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[Aeon of Strife] HVSO Allstars ( Fast Paced Hero Arena )

What events should i add to make my map more interesting?

  • Special 1 vs 1 arena @15 min game time for the player which has the most kills from both teams.

  • Special 5 vs 5 arena @15 min game time.

  • None of the above ( pls type your idea at the comment pls :D )

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Level 5
Jun 26, 2016
HVSO Allstars v1.6a Alpha 2

Map Info

HVSO Allstars™ is a Fast-Paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with 17 heroes to play, each player will be allowed to choose 1 hero from either The Alliance's Tavern or The Horde's Tavern. This map is playedstyle is like Heroes of the Storm combined with Defense of the Ancients.

- A Powerful Angel will spawn for each team every 30 minutes in the center-bottom of the map, help your Team's Angel to defeat the opponent's so that it can help you push your enemy's structure faster ! The faster your enemy's Angel is defeated, the less your Team's Angel will receive damage.
- Slay The Master Swordsman/Grunt that can be found in each side's top corner and every member of your team will receive 5000 golds each !
- Use the teleporter that can be found at your base near the fountain to move to the battleground quickly, but beware of enemies that are camping the warp zone so better ask for supports to place a ward there.

Change Log
- Changed map name from HVSO Reloaded to HVSO Allstars™.
- Map is now thrice larger then previously.
- Added Jungle Creeps at the Mountains ( Top of the Map ).
- Master Swordsman and Master Grunt now can only be killed once.
- Either both team now can pick heroes from both sides.
- Angels will now spawn for every team for every 30 minutes.
- You can now go to the Battlefield faster with the Teleporter at your base.

Pls let me know what to add to my map by commenting below :D


  • HVSO Allstars v1.6a.w3x
    6.2 MB · Views: 81
Level 2
Sep 15, 2016
Here is my quick review as fellow AoS map maker

Map is too big but empty, it make look everything so far, for example the shop are far to each other, even there was not many shop you need another walk to buy from another shop.

distance from shop to base also too far, even there was a portal it can be abused by standby there. If you want to make a portal, make maybe 3-4 like top portal, middle, etc.

the jungle entrance should be more than one.
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