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  1. BigMacNCheese

    [General] Disable/Enable Ability <if>

    Hello I'm back for some question, How to make this: Disable- when skill has been used(i know this) Enable- Activates when cooldown is 0(i know this) and it wasn't silenced(i don't know this) Basically I don't that how to make "and it wasn't silenced" since it i do the if it has buff like this...
  2. Dr Mile Risma

    Awkward Heroes Abilities for Campaign

    So I've discussed a few times on the Discord, but I want to make a more solidified thread here. I prefer things to stay vanilla when possible, but many vanilla heroes have abilities which are either awkward or straight up useless to AI. So here is a list of unintrusive and lore accurate spell...
  3. D!ma

    Destroyer Form Gold/Lumber/Food/Mana glitch

    Hey ya’ll so I’ve been trying to get one of my units to change into another as a form of upgrade without triggers (sorta like a footman into captain so on). Well, once I compare obsidian statue and destroyer, if you change destroyer gold or lumber cost in editor, it changes in game (ie. if u...
  4. coconut

    [Solved] BROKEN ABILITY IN 1.34

    After patch 1.34 ability "breath of fire" now broken, anyone know how to fix it? I also advise you to check all other abilities
  5. HerlySQR

    [Wurst] Abilities of a unit don't appear

    Hello, I made a backpack based on a unit that has its own abilities, the thing is the abilities don't appear, I checked everything, its mine because I checked the owner; is not paused, because I checked if its paused; it has the ability, because I checked the level and appears 1; what else could...
  6. Grimsnarl

    [Spell] Changing AI Spell/Ability Priority

    Hello! As we are all mostly aware, spells/abilities cast by AI units all have to meet certain demands/conditions in order for it to be used. For example, 'War Stomp' requires at least 3 enemy units in its vicinity, 'Shadow Strike' only gets to be cast when a unit meets a certain health amount...
  7. Crowller

    [Solved] Bloated custom abilities

    Greetings ! Perhaps I am completely stupid, that is to be considered, but I encounter quite a problem with the editor right now. The context is that I have used the editor in the original WC3, and I were pretty good at using it. However, since Warcraft 3 : Reforged, I happen to have a recurrent...
  8. D

    Create cool custom spells without triggering / coding

    --- Create cool custom spells without triggering / coding --- As we all know, whenever we create heroes for our projects we want it to have nice abilities and unique as well. The best way to do that is to use GUI/MUI or other coding language from the WE. BUT, there are people who didn't learn...
  9. kuilg

    [Spell] Order categories

    Some users are not familiar with triggers, like me, so they use the WE avoinding coding, just creating terrain, placing objects, importing or customizing in the Object Editor (OE). Nonetheless, the OE is not very clear in its reach, since there are many sort of useless fields, if not mysterious...
  10. DexterFstone

    Healing Salve ability

    Hi I need some ability it like Healing Salve, but it has a health limit when it is full u can use it, but I need some ability to u can use always and if take damage buff is removed it's like Healing Salve ability. any idea? or how I can remove Healing Salve's full health limit?
  11. Heroes Abilities Prototype

    Heroes Abilities Prototype

    Note 1: Hero Maximum Level is 20; Note 2: The Hero can reset its Skill Points at Cain the Elder by paying 150 * Hero Level Gold Coins. This ability (Skill Reset) will have a 10 minutes cooldown; Note 3: This way allows the Hero to make its own Skill Build;
  12. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  13. FeelMyRash

    Fifth ability for melee heroes?

    Hey guys, wazzup! Its me again! (honestly, this is basically the only forum I post in here on HIVE... hopefully that'll change in the future...). I'm here to bring about a discussion (which isn't ACTUALLY a discussion, as I'm also using it for ideas, which is why I posted here). You see, I'm...
  14. Gusanoman

    Making a flying unit land only in adecuate terrain.

    So, I made a unit that can transform into a flying mode and a land mode (kinda the terran vikings from Starcraft 2). No problem with it, except, when it tries to land over water or other impassable terrain, it gets stuck in mid air and can't move anymore until I force it to use the ability again...
  15. Benpai

    change and increase item ability

    hi, is it possible to change the stats or add an ability of an item with a Trigger? I want, that a Hero is able to buy a base item with like +1 int and +2 str and if he buys a dummy foliant the stats of this item should be changing to +2 int and +4 str. I was trying to do it with this, but it...
  16. Br33se

    Abilities missing from editor?

