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ai editor

  1. Darrowshire: Dawn of Infinite - Testing AI - 01

    Darrowshire: Dawn of Infinite - Testing AI - 01

    Testing simple AI from AI Editor for my new project. It's not the final version, but it can defend itself... For some time.
  2. MrGsqrd

    Make AI utilize Zeppelin/SkyBarge/Transport

    Hey all, Maybe it is just me (It usually is) but I cannot find any threads or forum on getting Zeppelins or other transports to work dynamically with the AI. I know how to statically make a zeppelin load a unit an unload it in another region, but I am looking for something a bit more...
  3. Kadel

    My AI script does not work

    Hello again. I am working with the AI editor, and I am making simple AI for not melee map. I have watched some videos (pretty old) before and I have a basic understanding how to do it. But every time I launch my map, the AI does nothing... I posted successive screenshots to show exactly what was...
  4. Ace Madonna

    [General] Custom AI is Disobeying Problem

    Sorry for the disturbance, I am new to the world editor and have been dabbling in AI editor for some time now. It's entertaining to watch your units fight other AI, that's my main goal here. But the AI in my map is kind of disobeying: - On my attached AI, I only implemented 7 footmen for the...
  5. Noblecheese

    How can I isolate and move a player-AI from one custom game to another one? Like from one Hero line wars to another hero line wars.

    It should be fairly simple right? Because there aren't many changes from on to another most times. like all the later versions of Hero line wars Lition. I tried to watch some tutorials regarding the world editor and the AI editor but i think what i need to know is a bit more specified or I...
  6. jaypea97

    Map Editor > AI Editor > Heroes > "Skill selection for Hero"

    Hello, I'm currently faced with a problem with the Map Editor (AI Editor) where when I select Heroes such as Mannaroth or Kael as the first / second / third hero their skill selection is filled with just unknown () although Kael (as an example) should have all of those filled out. I've searched...
  7. Henry_AC

    [General] The AI I have created is not working please help

    Hello everyone, I wanted to create a custom AI for a campaign that I came up with, but for this I need to know certain things and one of those I think is the AI and I got stuck because the AI that I have created to test does not work, I looked for information and some said to do it like this and...
  8. EpicMyzik

    [Trigger] Create AI For Custom Hero Arena Map

    Hello guys, I am seeking some pro to do an AI system like the one in "Dota AI" for my hero arena map. I am willing to pay for a great AI system, really clever bots; buying stuff using items/skills and intelligent strategies etc. Let me know, Thanks!
  9. Cheshire

    [General] Getting AI to use Transport ships.

    hey, There are some old threads on this, but I didn't see any good solutions, and hoped maybe a solution has been found/is now available. I am trying to build an AI that gets around and does everything it needs to do through transport ships. Is there any way to get the basic AI or an AI from...
  10. Cheshire

    [General] copying basic AI build order

    Hey there, I'm using the AI editor to create an AI that (builds and) uses boats. I would like to just build off of the standard AI and add my specifications instead of building from the ground up. Is there somewhere I can get the standard .wai files so I can just modify them appropriately...
  11. master Gul'dan

    [Script] AI

    Hi friends Please make an ai for this map March of the Scourge, for player 2 human. thanks.
  12. Loogris

    [Solved] AI heroes and custom spells

    So, I've created a custom hero kit for paladin-style hero, consisting of holy light (default), shockwave-based hammer strike and big bad voodoo-based mass invulnerability. Question is -- how do I make a custom hero unit (with this kit) to behave? I have tried thus far: 1. Create a hero unit for...
  13. lachferagh

    Attack waves like campaign?

