1. Anster

    Warcraft III 1.29+ cracked versions.

    Hello there, have a nice day! I've come here to ask a question that may or maybe not controvertial, or whatever. I created this account just to find out the answer of this question... If there is one. Why isn't there cracked (a.k.a pirated) patches for the 1.29, 1.30, 1.31 versions of the...
  2. RevCrew

    Change projectile size based on Unit scale

    Hello! I need to change the unit's projectiles scale in-game. This method work on warcraft 3 frozen throne: call SetUnitScalePercent(u,300.00,300.00,300.00) call UnitAddAbilityBJ(1093678922,u) call IssuePointOrderLocBJ(u,"carrionswarm",point) How to do this in wc3 reforged? Is it a bug? Yeah...
  3. Lordliw

    WESTRING issue

    Today, I opened World Editor and found this weird error. Something westring, literally everything is named westring and then something. I'm in a desperate need of a fix for this, because it's so messed up to the eye, and very disorienting. Here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about.
  4. Ruvven

    Create "Wild Grass" like in pokemon with random encounters?

    Hello there everybody I posted my 2 "somewhat" working triggers down below. What i want to achieve is like the feeling of pokemon wild grass where you click and randomly move within this area and then at random "clicks!" or "intervals (while moving only)" to sometimes hit a "random encounter"...
  5. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  6. Lordliw

    AI expanding on a different location

    Hello, I am curious as to how I can make my AI make/expand their base at a different gold mine, just like in blizzard maps, the AI kills the creeps guarding the mine or another player using the mine, then they go and build a small (outpost?) base there. Thanks in forward to those that anwer. :grin:
  7. Lordliw

    JASS AI Attacking Enemy Base

    Hello. I wonder if I can make my AI attack every building. When I put SuicideOnEnemyEx(), they aim to destroy the town hall and once it's destroyed they stop and don't attack any further. Is there a way I can change it so they aim for the whole base and not just the town hall? Thanks in fowards...
  8. Lordliw

    JASS AI Base Scripting

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can make the AI destroy all enemy buildings. Because when I put SuicideOnPlayerEx it just gets their town hall and then they stop. Thanks in forward to those that answer.
  9. Lordliw

    Peasant Icon in the bottom left corner

    Hello. You guys know when there are available workers not working? And then their icons show in the bottom left corner? Well I wanna know how I can change it to a different icon. Thanks in forwards to those that answer. :grin:
  10. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  11. Lordliw

    Changing score screen player icon

    Hello, I need help with my map. I'm curious how I can change a player's icon at the score screen when the game ends. I have browsed the internet and found nothing. Thanks in forward to those that reply. :)
  12. The_Beast

    can anyone help?

    i would like to know how can i get wc3 version 1.30 cuz i have been trying to get one and never found it i want to try out all the cool campaigns in the hive workshop aswell as the new designs
  13. keepitmovin

    is there any way to remove HUD? (wc3:reforged)

    Hi, Is there any way to remove HUD while you're watching a demo? (wc3:reforged)
  14. HerlySQR

    Can you enter to wc3c.net?

    I tried to enter but the page doesn't load, so is it me or the page? and what should I do?
  15. Atasha JG

    Problem downloading wc3 1.31

    I download wc3 from this guy's post Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files because i want the latest orginal wc3 version (not reforged) after downloading, then i try running wc3 launcher then i repair it and install and updating it. When i got 78% of updating i found out my updating got bugged it said...
  16. EmnoS

    Problems with animation transfer.

    Hello, I'm new to the modeling scene and so far I've been having a lot of fun, but when recently I've become to see myself against a wall with certain situations I've encountered. So I made a tauren wielding a 1h sword, gave him 2 new attack animations, (one from Grommash and one from an Orgre...
  17. jainaproudmore

    Game Crash after clicking the play button to start the game

    Have anyone experienced the game crash when you try to start the game after the patch this month? How do I fix it because the PTR version still works but the other version keeps crashing my game when I just click play to start the game.
  18. Appreauntis

    Which patch would you recommend as the most stable for lan on the same network?

    Hello, I realize that this may be hard to quantify, possibly. But like I asked in the title, would any of the members of this site have an idea of which patch may be the most stable in regards to playing on lan (such as not desyncing on longer maps), specifically playing on lan with multiple...
  19. BranaR

    My first Reforged

  20. jainaproudmore

    World Editor keeps crashing on me

    Hi, I've been dealing some issues here. When I open World Editor, it keeps crashing like exiting on itself on 1.27b. World Editor also crashes too on Public Test version. I don't know what's causing it and I tried to uninstall the public version and delete 1.27b files too. I extract 1.21 back...
  21. Appreauntis

    What game do you wish blizzard had made?

