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2P Campaign: Orc 01

Orc Campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor
Chapter 1: Landfall

"Following the mysterious Prophet's instructions, Thrall led the Horde across the Great Sea. Now, after weeks of traversing the raging seas, the orcish Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor. With their stolen ships broken and drowned, the orcs cautiously venture inland, wary of the unseen dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land..."

Version: 1.3
Extra Score: Number of Surviving Tauren Villagers

Level Description: Thrall arrives in Kalimdor but his people were seperated in the storm. He must travel across the coast of Kalimdor to find his people. On his way he encounters strange beasts, but also the Taurens - a new ally.

Version 1.0 - First complete release
Version 1.1 - No longer can control heroes after end of game, Nazgrel's hero info added to save/load code.
Version 1.2 - Swapped "Lions Ring" drop for "Maul of Strength", removed some leaks.
Version 1.3 - Quest bug fixed. Spell bug fixed.
General Changes:
- Features Nazgrel War Seer
- Allows control of Cairne

Insane Mode:
- Upgraded Creeps
- Improved Final Boss: Centaur Champion


If you wish to report a bug, reply with feedback, or find out more about the project, please visit the Hosted Forums.

2, player, campaign, orc, horde, kalimdor, thrall, cairne, nazgrel

2P Campaign: Orc 01 (Map)

18:14, 11th Feb 2011 Cweener: Approved
Level 5
Apr 10, 2010
Woah! I tought this project died out?
Anyways thanks ALOT for continuing this AWESOME 2p campaign. im overjoyed i think im gonna cry xD
Level 4
Jan 3, 2011
A few words for you sir;
1) Yay 2) Epic 3) ....yay? 4) Damn Sweet 5) Ftw 6) Yay.


Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
I don't see why that upsets so many people :C
This is a conversion of the original campaign so 2 people can play it.
Why do so many people want to me to make it compatible for 1 person?
- Theres already a version of this for 1 person!

Thx rest for nice comments,
Let me know asap if you find any bugs.
  • Go Centaurs Go
    • Events
      • Time - Every 5.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Create 3 Centaur Outrunner for Player 9 (Gray) at (Center of Centaur Party Start <gen>) facing Default building facing degrees
      • Unit Group - Order (Units in Centaur Party Start <gen>) to Move To (Center of Centaur Party End <gen>)
      • Wait 2.50 seconds
      • Unit - Create 3 Centaur Impaler for Player 9 (Gray) at (Center of Centaur Party Start <gen>) facing Default building facing degrees
      • Unit Group - Order (Units in Centaur Party Start <gen>) to Move To (Center of Centaur Party End <gen>)
This triggers is troublesome as well -> Item Drop Bonuses

Please fix memory leaks so I can approve map!

Cool collection btw!
Thanks and have a nice day!


Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
Unfortunately -kobas-, blizzards triggers are full of leaks D: (Those triggers aren't my own)
So basically if you reject this, you're rejecting the original WC3 campaign.

And the task I'm doing already is a Mammoth one.
(Converting all the campaigns into 2-player)

Removing the leaks would probably double the time taken to release the maps.
So I'm just gonna try get them all released, leaks are unoticable in a 1-play through game anyway.
Tbh, I don't mind if its not approved. I think people just want to play them asap D:

Also Nazgrel is actually a shaman, (not a raider), see here: http://www.wowwiki.com/Nazgrel
Level 9
Sep 18, 2010
ok I got a quick game with someone unknown we started on Insane Difficulty
The Cinematic were somewhat like fast forwarded, I don't know if it's intentional but probably it's some leak as I do remember you enabling some Vote (ESE Button) for not watching them in the last campaign.
Level 1
Sep 20, 2020
Omg amazing work! Gonna test it with my only friend who still plays wc3. Thanks.