Attack waves like campaign?

Level 4
Jan 18, 2016
Hi guys,
So what I'm planning to do is set up attack waves on the player by the AI. The problem is that it isn't from an AI base but just from an enemy barracks, so I'm just wondering if this would still work through an AI editor? Will they operate when they only have a barracks (and a couple of farms)?

I guess it's something like the RoC human campaign on the second mission where the player establishes a base and the AI sends grunts from time to time in waves to attack. The difference is that the player starts out with just a hero and some units, will later encounter an ally base where he gains control of them. It is only after this happens that I want the attack wave to start happening
Level 16
Mar 29, 2020
if its simple attack waves you don't really need to bother with the AI editor for that. just trigger it with normal triggers. something like:

trigger a:
when player gains control of base
turn on trigger b.

trigger b:
periodically train/create units at point wtvr/from wtvr building.
put created unit in unit group.

trigger c:
periodically/ when there are x units in unit group send them to attack the player.

something along those lines should do it... just make sure the units are not neutral or they will try to go back to their starting position.