    I have been following all the reforged news and with anticipation am hoping for a good release with plenty of support afterwards! With Reforged coming out soon, I thought I would ask what your favorite dream Warcraft game or even just Blizzard game would be? For me, that game would be, if...
  22. Lake

    [Solved] Can't find installation path (again)

    Having been working with wurst for over a month now. So I came back, ran my map and it worked fine. Then I went and updated WurstSetup tool and my project to compiler build to 1178, and now it throws the this error "Could not find Warcraft III installation!" when I run my map. I've tried to...
  23. pplDotA

    [Solved] I can't play my custom map!!

    Hi guys! Normally, I could play my custom maps. After latest upgrade wc3; I can't open my maps. When I started game, I seeing red mark in the screen...:mwahaha::ao::croll: Can you help me for this problem?
  24. stein123

    Harraxe / Forest Troll Chieftain model edit (SOLVED)

    Hi people, i wanna ask if anyone can help me with this request, i have this model, from the GTW mod, and it lacks a proper portrait, hero glow, and the right shoulderpad (wich dissapears in the model editor and WE), thanks in advance if you can help me!
  25. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Portal Spell

    I'm trying to make a spell in which a caster creates a portal at the targeted location. A portal can link itself with other portals and units that step into the portal can go back and forth from the other linked portal. A single caster can only put 4 portals per map. Can someone help me on how...
  26. MattiCore

    Make old WC3 map playable again!

    Hello guys, Is it possible to make this old map "Hero Line War Lition 9.0d Beta" openable in WE because it's protected or even playable again? Hero Line War Lition 9.0d Beta - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com I could play it long ago with patch 1.24b I think :) Correct me if I am wrong here and...
  27. Abelhawk

    Warcraft 3 Unit Quotes and References explained

    Hey! I've started a video series compiling reference clips to the many unit quotes in the game. It's been fun to finally find out what some of these are referencing. Enjoy!
  28. jj84

    Fel Skins

    Can anyone make a fel orc skin for wc3 thrall.
  29. Lasersquid112

    Funmapping Event!

    Hey everyone. It's been a long time since we've had one of these, to my knowledge, so I was hoping we could revive the tradition. Since Clan THW was disbanded due to StopCampinGN00b disappearing (I hope he comes back sometime soon), the funmap event has pretty much ceased to exist. So, to fix...
  30. WolfFarkas

    4th melee contest may allow optional teamwork?

    The 4th melee contest, it is in debate if optional teamwork should be allowed. That means that some users may join in teams (of two) and other may participate alone. Not an oficial poll, more that to know what is the general opinion in a fast way. I am not organicing this contest, probably...
  31. WolfFarkas

    Terraining Contest #20 - Theme Poll

    Since the last terraining contest Nº 19 was in 2018 (mapping time, results were on in 2019), so the contest 20 that can be in 2019, also number 20 is like a nice number like round and lot of trayectory (it can not be 19 with no 20). I decided to create a poll to check a posible theme for a...
  32. SNIper of DARKness

    Problem regarding Wc3

    Hi, Would anyone know the actual meaning of this error: I've been getting it for over 1 hour. If anyone could help me by at least explaining to me what it actually means I would appreciate it.
  33. Diegoit

    [General] Change skin ingame?

    Is that possible? Maybe as an ALTERNATE anim in the same mode?
  34. stein123

    Huntress / Watcher reskin/rewrap

    Hey everybody! i was wonderin if someone could help me with a reskin request? can someone help me reskining these Night Elf models: Watcher and Derivatives Watcher and Derivatives Dismounted Huntress, using this skin: NightElfSentinel.blp, but only for the body (nor the weapons or mount :v)...
  35. SgtWinter

    Orc & Human Subfaction Ideas?

    So I found my abandoned 4 years old map based on the idea of combining aspects of Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 into an ultimate hybrid with some of my own neat concepts such as Captureable Structures, Dynamic Naval Combat, and Bleeding in a WC2-esque themed era. It had the idea of adding sub-factions...
  36. PKM Battle Arena!

