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  • You brought the ponies to hive? That's just awesome. I was wondering why I started seeing them everywhere.
    Personal note: lol
    I'll be off for a few days so you and var pause the elders, thank you :)
    a laggy RP is driving YOU insane? maybe you should like.. Leave it?

    in other words, don't let me catch you again posting anything but RP in the RP thread
    Yeah, I think it would be a good idea with we had Misha come join the battle. That way we could have a more interesting and less defensive battle.
    .. and i would apretiate that you don't post anything untill we settle this out, since my wotlk installation has seriously slowed my net speed to almost being unable to post.. :/

    don't ask me how.. i don't have a clue o_O
    I have.. a slight request.. don't go "felling the whole town in one night" as you wanted to do in elders, that way you'll be spotted instantly, and you'll have an archon at your neck.

    and of course.. if my archon couldn't chase your char out in one swift attack, well.. you know already :/

    I don't want to just cut your story, so it is better that you change your posts and mimic a "Plague" or something like that..
    Well I think that will be even more confusing and will not work. I think its best to leave that out. Sorry for not mentioning it before. But I thought I had time enough to finish my posts en then it would be clear. But I had to leave suddenly, so that is why.
    well yes indeed it is a dream. and everyone is still inside the coach. I do not have further use for the girl and her dog. i think misha doesnt either. I does not matter whatever you do to torin. not at all. aslong it is in your power and he like does not die something similar. I do not know how that goes for Mishas charr. and the dream is only Sonyas dream. its not like were both in the same one.
    well.. something happening.. since Rhiannon has talked to all of the rulers..
    yeah.. people get bored, people make new RPs, people make new RPs, Old RPs go to the shadow.. and later to oblivion.. :/

    and... this whole RP was founded on the fact that there are several ruling entities... i do not see a way to overthrow any of our mighty rulers.. unless they all retire to a secluded place, within the most hidden corners of the world.. leaving the world to go on it's own, until something comes that threatens to destroy it utterly..

    lol.. that might lead to more/less an alliance between us "three mighties" XD
    well i don't know what to do.. all the players are somehow MIA

    perhaps elders are no longer interesting.. :/
    We need to start posting again. I'm probably the only person who even has a plot going. It's like you're all waiting for me or something. to get anything done, you guys have to go adventuring. We don't have a DM, so we won't have scenarios being thrown at us.
    so.. why dontcha continue your plot? all i see is you complaining about the lack of action, instead making due with what's on your hands, are you relying on someone also? that puts us in a perpetual loop, i'm afraid.

    we should continue this in a PM, because i see that it needs a lot sorted out.
    Meet him however you wish. It should be a surprise. I never really plan ahead to much. If it messes up any of my plans, well thats just life
    Well it would more likely be torn apart and if that transported half is alive somehow it would be mindless.
    Well demons are summon creatures from hellish worlds, var would probably suggest to be half demon born from crossbreeding with humans.
    There is always chance to fail but why would necromancers even consider demon for summoning in the first place when they are busy with undead and shadow creatures.

    Maybe he was imprisoned demon that was freed by unlucky adventurer. Much simpler.
    No in the elders when Torin talks with Sonya.

    Well my imagination is dry these days duo to lack of something new. So far I was thinking that my char should be failed summon by Helions (or darkiron) warlocks. He would escape Helion lands but would not have any memories and would find him self in desert lands or Archons. There he would seek way to regain his memories or something.
    Got picture and now just to see whats going on kinda. But that Lore wolf and Misha conversation kinda creeps me out.
    You mean warlock cult. And as long as I don't copy whole thing it is darkiron right?
    Still trying to figure out where or how to start. Basically some reneged demon that escaped to either Devilak or Misha's land.

    I tried but there were some totally unexpected situations.
    Oh I know how great is to have good plot. But problem is that other people can often do things you don't expect. I know that in dp I had to constantly change my plot.

    Ok I'll be then rampaging evil :p
    They would make great rts race...
    Yes I can see that your army is force to be reckon with but then again I hardly like to face of openly. Backstage is for me usually.

    Well let me just first think of character or something. Maybe my current avatar would be good if demons are allowed.
    Well that was like moth ago or 2.

    Uh existing? Attacking devilak territory i don't know I missed so much....
    Well Devilak is if I saw correctly involved.

    Well that explains why Misha wanted you to stop chasing his characters. Heck he even told me to go op if that would attract your attention. But I had exams then so I didn't do much.
    Whats the current situation in elders? It seems to be slow so maybe I could now return before the speed wave returns?
    Sonya and the coach have left the town, so.. whatever you do in won't affect them.. unless you send a few ghost to spook them as random..
    Hey, So what was that last RP of yours? I don't get it, Who the hell was saying it. :/
    you know.. if you still want to RP.. just leave Sonya.. go somewhere else..

    I'm not gonna bother telling you the third time..
    Sonya follows Rainshadow and I Follow sonya so :p any ideas where we are going? :3 leave the forest probably. that will be a unpleasant adventure for Torin :3
    well you as hums still control you charr. so like avoid positions where you need to say the name "sonya".
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