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  1. bakuma

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development #2 + Orc Campaign Alpha Test

    So i working on the enhanced campaign series for near a month now, and i will put the alpha test of my orc campaign below, and then next week, i will put out the beta test for you! If you wondering why this different, here's the complete rotation schedule for all campaigns. (by the month)...
  2. AntolPL

    create models

    I have one question. How to create item model? Any programes?
  3. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Warcraft 3 will die sooner or later, so I decided to publish the sources of my code that can add new races. I pulled this code from my other project and optimized it. Replays and multiplayer work. Anyone have an idea how to add a scroll to the race selection menu? GitHub
  4. Loguasinto

    My Warcraft Map seems a bit broken, unit doesn't collide

    My Warcraft 3 Map Units Wont Collide with the buildings and units in order to attack, they attack from afar instead close range any fix? The range seems a bit off don't you think?
  5. Dispatcher

    Build Animation Bug on Forsaken Building

    Hello guys just a random question that's fit enough to be asked in this forum. Can anyone tell me why the Royal Laboratory model's build animation is bugged?
  6. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Changing Spells While in Metamorphosis

    Hello everyone i need for someone to make me a trigger on how to replace the spell of a hero that is in Metamorphosis Form and Returning the default spells of the hero once the Metamorphosis spell has ended. To be a little more clear about what i'm saying i have made a passive Metamorphosis...
  7. Dispatcher

    Simple icon Request!

    Hellooo can someone send me an icon of the dark ranger the one of "Curse of the Forsaken" and the icon of the Peryton the Large Blue nightelven Wolf Crow creature (sorry i don't know how else to describe that creature)
  8. Dispatcher

    Life Steal with Attack Damage

    Hello guys i have made a custom of roar which i only want the plus damage to only be applied to my hero so i changed it's targets allowed to self so the hero can only have the plus damage and this spell has 3 levels obviously because it's a hero spell and can someone know how to trigger when the...
  9. Dispatcher

    Simple Icon Recolor

    Is it possible for this icon to be recolored as Green? to think of it as a kind of nature like icon. so can somebody recolor it pls. Edit:also can somebody make this icon edit this icon to a normal BTN icon the UPG icon is what i'm talking about it cannot be edited through Button Manager it...
  10. Dispatcher

    Confused with a spell

    Does anybody know how too modify the Incenerate (arrow) ability in the WE like how to modify its damage and death damage and death damage area?
  11. Dispatcher

    Help with Modelling this Model

    Hello Hievers! I just finished my worgen and forsaken map which i will be uploading as soon as i finish making some custom spells and i diverted into making back my Draenei map the Exodar Ones and i have this Draenei Rangari made by Ganondorf as you can see in my screenshots here: The cape as...
  12. Dispatcher

    Custom Hero Learning Spell

    Apologies if i have double posted this but does anyone know how to trigger a hero to use the heroes unlearned skillpoints to learn it for his/her spells the spells are not exactly custom made they are just based of the default abilities inside the world editor so does anyone know how to trigger it?
  13. Dispatcher

    Where can i download this skin?

    i'm sorry guys i know this isn't the right forum to be asking these kind of questions but do you guys know where i can download this skin of lady vasjh? it is made by 67chrome but there is no download file in it.
  14. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Problem

    hello guys i have made a simple recolor of the phoeniex to be blue but there seems to be a problem with it and i have noticed that the problem is that the skin doesn't have that white color just like the Normal phoeniex's have so can someone help me fix this skin?
  15. Dispatcher

    Icon Recolor

    Hello Again guys i need this icon to be recolored as Yellow to make it more like a Holy kind of icon
  16. Dispatcher

    Spell with Damage over time

    Well to be more specific i want the Forked lightning ability to have a damage over time for like 10 damage per second that last through 10 seconds does anyone know how to trigger this?
  17. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Recolor Request

    Can somebody pls kindly Recolor the skin of this unit the faerei dragon i want a Violet one and a Yellow one skin of it. Thanks!
  18. Dispatcher