    Hi guys, So what I'm planning to do is set up attack waves on the player by the AI. The problem is that it isn't from an AI base but just from an enemy barracks, so I'm just wondering if this would still work through an AI editor? Will they operate when they only have a barracks (and a couple of...
  14. NobodyIGuess

    How to make the computer control campaign Heroes

    Hello, I am modifying a map for fun and I added to each player some campaign heroes, but once the game starts the AI doesn't control them. I suppose I should use the AI Editor, but I have no experience with this, can someone with some more knowledge help me? :) Thank!
  15. Oliphant

    Ordering ai to send attack

    Is it possible to order ai(made in ai Editor) to send a attack via trigger? I was only able to found how to do that with ai made in Jass. Thanks!
  16. Hana Linh

    Custom AI does not work with the 4th hero warcraft 3

    Hi everybody. I have created a new AI race using the AI editor but only 3 active heroes. The remaining 1 heroes do not automatically choose skills and do not attack the enemy. Can you show me how to make 4 heroes work?
  17. Basti

    [Trigger] Creep Spawn System. Problem: Units fleeing from the Lane

    Hey everybody, I had some time to experiment with lanes etc and I used the tutorial of DoOs_101 and played around with it a bit. here is the Link: Multiple Creep Spawn System I only did the code for one lane to test it and will do the others afterwards. Basically it should become a castle...
  18. Koko Kwikwak


    can someone help me to do a trigger that makes an ai to choose my custom hero in altars from melee game???? please help me, I'm a sore loser...
  19. Bearnado

    Hipporiders and destroyer with ai-editor

    Is there a possibility to make ais doing hipporider or destroyer with the ai-editor? Everytime i try to make such an ai they just stop and don't go on with their build order.
  20. Sleepless

    How do I turn off AI targeting

    AI targets the lowest attacking enemy in range. How do I turn it off? Trigger "Malee Game - Run malee AI scripts" doesn't help. Don't see anything in AI Editor either. Any ideas?
  21. jk4t63p4f


  22. AndrewTater

    [General] AI Editor - More than three heroes as options for the computer

    So, I'm attempting to make it so that the computer players will chose a hero from a list of four (or more). Surrently, the AI editor only allows the computer a pool of three heroes. Example: if you open a new map, and open the AI editor, it shows that the computer will only go with the...
  23. FreeReign121

    [General] How to access original campaign map AI?

    I opened up one of the Reign of Chaos maps " Orc 03: Cry of The Warsong" in world editor. I would like to study and potentially tweak the AI in this map. But I don't know how to access the AI script listed in the trigger editor using the AI editor.
  24. SgtWinter

    Custom AI - Undead doesn't send Acolytes to expansion?

    Alright, so I've been making this small li'l fun custom map where the player has to gather a certain amount of gold in a place with lots of Mines all the while the enemy Undead has to disrupt the player. Kinda similar to the Terrazine Harvesting mission in SC2 Co-op and Wings of Liberty. So I...
  25. Mandriel

    How to make Computer use Custom skills?

    How do I make the AI use custom skills for both units and heroes?
  26. Mandriel

    AI Workers won't enter gold mines

    I am making a map with Custom races, one of them is Naga. I altered the Night Elves to make them. However the Night Elf workers; the wisps, can't use a gold mine before it's entangled. The Mur'gul Slaves can. But since I have basically only altered the Wisp's model file to the Mur'gul Slaves the...
  27. necro-mage14

    Problem with AI

    Hello Hivers, I need help with AI,I create AI with AI editor, when the computer start attacking he collect attacking units from the base but I want him to train the units for the attack, I mean how to create an AI works like warcraft III original campaigns AIs????
  28. ElderTreant

    How to disable AI reinforcement

    Hi guys, I have just known AMAI and I very enjoyed it. With this amazing tool, I can custom AI strategies and AI behaviors. Now I have my own Warcraft AI battle. One thing still annoying from the original is AI reinforcement. When the AI fail a battle, they will send their troop to that...
  29. tdrsmynm

    Altered Melee AI

    Hey guys im actually new to making world editor maps and using Hiveworkshop and i am working on an altered melee map with different races from the usual human, orc, undead, and night elf. However everytime i try out my ideas and try to test it with AI or BOTs they cannot properly use the new...
  30. Elf_Lord

    [JASS] GUI-AI Interfacing

    Hey, everyone! I have a pretty simple problem that probably has a pretty simple solution, but my knowledge of JASS is exceedingly limited and I haven't been able to find any information online to help me figure it out. I am currently working on an AI for a map in my campaign that is supposed to...
  31. Trezon

    AI programming

    Hello. I need help to make a custom AI that is very similar to the melee one. I just need the AI to be able to buy a certain custom unit, and build a certain custom building that the custom unit can build. The request is in context of this map.