    In the object editor the abilities are gone from units? Whats going on?
  17. SirDragdord

    [Trigger] Self heal with animation

    Hello. I want to do self healing ability, that will stop you, play animation and then heal. I tried to do this myself (on GUI), but this doesnt work properly and play animation only if hero already stopped.
  18. DexterFstone


    Hi I download this model and create a morph ability but how to change unit animation "For clarity, the "Morph" animation is an all-purpose transformation, while Spell Gold/Lumber Alternate was meant to be used with triggers as individual transformations for their respective forms. Considering...
  19. Phyrus

    [Trigger] Switch between "Level 1" hero abilities and "Level 2" hero abilities

    Hello, I have a huge problem with my selfmade hero "Wishmaster". He has three hero abilities that at the beginning at "Level 1" (you can level up this spells as normal hero abilities, they are "red book 1", "blue book 1" and "green book 1") Now I want with his ultimate ability "Arcane Wisdom"...
  20. DexterFstone

    morph abilities

    What is the best way to build morph abilities? It's like ult Alchemist in Dota map or Dk or Lycan, soul keeper...
  21. lachferagh

    [Spell] Abilities with triggers

    Hi all, After fiddling around with custom abilities, I thought I'd like to try making abilities through the triggers. For my first idea, I'd like to try create the Defend ability but instead of just reducing damage from piercing attack, I'd like to make the user take reduced damage from all...
  22. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Aoe Splash on hit and slow attack speed with chances

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the ability for melee splash and slow on hit with chances for ranged? I thank you in advance
  23. Dispatcher

    Passive ability on Units

    Hey guys do you know how to activate or make a passive ability work on a unit? I'm speaking of course the "Elunes Grace" and "Hardened Skin" Abilities how do i know if they are actually working on the unit i have applied them? (This has been bothering me for quiet some time now)
  24. ravellani

    Human Repair Item

    I have a simple question: Can the human repair ability be made into an item ability? Allowing a hero to build? What regular ability's can be made into item ability's? Thank you
  25. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Life Steal and Rage

    I made an ability based on Immolation. When the hero activates the spell, he gains hit points upon attacking the enemies but also lose mana each hit. I changed the the buff to vampiric aura but it made the enemies lose health and the hero gains no hit points. Do I have to make another ability...
  26. the3aqle

    [Spell] Is there a way to make normal damage based spells?

    Is there a way to make damage based spells? I saw attribute-based spells like ability deals Agility x2 Strength x3. But I want to damage based spells like Searing Arrows. Adding bonus damage to spells or multiplying hero damage. Thanks for your help in advance. Sorry for my English.
  27. Meetius

    Ability damage equal to number of units

    Hi all, i was wondering if there is any way to set the damage done by an ability to be based on the number of units controlled (for example: 10 x number of unit). i've been trying since two days but i still cant find a solution (if any)
  28. posthumousturbo

    I need triggers to custom abilities

    Passive Stomp (16 levels) LEVEL 1 15% chance to deal x1,5 dmg and stun for 0,5 sec (200 AoE) LEVEL 2 16% chance to deal x1,5 dmg and stun for 0,5 sec (200 AoE) LEVEL 3 17% chance to deal x1,5 dmg and stun for 0,5 sec (200 AoE) LEVEL 4 18% chance to deal x1,5 dmg and stun for 0,5 sec (200 AoE)...
  29. Anglo Warior

    [Solved] Trying to get an ability to apply buff to a Building

    So I'm trying to get an ability to apply a buff to ability. The ability doesn't do anything, I need it for the buff for triggering reasons. I can't seem to tick the right boxes to get the bloody thing to work. Is there a set of boxes that does what I need or will I have to apply the buff via...
  30. NelsonLaJe

    [Help or Request WE] Passive Mana Shield

    Hello Hivers, it's been a while since I look at the forum, and today I came to ask if there is any tutorial in Hive to make an active skill into a passive skill as the title says is the Mana Shield I found a tutorial for put CD in passive skills but not to do what i want it it work like the...
  31. HolyWillRise

    Spy abilities with sniper and knife

    Warning! The map is PvE/Raid a.k.a players vs monsters and bosses. For now i have: Sniper Sleep + banish effect for more damage on next ability. Headhshot/snipe (powerfull shot) Knife Wind walk Backstab P.S i am not very good at triggers ^^
  32. HolyWillRise

    My Dummy's Storm bolt ability doesn't work

    How can i add stun effect, slow effect, damage reduction effect, armor reduction, dps and etc to a spell without any of those effects? For example: Storm bolt with slow and burning effect Or reducting the armor of the target? (P.S the example spell doesnt matter) I need to know how to add all...
  33. Ricola3D

    How-to? Ability tunning: impale/mine/transmute

    Hello, 3 questions please: 1) How can I make Mines explode against air units ? I tried without result: - Changing "Targeted As" to "air, ground" or "ground" in Object Editor. - Changing unit classification from a trigger (remove air, add ground). PS: the expoding ability has allowed target =...
  34. Marcus 小羊

    Random spells?

    Hello guys, I'm still a totally noob when it comes to trigger editor. May i ask if it's possible to gives hero random abilities every time they die? Q, W, E, R 4 keys for 4 different abilities that will randomly be given to newly respawn heroes. Well in my mind i got an idea about saving each...
  35. Ricola3D

    Hero selection: how-to view skills before picking ?

