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world editor help zone

  1. Kadel

    [Solved] Why |n is displayable?

    Hello, I display the message for all players, that the way of enemies is approaching, and I want it to be always through an empty line. I use "|n" for this. In-game journal it displays correctly, but when I see the message in the left corner, it is with this "|n". How should I fix this?
  2. Jadlz

    Can your trigger (if conditions) be too long?

    Hi, as the title implies, can you have a trigger that has too many functions, in particular if conditions? I'm aware of the 1ghz limitation of memory usage, but I'm pretty sure that that applies to simultaneous actions or functions being called. But for this specific type of trigger I had to...
  3. Jadlz

    [Solved] How do I check if an item (tome) is being bought from a shop?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a function for the event when a hero purchases a tome from a shop. I tried "Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop)" and "Unit - A unit Uses an item", but both didn't work. I doubt the other two (unit pawns/acquires item) would work. The only issue I could think of is that...
  4. Jadlz

    [Solved] How do I duplicate a hero's stats (in game)

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a player's hero stats/attributes (max Hp, mana, etc) in game. I'm trying to make a custom map where the final "boss" is a copy of the hero you're playing as. Ie, the boss would have the same stats as your hero. This is just a bonus, but I'm having trouble...
  5. FSK

    Lost WC3 map file, any potential recovery options?

    I shut my computer down before my map finished saving (I think thats what happened), and now world editor wont load the file. I am getting the following error when attempting to open with world editor: 'Unable to load map file : blah blehm blarhk,... --Main map file could not be opened' I've...
  6. VortexBeater

    World Editor, My map can not be load.

    Hello everyone, i had a problem with my Warcraft 3 map. I was normally editing it, i saved it, shutdown my computer, and then, the next day, i tried to open it again to continue editing, but it charged the map, and then crash the world editor. The map still working when i play it from the...
  7. matin45

    Hero without xp

    Hi my friends, My custom Hero is doesn't get any xp from battles . Why?
  8. FreeReign121

    Want to be invulnerable during teleport

    I'm trying to create a teleport ability that can target friendly units (not just town structures) like mass teleport or staff of teleportation can, but I want to be invulnerable when teleporting, like town portal scroll. (mass teleport/staff of teleportation leave you vulnerable during the cast...
  9. TheCourier

    Making units invulnerable

    Hello, is there a way to make all units owned by a certain player invulnerable? Or do I have to make them all invulnerable one by one? Thanks for answers.
  10. TheBigMetalHandInTheSky

    [General] What is a node?

    I've seen stuff like this in more advanced spells. Set MS_NodeNext[MS_Spell_ID] = 0 Set MS_NodeNext[MS_NodePrev[0]] = MS_Spell_ID Set MS_NodePrev[MS_Spell_ID] = MS_NodePrev[0] Set MS_NodePrev[0] = MS_Spell_ID So, I am wondering, What is a node? What are its functions? For what types of...
  11. ice_cold_killer

    [Import] Error - Import failed: can't copy from C:\Users ...

    HELP! I am running it as administrator and for some reason I can't import any files and I thought perhaps I had to many imports on the map so I deleted one and tried to put one over it, and it still didn't work please help I am so stuck When I trying to import a model I get this error Error...
  12. Eshkova

    Custom soundset & replacig sound Problems

    Hi there everyone, I have the following problem: none of the normal ways to replace an already existing unit soundset (AKA making a custiom one) actually work When i rightclick -> replace intern sound , its all fine for a moment until i save the map: then the replaced sounds aswell as the...
  13. Kero11

    No game.dll found!

    Hello, I've recently got a problem where the World Editor cant find the game.dll and therefore not start at all... I'm pretty sure it's been like this since I installed the 1.27 patch and before that it worked fine. I would really need some help with this since I'm working on a project and...
  14. Metaux

    Why does my map doesnt work ?

    hello, i am working on a map, but now i have a problem that i cant solve actually. The problem is that one or two trigger for player 2 dont work, but work for player 1. And i set some units at brown color, but they spawn grey ( because i set they spawn for player grey ) So i ask you to help...
  15. Brismo

    Warcraft III World Editor Quests

    Transcension Quest description: Aid map-maker Brismo load the widely known Hero X from the starting map (aka first map) into a following map, in a campaign Reward: One great friend, one set of applause and a shield made of the gratide sentences that'll be written for you Quest received...
  16. saberslash127

    Random Disease trigger effect?

    Sorry.....double post....
  17. saberslash127

    Random Disease trigger effect?

    I'm currently making a zombie-style survival map, and nearly most of it is done....however, I wanted to add a certain disease buff that will come randomly (in periodic intervals) amongst the players, and force the player to look for an antidote before turning.... Can someone help me with...
  18. Bel_Orc

    Problem with World Editor

    I tried to open a huge map with loads of decoration and triggers and saw: How can Isolve this problem?
  19. Bel_Orc

    Problem with World Editor

    I tried to open one huge map with loads of decoration, units 'n' triggers. And I saw window: How can I solve this problem? :vw_wtf:
  20. cinco35

    Jass NewGen Editor: Help!

    Hi this is my first thread, but anyway i need help to change direction of buildings in the editor. Please help if you have a lead or an idea or just know how to do it. In advance, thank you :)
  21. Lyros99

    Save and Load System

    Hello again, I need a Save and Load system for my map. My map is named The Bonded Dragon Riders ORPG and it has Dragons as well as Riders. I need Dragons to be saveable along with the Heroes. Dragons are normal units, and they have no inventory. I have seen a similar system in the latest...
  22. Lyros99

    Dragon Rider Unit Attachment - World Editor Request

    Hello guys. I am currently making a new RPG named The Bonded Dragon Riders ORPG. As the title says, there are Dragon Riders in the map. At first, I had an issue about the attachment points to make a unit appear on the dragon, until I found the chest attachment point. Now I have another problem...
  23. BeatMySkill

    [Mapping] Warcraft III World Editor Tutorials Ep. 3 - Hero Chooser [Part 1]

    Here is another weekly tutorial by Snowman Productions, in this tutorial we will learn how to make choosing heroes on a special way... As always there will be a download link for the map at the end of the description, so if you want you can download the map... Don't forget to like, comment and...
  24. I-Ate-The-Moon


    I am I-Ate-The-Moon, one of the best at Footman wars! Really tho call me Aaron. I destroy with the Human or Night Elf race, and prefer the Blood Mage or Warden as my hero! I don't have Starcraft so I don't have that much information to offer about that. My Battle.net account name is also...
  25. harrypotter


    Age:9 B-Day:May 25,2001 Gender:Male Location:Manila,Philippines Favorite Youtubers:vash12349 Favorite Hivers:Aeroblyctos