    How to increase the size of spell effects using triggers

    Hello guys how do i increase the size of spell of effects i guess in using triggers? For example the shadow Strike spell when you cast it on an enemy there is like a wierd black bat on top of the units head so how do i increase the size of it?
  19. Dispatcher

    Help with Making Build Animation on Buildings

    Hello Guys i need help with my buildinbg build animation of this model here as you can see it is a draenei barrack by sillenesko (i think that was his name) and i made it's build animation but the "Stand","Death","Decay",Stand Work" are all messed up so can someone help me fix this problem i...
  20. Dispatcher

    Enhancing Anti Magic Shell spell

    Hey guys do any of you know how to make the anti magic shell have a bonus life regeration and plus armor? Of course when casted on a unit.
  21. Dispatcher

    Help With Building build Animation

    Hello guys i'm back i haven't been in touch with HW for i think about a week now so here i am with another Unit animation problem well..... not exactly a unit but a building as you can see in my thread title and what i have done is i made a build animation to a building using Magos editor and...
  22. Dispatcher

    Changing auto cast spells

    Hello guys is there a way to change Auto-Cast spells into just clickable spells?
  23. Dispatcher

    Unit and Hero Talk through Subtitles or Dialogues

    Hello guys can anyone tell me how to make a unit or hero a dialogue or subtitle where they are talking in the actual game? Like for example when the hero Archmage dies he would say something or when my allies base is under attack the unit or hero in that team tries to call for help meaning...
  24. Dispatcher

    Problem with Unit Spawn and move

    Hello guys i have a problem here in my WE i have created a Unit - Spawn in my map i learned it on youtube and when i tested it works! But i have a few problem related to that No.1 when my units go to the region where they attack which the region is in the middle of my base they sometimes just...
  25. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Edit Request

    Hello guys this model BloodElf-SpellThief Has a problem as you can see it doesn't use a team color its only red how can i make this skin use team color?
  26. Dispatcher

    Making AI use Skill points

    Helloo i have made a custom hero with custom abilities but when the ai hero Levels up i noticed that the ai hero won't spend the skill points thus he cannot use other abilities how do i fix this?
  27. Dispatcher

    Adding Periodic resources in my ai

    Just a quick question how do i add periodic resources on my ai like when the ai has 100 gold and lumber it resets to 1000 gold and lumber?
  28. Dispatcher

    Passive ability on Units

    Hey guys do you know how to activate or make a passive ability work on a unit? I'm speaking of course the "Elunes Grace" and "Hardened Skin" Abilities how do i know if they are actually working on the unit i have applied them? (This has been bothering me for quiet some time now)
  29. Dispatcher

    Controlling my AI

    Hello guys can anyone pls tell me how do i make a defensive AI? Meaning to say i want my AI to defend Thier and My base at the same time and also not to make them attack just stay in thier base and defend and also how do i limit the units my ai trains? Like i want my ai to train only four...
  30. Dispatcher

    Triggering a spell

    Can somebody tell me how to trigger a hero to siphon mana a unit or a hero when its mana pool is below 400?
  31. Dispatcher

    Blood Elf Unit Request

    Hello guys can someone pls send me a model of a Blood Knight unit The female one just like in rise of the blodelves,Hawkstrider Knight i think thats what its called,And a Ballista a bloodelf one of course. Thanks In Advance!
  32. Dispatcher

    Tree Doodad Variations

    Hello guys i have created a custom Tree well not clearly made but edited a tree i downloaded here in hiveworkshop but sadly it only has 1 Variation which is quite boring to watch the same tree in your map so my question is how do i create tree variations and what kind of tool should i use to do it?
  33. Dispatcher

    Help With Building Portrait

    Correct me if im wrong but i think Building Models doesn't use a seperate file for its portrait to show up of the building i think it is embeded with the Mdx file alone so i have downloaded a building here in hiveworkshop but its portrait has no background color so how can i apply a background...
  34. Dispatcher

    Building Birth Animation

    Hello guys is there a way to change a birth animation of a building to a Teleport animation like the scroll of home town teleportation item? Do i have to use tools like Matrix Eater? If so can anyone pls tell me how to?
  35. Dispatcher

