like this:

1. Republic LAAT (mesh almost completed)
2. Some republic and CIS structures of my own design
3. Consular-class cruiser (mesh completed)
4. AT-TE

Since the buzz droid is such a simple model, it could be squeezed in at any point, but i think structures are the most emergent, since there is a serious lack of good sci-fi structures on the hive, especially after Mr. Bob left.