hero defense

  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Defense / Survival] Dreadlord Hero Defense

    Hello dear HIVE, this is my first try at a Castle Defense, the map's called Defensa de la Ciudadela / Defense of the Citadel as a WIP name bc i tried to create a simple castle defense to play with my brother, the map is currently in spanish and was made in 1.27b version, I do have Reforged but I...
  2. Darkneos

    [Defense / Survival] The Keepers Struggle

    Greetings. After some weeks of making the map, re-do all over again since new editor crashed my map and blocked me out, i managed to pull out a playable early beta of my first map. The Idea: Four players will pick a hero, these heroes are divided by roles (Tank,DPS,Caster and Specialist) the...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Escape / Maze] The escape of draenei

    Hello everyone, At first I wish you could put several prefixes, because my map is that one team has to escape (Draenei) while the other has to prevent them from escaping (Demons). Information: -There are in total 23 Heros (11 Draenei - 12 Demons / 7 Strength - 7 Agility - 9 Inteligence)...
  4. Mordeltho

    Project: Winter's Touch Beta Request and Desync problem

    My first post here; I've long used Hive and I'm thankful for all the wonderful tools and quality feedback. My map is a Zombie Hero Defense that I will have played through like a basic campaign with different stages; my first stage is complete. I've tested this solo several times for bugs and...
  5. FiX_

    [Defense / Survival] Mythic Realm | (Team Hero defense/RPG) 1.31+

    by MiRAGE#22424 Discord Join the Mythic Realm Discord Server! [open] WIP = Updates below in post section *This map is for the reforged version 1.32 ◊◊ Map Info ◊◊ ◊ Custom team hero defense rpg map with 8 player Focus is on teamplay but you can play on your own (difficulty auto...
  6. Ricola3D

    Hero-Defense: looking for new hero ideas

    Hello, I'm customizing a X Hero Siege, and what do create new heroes for the fun. Thus I am looking for ideas of ability sets. Here are the ideas I got this far: - Set of poison/dot abilities & stacking-buffs - Set of rune (or tree) placement abilities (each rune having a zone effect) -...
  7. tipou4444

    Damned Survival : Looking for Contributors!

    Hello, I've been working on a Hero Defense-Survival-Like map for a bit more than a year. (I am at Uni so it is a bit rough to find lots of time to learn new triggering and Art stuff) There is already people that helped me (Qormmag, Deadreyo) with lots of stuff, but im looking towards specific...
  8. DwarfBoy

    [Hero Arena] Invasion of the Soul Keeper

    The Soul Keeper and his minions have amassed, preparing to attack the last bastion of hope. Heroes of various backgrounds have been chosen by the goddess Azura to stop him. Imbuned with the Heroic Soul, you must now stop him. Invasion of the Soul Keeper is an hero arena co-op defense where you...
  9. The_Spellweaver

    [Hero Survival, AI, Demon] The Exiled Ones

    I started working on this recently, after posting a rough idea in Idea Factory forum. There's a lot of relevant data in users' comments so I will post the summary of the map below. The map will be heavy on AI, and is mostly about few-11 players doing their best against such AI which will react...
  10. Light

    Dragon's Corruption

    A hero defense with dungeon crawler elements. Defend the remains of the Kingdom of Slacravia! Command a hero, construct a base and fortifications with up to 5 players to defeat a powerful dragon and its rampaging horde. Push back the dragonblight by defeating the numerous dragons infesting the...
  11. White Night

    [Defense / Survival] Tides of Darkness : Sacred Resistance beta test

    Hello Hive. Today I'm gonna present you the Tides of Darkness : Sacred Resistance. It is a Hero defense map with some RPG style features like : a lot of quests, unlockables, secrets, bosses, items and etc. The game has 3 modes and 5 difficulties : Rise Mode : After defeating 30 waves of creeps...
  12. Kamil Hason

    [Defense / Survival] The Final Days of stromholme

    Hero/castle Survival 2-4 players recommended Name - The Final Days of Stromholme Construct your own base, or become a one man army with just your hero, and defend Stromholme! I'm got alot of work still, but most of my buildings, shops, and heroes are finished. After shops are finished...
  13. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

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    [Aeon of Strife] HVSO Allstars ( Fast Paced Hero Arena )

    HVSO Allstars v1.6a Alpha 2 Map Info HVSO Allstars™ is a Fast-Paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with 17 heroes to play, each player will be allowed to choose 1 hero from either The Alliance's Tavern or The Horde's Tavern. This map is playedstyle is like Heroes of the Storm combined with...
  15. Setokaiva

    Destiny Battle (Hero Defense): Terrainer requested

    A few weeks ago, I discovered an unprotected (and uncorrupted) version of a ~7-year old map called Destiny Battle -- one of my favorite Hero Defense games from back in the day. I was able to load it without the object editor data disappearing/refusing to load like it did before, and so I decided...