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[General] Change skin ingame?

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Level 6
Jan 16, 2017
I am not sure if this is possible unless you recreate the model somehow, i tried to separate the original model from the model that the skin use and creating 2 different unit types but it did not work for some reason

You can try it yourself this is how i tried to but failed:
If you will be able to find the mistake in my tutorial then reply and i will fix the tutorial

You will need this useful app first Matrix Eater 3D Model Editor
Put it somewhere then run the app

You should then get this window

Go to File - Fetch - Unit and pick the unit your skin use

Then save the unit model File - Save As *You will get .mdl file

Give it some name but it must be different than the original unit (example.mdx)
Import it to your map

And you are done!

You can also reduce the size of the file by converting it to .mdx with MDLX Converter

Hopefully this helped you
Level 21
May 29, 2013
Footman walk anim - use standard textures.
Then add a Footman walk alternate anim which use a different texture.
It's really simple, you just have to change the texture in material layers (animate the texture ID). Here is your example; Footman that uses this texture only in the Walk Alternate animation.


  • FootmanWalkAlternate.mdx
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  • DragonSlayer512.blp
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  • Footman.jpg
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