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Aug 27, 2018
May 20, 2013


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Goblintrain's messages Jul 1, 2018

Goblintrain was last seen:
Aug 27, 2018
    1. Goblintrain
      Woe! This is exciting! I am away a few days, & i actually have a few followers! TY guys, but since i really don't produce anything, probably the most you will get in return from me is irritating questions, material requests, and a lot of over worded posts with too many exclamation points! But TY all the same! ;)
    2. Marcos DAB
      Marcos DAB
      I've created 2 blue ogre icons,
      next time I got free time, i'll create some more
      1. Goblintrain
        Woohoo! TY so much! :) I have dreamed about a set of blue ogre icons for months! :0

        I love the Blues personally. I am a bit surprised that there is not as much blue or two-headed ogre material out here. The one-heads seem to be a lot more popular among the modelers. In a way it is understandable though, in the sense that one head and human-like skin colors are -how can i describe it -more flexible. I don't know. As a complete non-modeler i am just making an attempt at looking at it from their perspective. ;)

        But, TY Marcos!
        Jul 16, 2018
    3. Goblintrain
      Goblintrain's messages
    4. Goblintrain
      I'm usually here... just grinding away at one neurotic obsession or another. Who else would still be tinkering with the WC3 editor? :)
      1. Daffa
        Still many
        Jul 10, 2018
      2. Goblintrain
        Daffa, well it does my heart good to hear that! ;)
        Jul 16, 2018
    5. Jazztastic
      Best wishes to you too mate. I don't come back here very often so I'm sorry I took so long to respond.

      If you like Oscar Peterson you should check out Ahmad Jamal. His version of footprints is truly incredible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4EfxIKcVxw
    6. Kam
    7. TaShadan
      i did but i dont have much time right now so i cant tell when the next release will be.
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  • About

    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I started playing Blizzard games back in WC2, which remains my favorite computer game of all time!

    Warcraft 2 being converted into Warcraft 3 terms is something i would love to see, but have yet to see it really captured! Unfortunately, at my age now, there is no way i could play a game on WC2 terms -which by the way, was considerably gentler than the original Warcraft:Orcs & Humans! OMFW! THAT was a brutal game!

    I was always "damn slow" at the RTS games. In the original Star Craft i earned the epithet "Goatblower" when a couple of enemies convinced my ally to destroy me first because they didn't want to lose to me, as i was busy "blowing goats" while my ally was out single handedly kicking ass! Actually, my version is that i was going for tech & i happened to have a ranked competition worthy ally -but as i said: i am ass slow at everything i do! That is why i can't hold a job. No one ever wants good work, they just want you to get faster at doing fast work. My ally agreed i was less than useless and did not let me share the victory. He said "they are right, you really were a terrible ally!". I never found out if that was just a ploy by the enemy to divide us & conquer. I was all teched up & just starting to produce units when my ally decided to destroy me too. That enemy referred to me as "Blowing Goats", and ever since then, i have used that in my name when i can. I do not blame my ally for being angry with me that game. But i do think he made a bad decision that game. No matter how pissed you are with your allies you never turn on them! NEVER!

    Goatblower is still my name in League of Legends -which i very rarely play, because, as usual -i blow goats at it!!!

    I suck at everything i do, including tinkering with the editor & triggering. The curse is true. I really do blow goats. MY NAME IS GOATBLOWER, because life initates the internet, and not the other way around. I am Goatbloer! I suck at everything!
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