1. Santacruz

    Item Tresure Chest Color Glow

    Hello, I wanted some help on glow, I wanted to know if there is any way to add hero glow in treasure chests. I'll leave a screenshot as an example. Example
  2. Intet

    Campaign Color

    Hello everyone, I am new to campaigns and wanted to make one I had in my mind for a long time now. I startet testing a few things and I noticed that my teamcolor is always blue, as long as I am using the campaign. If I start the Map normal I get the color I want, but if I start it as a campaign...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Lightning not changing to the correct color

    I made a trigger for 2 types of lightning with 2 different colors but for some reason it isn't change to the correct color, its the same for both, and I don't know what is wrong Magic Chains Events Unit - A unit Begins the effect of an ability Conditions Or - Any...
  4. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Spell] Special effect tinting not working?

    Hello everyone, Today I'm working on making a barrier spell that absorbs a set amount of incoming damage. I actually already know how to do this mechanically, but I'm struggling with the art. I want to use the Frost Armor buff special effect, but I would like for it to be more purple. I...
  5. Cheshire

    [Solved] morph permanently changing color of "hero glow"

    hey, I have been fighting with this for hours and would really appreciate any help - I'm using models that weren't created as heroes - as heroes, so I added a hero glow by making a passive hero glow ability based on "slow aura". currently I am making a temporary morph spell for one of these...
  6. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Edit Request

    Hello guys this model BloodElf-SpellThief Has a problem as you can see it doesn't use a team color its only red how can i make this skin use team color?
  7. Dispatcher

    Help With Building Portrait

    Correct me if im wrong but i think Building Models doesn't use a seperate file for its portrait to show up of the building i think it is embeded with the Mdx file alone so i have downloaded a building here in hiveworkshop but its portrait has no background color so how can i apply a background...
  8. Dispatcher

    Icon Request

    Hello can somebody recolor the the icon of the Night Elf Archer that matches this one Thank in Advance!
  9. Yours Truly

    [General] Red/Green/Blue values for Player Colors?

    Hey there. I am trying to make an SFX based on the arrow model that appears when you right click on the ground (Confirmation.mdx) I'm using it as an indicator that a certain unit has entered a certain structure. I want it to match the player's color by using Special Effect - Set Color of...
  10. Carlos.X

    FDF file vscode syntax extension and color4wc3text

    War3Fdf Support text color highlighting and automatic function supplement install: demo: color4wc3text This is a vscode extension Makes the string prefix of Warcraft 3 recognized and modified by the color picker Support Lua, wurst, jass and other file structures Demo QQ's discussion...
  11. bruunk

    Need help with "Special Effect - Set Color Of"

    Hi, I am trying to a simple re-color of an ability's effect (Breath of Fire) where the ability instead of being the default orange-ish red color, would instead be a bluish-purple color. I have set up a trigger in the GUI that I assumed would change the color as the name suggests, but the effect...
  12. riptor7364

    Changing the color of buffs and spell effects?

    I see there are ways to change the rgb tint of units and doodads, but not spell effects? Is there a way to accomplish this with triggers that I'm maybe missing? I feel like this is possible.. I found an action for "set special effect color" for "last created effect", but it's not working for...
  13. Sheephunter

    [General] Changing lumber text to a different color

    Hi everyone, I want to change the floating lumber text to blue but I've not managed to do so. I've tried with the import UI/MiscData.txt into the map trick which should work according to many posts from other forums but all those threads are from 2007-2009 so they might be outdated. I've also...
  14. Prometheus3375

    Preparing menu color bug

    It is possible to set any color for a player using //! inject config in preparing menu. But there is a problem. Consider next code. It works well if flag "Fixed Player Settings" in forces properties is not set. But if you set this flag, everything breaks. First player must have blue...
  15. HerrDave

    Flickering geoset animation colours

    In order to make a proper book-esq Saruman, I need his robe to fade from colour-to-colour. So I sat down with Magos' Model Editor, took a geoset to experiment with and got to work. In theory, this should make for a smooth and seamless colour fade from blue to green to red and back. This is...
  16. catlover47

    Black fog

    I am making a game in which the player can turn into fog. I want the fog to be black and I have found these models but the top one has that ugly ring effect and the bottom one won't change color. Can anyone help? CloudOfFog CloudOfFog
  17. Wark

    A Wizard, Fanatic and Dwarf Engineer walk into a bar ...

    So, I need some help with changing a unit's model, then changing a different unit's color (and maybe animation). First, can someone take this Flagellent: Flagellant, and replace the pickaxe with this mace: Spiked Club by Sunchips If you can remove the gold/lumber/work animations to reduce the...
  18. Rektis

    [General] Overview of all default text colours?

    Is there some overview of all the default text colours used in the game? Not just the player colours? Some are listed here: Using Basic Color Codes Some here: Warcraft III Color Tags And Linebreaks A lot of them are already inbuilt here: WC3 Item & Skill Designer 0.5.0 - WC3 ISD ...but no...
  19. Yours Truly

    Changing this model's fire color

    Hello, I would like someone to change this model's fire color to green Cruel Cloister, model made by Gottfrei (I can't get permission, he's inactive)
  20. VAC

    Debuff's color change

    Hi guys, I have a question. I'm trying to create a custom buff which looks exactly like Doom <target>, but instead of red and orange I want it to be either dark purple or black. I tried to change the texture used in Magos to PurpleStar.blp but the color remained red; also there is no black...
  21. Geritos

    [Solved] W3 Palette

    I was wondering if there is a way to do something like this: (This is my vision how the color palette could look like) It's not really important, It's just something that I'm interested in.
  22. BETA

    Tinting a Unit Black?

    Okay, so its been a long time since I went back into this site and this has been bugging me for like ages. Is it possible to tint a unit to a black color via trigger? or even in the Unit Editor if it's possible
  23. Chaos Omega

    Summoned units custom color

    I recently found out that summoned units such as spirit wolf, water elemental, infernal and units from dark portal appears only in the summoners OWNER color even if the units themselves have custom color option. Is there a way to change it, for example with a trigger ? I tried messing with...
  24. RobertMKD

    Is there a way to make illusions play animations and change color/transparency?

    I need illusions to do stuff that normal unit's can a lot in my map, but normal illusions don't, so how do I go around that?
  25. RobertMKD

    Change Lightning Color

    I want to change the color of the Lightning effects on one of my chain spells. Is there a way to do it, or I have to trigger the whole spell?
  26. Raised

    [General] The text color in UI

    Is there way to change the text color in UI? I mean the text, describing an ammount of damage or an armor.
  27. Firestar.

    Color(ed) (Player) Names

    Okay, so I always play games and stuff, and when it has a text that has a player name, It says like, "Player name" just got owned by "player name", and the player name is in their team color...I know that you need variables and stuff, but I don't get it, so when I have my text it says it with...