    [Arena] PKM Battle Arena! Blog Post Thread

    Hello All. As we release a new blog post every week, it has come to our attention that it floods the forum (thank you deepstrasz for pointing this out), so we have chosen to make this post the hub for all blog posts and discussion on them. Each week we will update this post for our weekly posts...
  37. TheFireTalisman

    Hero levels

    If you play WC3 campaign, you will notice that hero stops getting experience points once he reaches certain level. How to make this in WE? I am beginner in WE so my knowledge of this app is really basic.
  38. Goblintrain

    Pillar of Skulls Unit/Effect

    Hi! :) This is a very informal request. I mean... i am just asking a favor from some one who feels like doing it anyway. There is no epic project or prestige attached to it. A gimmick i have been using in my personal maps, is to clothe dummy units as doodad skull piles & stack them on top...
  39. Passivipaska

    Area markers for boss fights

    Hey. I've been looking for some 'Area markers' for boss fights for some maps I've been making. I have no idea how to make custom skins / models, so I'm hoping someone will see this post and help me out. I need circles... Kind of like Auras, but a unit model. Preferably red, multiple sizes if...
  40. Levi Ackerman

    [Role Playing Game] Attack On Titan Rpg

    Attack On titan Rpg Attack on titan rpg is a multiplayer map based on "Attack on titan" Manga with Rpg gameplay, and anime theme.There isn't any map who based on Aot,that's why i decided to make one for aot fans who are playing Wc3.Here is an abstract of features of this map: Ability of...
  41. TheSilverhand

    Zombie Infestation

    Map Name: Zombie Infestation Creators: TheSilverHand, ... Position: Terrainers, Triggers, & Nerfing/Buffing. ( People who can nerf and buff stuff ). Summary: Depending on the Game modes selected; Easy, Normal, Hard, & Endless game mode = The Survivors will be sent to travel around the map, to...
  42. Diegoit

    Where can i find original wc3 skin

    I had learned to create skins and i want to know where can i find the original wc3 skins (skins without edits) +PD: How can i change the skin of Hive models? pls dont attach link, tell me here.
  43. Passivipaska

    DungeonMaster is here!

    Hey ya all. I'm making some maps for WC3 so I thought I might as well make an account here and share some of them with you all. Hope you enjoy them! I've been working on a new 'game mode' which combines WoW -style 'dungeons' with WC3 RTS. Choose 4 champions out of total 9 different ones. They...
  44. BrothForMyPeople

    Removing Hero Glow

    Hi. Modeling - Texture Techniques Using Mdl I've done everything as written in this tutorial and this is what I get... (see uploaded image) I have this magos version War3 Model Editor ...and newest WC3 version right now - 1.28
  45. Nanaki772

    Help! Full shared unit control not working?!

    Hello, I just registered so yeah I'm kinda new to this. But I have a bit of a problem. I've made a map where I am controlling 4 different teams and I've turned on full shared unit control but.. The problem is that the resources don't work correctly. It's like they aren't divided. Say I use a...
  46. Levi Ackerman

    Model Changes in Wc3ModelEditor And in Game.

    Hi,I'm using MilkShape 3D with plugins to convert obj to mdx.The model is smoothed and exactly as i want it to be.Everything is ok when the model is in MilkShape and its format is obj. As you see in the picture: Even when i open mdx file to Warcraft III Viewer it has no problem and its exactly...
  47. mrwhite-

    Recruitment: Need your help for Liquipedia!

    Hello all, We are a handful of passionate guys, that are currently developing and establishing a Liquipedia for Warcraft 3 - Our goal is to both lower the entry of information for newer players but also assist etablished players with fundamental knowledge about the game. We are all volunteers...
  48. Levi Ackerman

    If a unit uses an item,How to make that ability of item to be done to an other unit?

    Hi,I made a backpack for a hero.Actually there is no problem with it except one thing.I want that if the backpack uses an item,Its output becomes for the hero(Not for backpack). For example: If a player uses a potion which is in the backpack and it heals 3000 hp.I want that hero to heal 3000hp...
  49. Levi Ackerman

    How to make a 2D preview for a model

    Hi,As you know there is a preview for every model when you click on it.Its in down-left of the game. It will show you the model from a specified look. I saw in many maps... 3D preview is replaced with a 2D picture of that model.I want to know how to make that for a model. Here is a example:
  50. kirbyfish

    Comic Contest Discussion

    Any ideas & discussion about the theme?I love this contest but im not good in art. But someone gonna approve it. I love fish:aht: Example for the Contest : Credits to Brummer & Goingfor2