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  1. Orange Forest

    Orange Forest

    Progress of a project
  2. LordHatchet95

    Small showcase of an abandoned RPG project

    Hey everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I was doing a lot of work on a map. Sadly, its hard to work with no time, and also for other reasons I've stopped working at it... I've been doing a scenario with Ultimate Terraining map 3.0 a long time ago, but due to, well... Blizzard not being Blizzard...
  3. Mr.Goblin

    Frostcraft - Rebranding the terrain

    Frostcraft is a multi-player action RTS designed to reward both tactic and skill. Enter the unforgiving lands of the north as one of 35 original heroes in a 4v4 fight for supremacy. Frostcraft heroes are inspired by Warcraft's iconic classes and races and are designed with no set "role" in...
  4. LordHatchet95

    Showcase: Marshlands Orc Encampments...

    The orcs have always been quite adaptative towards hostile environments of many sorts. The damp, putrid, large Marshlands were no exception. Having enough ground, they can build firmly their settlement. Before: After: Above all, their commander can oversee how the settlement thrives. Before...
  5. NightKnight

    Fantasy Life: needing a terrainer

    We are looking for a terrainer to help in making a whole new map for the RP/RPG map Fantasy Life: Fantasy Life v3.2b (4) The map has a unique style of terraining and HD tiles. All information and introduction about the map is included in the link. There are also many screenshots in that link to...
  6. sonphamthe11H

    [Solved] Is it able to lower cliffs that near the water

    I was able to do that in the past ( somehow ) But when I reinstall my window,it’s not able to do anymore Anyone know why?should I install any 3rd party software to do that?
  7. WolfFarkas

    Terraining Contest #20 - Theme Poll

    Since the last terraining contest Nº 19 was in 2018 (mapping time, results were on in 2019), so the contest 20 that can be in 2019, also number 20 is like a nice number like round and lot of trayectory (it can not be 19 with no 20). I decided to create a poll to check a posible theme for a...
  8. TheSilverhand

    Creep Wars Content help?

    I have been working on this project solo for over a year now, and I am at need of someone who could help me with my project. I have a map called Creep wars: CreepWarsTSHv39 The goal of the game is to Destroy the enemy castle, where you can also conquer control points to earn extra Gold &...
  9. Tanni

    Threads on How to Make a Flying City

    Hello! I don't have much time to browse the Hive as I'm on a strict clock (school's about to end where I am) and I'd like to start on making this flying city for a campaign I'm working on. Maybe you guys can point out where I could find models or threads that may aid me in creating something...
  10. TheSilverhand

    [TSH] D&D ( Looking for Terrainers )

    I am working on this brand new project, It's kind of like QuatraDan's D&D But I suck at Terraining, and I need someone to help me out with the map design, I have added in a full area where player 1 ( DM ) can select a unit to spawn a unit for the DM [Dungeon master], I have set a place and added...
  11. LordHatchet95

    [WC3] Terraining: Bringing Starcraft at it's best

    Explore planets unknown and varied! Bring whole fleets to the space! Infiltrate/guard cities and installations! Protect the Emperor/Zerg Queen/Archive! Many ideas regarding the varieties of worlds Starcraft 1 and 2 can be brought here... The main idea I came with, is to make a Starcraft map...
  12. LordHatchet95

    [WC3] Starcraft 2 Volcanic Planet Environment Showcase (Opinions + Tutorial + Poll)

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I want to show you a few stuff about this small terraining map I've been doing: If you have anything to share/add about the map, make sure tu let me know. I gave credits about the models I've used on this map, which are few being used. Thank you for...
  13. PrinceYaser

    Moon View

    Just another terrain... Comments and crits would be appreciated of course.
  14. PrinceYaser


    Castle... , Killing the time... I love terraining however! Tell me your opinions guys, they are very welcome! :)
  15. PrinceYaser


    Nature... , Killing the time... I love terraining however! Tell me your opinions guys, they are very welcome! :)
  16. PrinceYaser


    Hello, guys! Another nature terraining of my gallery. I hope you like!:p
  17. PrinceYaser

    The Beauty of Sunset

    Sunset.... In my opinion, sunset is the best occurrence in nature! What about you?
  18. PrinceYaser

    EnergyTower Valley

    So, the tower controller of the energies! What is your opinions guys? Updated!
  19. PrinceYaser

    My Terraining Showcase

    Hello guys and terrainers! Wanted to share my terraining pictures to get your opinions and suggestions to improve my terraining skills. I hope you like them.
  20. Tagar

    Request- trigger master

    hello i am begining the recruitement for my proyect drenodar chronicles, are needed triggerers, the participants will recieve credits, reputation and following, for info please contact my profile if you know/are terrainers contact me please
  21. Shar Dundred

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    WORLD WONDERS Participants are to create a map with (a) great monument/s and wonderful creations of all kind. Whether or not the origin of said monument is human or otherwise is for the participant to decide. The name of the contest does not imply that you have to create a "real" world...
  22. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Poll

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 I've picked the suggestions from the suggestion thread. Now, time to vote!
  23. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Discussion

    In order to get a few things rolling in our little StarCraft Section, it has been decided to launch a series of StarCraft II contests - starting with a terraining contest. Therefore, we're opening this thread to discuss about a fitting theme. Please share your ideas with us! :) Ideas so far...