    Unit Remodel

    Hello again guys can someone turn the netherdragon in this model https://www.hiveworkshop.com/attachments/snowypheonix-mdx.41438/ To be replaced with a phoenix?its named SnowyPhoenix but in the model its a netherdragon so can someone pls replace it and also can someone reduce the imitating...
  36. Dispatcher

    Weather Effect

    Hi can somebody pls send me a trigger of a weather effect i'm trying to use the weather effect Rays Of Light but i don't really know what kind of trigger this kind of weather effect uses.
  37. Dispatcher

    Icon Request

    Hello can somebody recolor the the icon of the Night Elf Archer that matches this one Thank in Advance!
  38. Dispatcher

    Help With Tree Animation

    Can anyone pls fix this tree Crannies Snow/y and Winter And this tree Crannies Summer and Fall To be just a normal tree I don't want the rock part behind those trees i just want the trees so can anyone pls edit that and i also want the trees to have a proper animation of a normal tree as in the...
  39. Dispatcher

    Portrait.....Map Please Help

    Hey guys i have a very very wierd problem in my World Editor right now as you see i have created a portrait of a unit and when i tested it it works but i noticed that it has no background color or team color background so i made one and tested it to my test map and it works it has a background...
  40. Dispatcher

    Unit Talk Portrait

    How do i make a talk animation on a unit portrait when the unit talks?
  41. Dispatcher

    Tree Animation

    Hey guys i just downloaded a tree called Crannies Summer and Winter and as you know from this doodad it has a rock at the back of the tree and i only just need the tree so i edited it using Reteras Modeling Studio and saved it and then i notice that if i import this tree in the object editor and...
  42. Dispatcher

    Faerie Dragon Skin

    Hey guys do you know how how to import and use these faerie dragon skins https://www.hiveworkshop.com/attachments/faerie-dragon-zip.144530/ I do not know the importh paths are:cry::cry::cry::huh::huh::huh:
  43. Dispatcher

    Assigning Geosets Of A Unit

    Hello guys I'm having a very messy problem in my mind right now and it's making me crazy!!!! Can anyone tell me how to assign a units geoset as you see i have downloaded a Draenei archer from Ganondorf and it tells me to delete the units geosets and so i did because the game crashes if you don't...
  44. Dispatcher

    Unit Spell Problem

    Hi guys i just created a custom ability of silence and i noticed that there is a miss chance data in the silence spell so i assume that it is like an area of effect curse so i remove the silence data of disabling spells and created the miss chance i put it to 25%miss chance but when i cast it on...
  45. Dispatcher

    Organizing Unit Button

    This question is a lot well not really alot but i well be separating them. 1.how do i organize the unit icons in a building like i want to replace the barrack units to a grunt and raider but instead of where the footman and rifleman icon originally was the grunt and raider are now in the 3rd...
  46. Dispatcher

    Importing Unit Skins

    Can someone tell me how to import and use unit skins as in like the blood elf archer by 67_chrome or Draenei Male Shaman i think by 67_chrome also. do you guys know how to import or use those skins?if there is a tutorial can someone pls send me a link of it thanks!
  47. Dispatcher

    Changing Archer Capes

    Hello guys i don't know if this is the right thread which i should be asking these question but i should just continue since i already started. Can someone pls guide me how to edit an archers cape i am editing a draenei one because i'm making a map where the custom units are draenei's "the...
  48. Dispatcher

    Geoset question

    Hey guys can i ask a quick question what are geoset's used for? And what are there purposes?
  49. Dispatcher

    World Editor Crash

    Hi guys i have a big problem here in my world editor i have downloaded a draenei archer model created by Ganondorf it contains the mdx,blp and the portrait i have imported them all in the import manager in world editor and change the path of the blp file from war3mapImported\DraeneiArcher.blp to...
  50. Dispatcher

    Assigning Ai

    Guys can you please tell me how to make my ai in WE to stay and defend thier and my base when attacked a holdout kind of map i'm making here pls help.