    Hello, I am editing a Hero Defense map where, at the beginning, players can pick 1 or 2 heroes (with double click) among a circle of heroes (see the picture at the bottom of this post). The pickable heroes are level 1 heroes owned by an allied computer player. I want players to be able to see...
  36. Ricola3D

    Auto-cast abilities that work together

    Edit: I spent 2 hours to list all autocast spells & test them out of curiosity. I hope one day this will be usefull to another map developer :) Hello, I find the topic interesting, particularly for developers who make triggered auto-cast spells, so I am sharing ! I am looking for a list of the...
  37. Ricola3D

    WE - abilities - "Text - Order String - Use/Turn On"

    Hello, It has been 3 hours I am trying to make triggered orders, with some temporary abilities I give to the units. And I have the feeling that when I change the value of "Text - Order String - Use/Turn On" in the editor, Warcraft III just doesn't care, and keep the original value, so if I...
  38. Cryze666

    adding abilities to items by trigger

    with the latest patches we got a lot of new functions to use, one of them is "Item - For Item: X, Add Ability: Y" yet when try this the item stays empty - i'm only adding item abilities, the item has no abilities on default, yet when i add the +1 strength item ability and pick up the item i get...
  39. HeuDevil

    Changing item Max Abilities

    Hello, im working on a new map from like 1 month, now when im making the items, i can make only 4 abilities for each item, how can i make more abilities for that item ?
  40. Voljin

    Make Blink spell that respects caster's pathing

    Hello Hive, I am trying to make a custom form of Blink that works similar to the Blink in WOW. The major difference between the WOW blink and the wc3 blink is that the WOW blink respects unit boundaries. For example, in wc3 you can teleport to the top of a small hill with a +1 to cliff...
  41. BradPittlord

    Ability Codes

    Is there a way to show the duration, damage, ect of a spells next level in the Tooltip Learn - Extended In Tooltip learn %d appears to be the code to show the number for the next level So using <AEer,DataA1> for duration, in theory I should be able to use <AEer,DataA%d> but it doesn't work...
  42. BradPittlord

    Phoenix Fire

    I'm using Phoenix fire as a hero ability; I disabled dummy buttons and triggers for testing. I also have duration set to 0.01 For some reason when I level up the skill the attack cooldown still remains as it was at level 1. Ex. Level 1 Cooldown 10.00 Level 2 Cooldown .25 At level 2 he...
  43. Zak17

    Avenger's Shield/Bouncing Shield Missile Model

    I am making a shield throw ability and I think I have it figured out, but I need a missile model of a spinning shield. Preferably one that looks like the Blood Elf Lieutenant's Shield as I am using the Royal Captain as the model for the hero.
  44. BrazilEmperor

    Some abilities ideas for my units

    Hi Folks, i need some ideas for some of my Human Race units. My map is inspired on Oldschool Warcraft : Orcs and Humans. I need that you give some abilities/ skills for those units: Footman/Legionary - Archer - Knight (armed with jousting lance) - Handgunner - Halberdier - Gryphon...
  45. EarthWormJimmy

    [Solved] 2 Questions

    1. Giving a unit the auto attack ability annhilation. Want to give it the lightning attack animation. If I add Lightning attack string to the Lightning Effects art it doesn't work. However when I give the unit itself lightning attack the animation will show. 2. How do I organize custom unit's...
  46. chongoyuto

    Animation of a Skill in an Enemy

    Hello, I am new in this forum and hope that they help me to solve a problem. The point is that I want to achieve that the enemy reproduces an animation on having been affected by a skill or buff. Example Paladin uses " Ties you air " in a Hero, this hero reproduces the animation "Walk". I hope...
  47. wc3neverdies

    Custom Hero Battle Alpha (with QWER Ability system)

    Introduction Hello, i've always been a fan of the custom hero maps. The possibility to create a hero that fits your playstyle always attracted me, as well as the creativity in combination with game-knowledge to build a funny hero that is also effective. A few years ago i created this map...
  48. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas to my spellcaster unit

    i was creating a spellcaster using this model Generic Wizards, but i need some ideas: say to me 4 abilities that you would choose / create for him?
  49. Gauda

    [Crash] Deleting custom skill causes worldeditor crash

    I encounterd this error message today while working on a map. I wanted to replace a skill of a unit (based on endurance aura) with another skill (based on Ice arrows). So i created the new skill, changed the skills used by the unit and then i wanted to delete the old skill but everytime i try to...
  50. MeMeMe123

    Replacement for the hero abilities system

    I've searched, quite a bit, and have yet to find this: I'm looking for a replacement to the hero abilities system which looks like the regular ability system, but allows more abilities. I want, as with any normal hero, to have the button used to choose the skill to level up, with the number...