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World Of Immo [ORPG] V2.0a (new)

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Mar 15, 2009
This had been under construction for an awful long time. Unfortunatly I had decided to quit mapping and left the project. The last thread got locked due to inactivity, but is now here and active again.


The World Of Immo V2.0a
Part 1- The Cinematic Campaign Story -

>This Campaign Is Still Under Construction<

Intro: Defilus is the son of two simple villagers. At least.. So it seems. Throughout the exploration of the mountain you live on, Defilus will get to know some interesting facts about his family, and his origin. His grandfather Dalar (Who has died in the great war) , was one of the grand 7 magi's, who kept control of the undead evil forces. Now that Dalar has passed away.. The family of Defilus lives on top of a mountain, safely and sealed away from civilazation. But it doesn't take long.. Untill the parents of Defilus seem to have dissapeared. Defilus finds out what really happend in the past, and what he has to do.. Now, it is up to YOU, to explore a new world, and help Defilus defeat his horrible past.

Features: Defilus will get to use an equipment system that evolves throughout the game. Custom models/Spells/Cinematics are all combined. The game uses save/load caches.

Parts: The story will consist out of 12 chapters. Including a cinematic beginning and ending. This cinematic is to learn what the world of immo ORPG will be about. So stay tuned for beta testing and little teasers :)
UPDATE: I'll make a short YouTube video soon!

Part 2 - The ORPG: World Of Immo v2.0a

>This Campaign Is Still Under Construction<

Intro: Choose from one of the eight classes: Warrior, Gladiator, Crusader, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Druid or Dragoneer. Each class posseses over 5 unique custom class abilities that will each benefit eachother. This story ORPG plays after the last chapter of the cinematic version. Choose you're destiny, fight 12 glorious bosses, and collect over 80+ custom equipment items! In this version hero's can become level 200.

-5 Tiers of armour sets, every tier has a full set of armour for a specific class.
-Paying system: If you can't join them heavy raid parties to get the armour you want, simply spend time earning your special tokens. Tokens can be exchanged for armours. Tokens require effort to get ofcourse, and you need a set of killcounts to get armours too!
-Save/Load ORPG System.
-Custom Items (80+!)
-Questing System.
-Camera movement systems.
-Custom Abilities (50+)
-Custom Doodads/Terrain.
-8 Classes.
-5 Minigames.
-Level 200 maximum cap.
-More To Come..

-Warrior: Strong cunning fighter, well known for it's long stamina. This unit has the most health and is probably most valued during boss fights considering it's massive defense and tanking abilities.
-Gladiator: Well known for beeing able to swiftly enter combat, and to swiftly exit as well. This unit is great for settings trap and survival.
-Rogue: Quick, Swift, And never to be seen. This unit possesses over a large gamma of speed abilities. It's finishing special ability is thé best for stunning a boss.
-Crusader: Warrior, Melee, Secondary tanking unit. This unit is almost equal to a gladiator, except that it has more enhancement in healing rather then survival. This unit is great for assisting in any combat.
-Druid: Healing unit, Also Most Valued in the game. You can NOT proceed without having a good healer. It also posseses over powers that can make him blend into nature, making him invisible.
-Mage: Stunning wizard. Using Ice/Fire/Thunder to exterminate all enemies. Mages can port all over the map and can make swift deaths out of enemies.
-Hunter: Bow & Arrow unit. Needed greatly in boss fights to keep them distracted. Unit is great for survival and can solo everything when properly and wisely used. Posseses over a pet.
-Dragoon: Close to a worgen monster. These units resemble a combo of a warrior and a rogue. They have a werewolf form that makes them escape swiftly and secure. There brutal powers make enemies flee in terror.

-Boss 1: The Corpse Ravager.

>> Basic enemy, you get to know him during the cinematics story. His special attack is Corpse Slice & Dice. This will throw corpses severely around in the area. Getting hit by one might cause serious injury.

-Boss 2: The Magnataur.

>> Basic enemy, you get to know him during the cinematics story. His special attack is The Tower Of Terror. This will summon a tower that grants SO much aura's that it makes the magnataur invulnerable. Be quick and swift in your tactic.

-Boss 3: The Spider King.

>> Stronger enemy, He's NOT in the cinematics story. He consists out of 4 phases.
1) Grow 30%: More HP & Mana
2) Grow 80%: More HP & Mana + enhanced melee damaged multiplied by 2.
3) Grow 150%: Summons allied spiders that stun upon damaging.
4) Grow 200%: Armageddon phase. The unit goes into a great frenzy multiplying damage 4 times. Also summons a wide load of assistance.

