Save and Load System

Level 1
May 4, 2012
Hello again,
I need a Save and Load system for my map. My map is named The Bonded Dragon Riders ORPG and it has Dragons as well as Riders. I need Dragons to be saveable along with the Heroes. Dragons are normal units, and they have no inventory. I have seen a similar system in the latest versions of Guilds of Hyppos RPG, where you can save your ship. I will give credits to you in my map if you help me.
I also have another request: A dragon evolution system. A player gets a Dragon as soon as he reaches a cave in the beginning of the map. I have made Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Youngling, Dragon (Mature) and Ancient Dragon, each on 8 different colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Pink, Green, Red, Turqoise, Yellow). They are supposed to evolve at levels:
Level 10: Dragon Youngling
Level 35: Dragon (Mature)
Level 75: Ancient Dragon

I think this is mch simpler, I hope you can help me. I again say that I will give credits to anyone that gives me a solution.
Thank you.