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Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
Supports HD and SD on the new B.Net Client

Public Download Link - click link to see progress
2020 Pack

Early Release
Are currently available to patreon contributers

Changes from the <1.32 Project
Its completed, all maps are available
- The save/load codes are saved to a file
- Both reforged and classic graphics supported
- 3 difficulties (normal/hard/insane) and you can change anytime
- Insane mode is harder with more custom heroes to fight
- The culling, fall of silvermoon and siege of dalaran use their reforged map data
- New interesting spells for most heroes
- You can stack potions/scrolls
- Tomes are tracked between levels and awarded to both players
- Hidden artifacts in every frozen throne mission

The original project is untouched.
WARNING: I do not update these maps anymore. Please don't message me to fix them.

Spoon's 3 Campaigns
Human, Undead and Orc

Gizmo369's Night Elf Campaign
Night Elf Chapter 1
Night Elf Chapter 2
Night Elf Chapter 3
Night Elf Chapter 4
Night Elf Chapter 5
Night Elf Chapter 6
Night Elf Chapter 7 - doesn't exist, try the archon mode linked below

McQvaBlood's Sentinel Campaign
Sentinel Pack

Nelfarian's Blood Elf Campaign
Blood Elf Pack

Tunro's Scourge Campaign
Scourge Pack

Bonus Horde Campaign
Xetanth87's Archon Pack

Archon Mode (all Campaigns)
Killmaat's Archon Pack
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Level 18
Jul 3, 2010
Sentinel Campaign: Terror of the Tides

Chapter 1: Rise of the Naga
Chapter 2: The Broken Isles
Chapter 3: The Tomb of Sargeras
Chapter 4: Wrath of the Betrayer
Chapter 5: Balancing the Scales
Chapter 6: Shards of the Alliance
Chapter 7: The Ruins of Dalaran
Chapter 8: The Brothers Stormrage


Alliance Campaign: Curse of the Blood Elves

Chapter 1: Misconceptions
Chapter 2: A Dark Convenant
Chapter 3: The Dungeons of Dalaran
Chapter 4: The Search for Illidan
Chapter 5: Gates of the Abyss
Chapter 6: Lord of Outland
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