[WC3] Terraining: Bringing Starcraft at it's best

Explore planets unknown and varied! Bring whole fleets to the space! Infiltrate/guard cities and installations! Protect the Emperor/Zerg Queen/Archive! Many ideas regarding the varieties of worlds Starcraft 1 and 2 can be brought here...

The main idea I came with, is to make a Starcraft map, but in warcraft, as good and realistic as it can get. The complexity about them could be very high, so the deadline must be a bit longer, enough to allow a good amount of entries.

Specific Rules:
  • Main 1: Present your Starcraft themed terraining map at the forum hosting this contest.
  • Main 2: The map MUST NOT have been started before the starting date.
  • Main 3: Present WIPS and optionally once in a while preview maps with the entry in progress to notify it's made by you, and not stolen/copied.
  • Main 4: The map must have a theme, or story, obviously related to the starcraft world

  • Optional 1: Any resource is allowed, but if using no custom resource at all (textures, models and/or such) or using custom made by yourself gives bonus points (more possible in nature than in urban)
  • Optional 2: You may present a preview map before deadline to check it more closely.
  • Optional 3: The map can have certain functionalities, meaning, if it's volcanic it may have raising lava periods, or if it's urban it can be crowded, or if it's a planet near a dying star (like SC2 campaign one), it may have a burning wall that's advancing, or look like burned, either formerly inhabitated by it's natives or other settlements or not, all that can give bonus points. (fully optional)
2 Judges + the contest host will be judging the entries and progress.

The points criteria will be decided by the next (jugdes options of criteria):

Main: All qualified between 0 and 5 points
-Theme related: How closely it relates and/or resembles to starcraft, meaning you shouldn't add medieval stuff within a futuristic area, for example. Neither public a non related Starcraft entry. Which is why the terraining map must have a theme written or a description.
-Realism: How well balanced or well used the doodads, props, terraining, environment and such were.
-Variability: How rich the map is about doodads, props and terrain itself.

-Originallity - Creativity: How you manage to pull up certain stuff, for example making a vespene geyser out of several existing props is both original and creative, giving +5 points for keeping it either original or creative. While not giving credits*, stealing another's map or such will affect negatively, and depending of the gravity of the action done, it's either down to a -10 points or instantly disqualified as a penalty, so no stealing...
*The non crediting mistake can be easily fixed, but when receiving a warning about it, should try to fix it before deadline.
-Pure WC3 recorces: It says how good you used WC3 resources and nothing more just to make the terraining. +5 points as bonus
-Your OWN resources: Using WC3 resorces AND models made by your own hand/tools, and how good you did. +5 points as a bonus. +5 more if JUST using own resources.
-Functionality: How the environment interacts. +5 bonus points if done animated, + 5 if programmed. +10 combined (requires it's respective map to test)

Everything will be summarized in a board containing the topics and the overall points. The winners will be judged in the end from the total sum of the points.

Possible results ranks :
If done all, no bonuses: +1 - +15 points
If done all with bonuses: +16 - + 40 points
If done all, no bonuses, but with minor/major penalty: 0 - +14 points
With bonuses and minor/major penalty: +6 - +39
If in any case done a "severe penalty": Chance of getting disqualified

Summarizing: the score ranks between 0 - 15 as a most common possibility, going up to 40 points if done perfectly. And most users here follows the site codes and rules, so I guess I went overboard about the penalty...

Prizes (all these are just ideas, so, the prizes or rules of this specific contest if considered can be remade to mold to what's more expected):
1st Place: 50 Reputation + respective winner of the contest icon
2nd Place: 25 Reputation + respective 2nd place icon
3rd Place: 15 Reputation + respective 3rd place icon
Completed entries and Judges: +5 reputation