StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Discussion

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Shar Dundred

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May 6, 2009
In order to get a few things rolling in our little StarCraft Section, it has been decided to launch
a series of StarCraft II contests - starting with a terraining contest.

Therefore, we're opening this thread to discuss about a fitting theme.

Please share your ideas with us! :)

Ideas so far:
- Terran Cityscape
- Wastelands
- Protoss City
- Ancient/Xel'Naga Temple
- Zerg Infestation
- Mars Colony
- World Wonders (Gigantic structures)
- Space/Space Station
- StarCraft II Campaign Scene
- Ruins
- Apocalypse

Due to the planned expansion of the StarCraft Section, this contest is planned to have a few
"special" rewards for the winners.
You'll get more details when the contest itself starts. ;)
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Now this one is admirable.
I think that something like a creationist theme would challenge people to exploit more approaches for sc2 terraining.
Think about this: making an infinite power point that pulses into expanse or something like a domed habitat to give a dying universe a chance at life even if it is the last breath of it.

Think about World Wonders, not just a Xel'Naga temple idea.
One could always bring into emphasis even a modern gigantic or intricate structure that dominates the surroundings to attention through a series of cool expansions and/or plazas.

The ideas are limitless, really.
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Nov 5, 2013
Hmm, interesting, so the SC2 section is being expanded huh.., The current themes seem quite interesting. What I was thinking of is a destroyed city that's getting "claimed" by nature again maybe? Gah, can't formulate it properly ._.
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