-Boss 4: The Solar Flare.

>> Stronger enemy, He's NOT in the cinematics story. This unit produces solar flares that greatly damages units and blinds them. He summons solar assistance that will slow you down grately. Use the terrain WELL for this edition.

-Boss 5: The Earth Corrupter.

>> Strong enemy, You get to know him in the cinematics story. This unit spawns a set of meteors every 2 seconds that expand over a wide area. Getting hit by one of these meteors will cause you to instantly die, no matter WHAT your level is. In this fight you will be fighting in a maze, use it to avoid getting struck down, and locking the corrupter up.

-Boss 6: The Illusionist.

>> Strong enemy, You get to know him in the cinematics story. This unit uses psychic abilities to damage your brain. Your hero might lose control of his self and start attacking allies. His special attack will cause you and your allies to fight the illusions inside his brain. If all your hero's get taken over, the fight is over and you lose. The terrain is small and not very suitable. So learn to play together, get a disspeller to delete the mind corruptions, and get it over with!

-Boss 7: The Dragon's Of R'ha.

>> Very Strong Enemy, You get to know them inside the cinematics story. This fight contains of 4 phases:
Phase 1) The Dragon Of Insight: This dragon tries to fry your minds. Simply stop him from channeling his spell.
Phase 2) The Dragon Of Fury: This dragon has swiftly fast attacks. Use the forest to hide, and to suprise him.
Phase 3) The Dragon Of Rage: This dragon hits slow, but monsterly hard. Try to dodge his special blows.
Phase 4) END BOSS: The Dragon Of R'ha: This dragon is the mother of the dragons you've slain. She uses a combo of all three special attacks and she revives the dragons upon killing.

-Boss 8: Illidan (First)

>> Easy boss. Used for loot/armour enhancing in case some noobs are totally not geared up.

-Boss 9: Illidan (Evil/Second)

>> Epic Enemy, You get to know him in the cinematics story. Illidan charges 4 ultra combo spells that can finish a warrior in 3 strikes. Focus on healing, run like hell, let the hunter do the distracting, and get him down fast, before his metamorph phase.

-Boss 10: The Flayer Of Remorse & The Flayer Of Sorrow.


>> Ultra enemies, You do NOT get to know them in the cinematics. These dragons are the two pets of boss Nr 11. They greatly aid eachother and heal eachother everytime one of them reaches 50% HP. They summon the spirits of dead dragons to aid them. You have a large area to fight in, so use it. You'll have to find a way to get them down, using the help of the alliance capital city.

-Boss 11: The Lich King.

>> Ultra Enemy, You get to know him during the cinematics. I wont give much info on how to beat him, i'll keep that as a challenge. But at 60% he does a massive heal, using the souls of frostmourne. At 60% again, you'll have to fight the spirits that reside INSIDE frostmourne. After this, the lich king will enter a final monster phase.

-Boss 12: The Great Crystalized God.

>>Give your skills an epic shot and get the best gear in the game! This boss is nearly un-beatable. This boss consists out of 10 phases, testing every skill you have. This boss requires a full set of teamwork and concentration, heck even your imagination! This boss drops a legendary cape that proves your skill! The 10 phases and his defeat are a tactic thats up to you. I will not explain this!

Boss 13: Deathwing, The Aspect Of Death.

>> Currently, the end boss of the version. Presented in the theme of the cataclysm on World Of Wacraft. Cinematics involved, tactics are uncertain as of now.

For now, there are 3 minigames:
- Escape Death.
- The Gnoll Arena.
- The BOmb Squad.

Thanks for uploading those cool things ;)
>>General Frank
>>Chilla_Killa (Thanks for the awesome cloak btw)
>>!this empty spot is actually a username!
>>Truth Troll UA
>>Dan van Ohllus
[Still looking up everyone!]
All the people that are beta testing for me and giving me feedback :)
And ofcourse a HUGE thanks to everyone at the hiveworkshop!














World Of Immo Part 1 1/04/2010
World Of Immo Pre-Beta-Release (Not for public) 1/04/2010
World Of Immo Beta Release (Public) 8/04/2010
World Of Immo Beta Update 1 Release 18/04/2010


BUGS: The current bugs are known and are to be fixed. There is no need to report them.

-Boss attack speed should be decreased, but made stronger upon impact.
-Rogue is OP!
-Icons show green boxes in menu mode.
-Found some typo's!
-Some boss gates are destructible.

This version will available to download on single-player mode. This means that you'll be able to cheat, yes. I do ask you not too. In the next initial release, it will be possible to enter a code, giving you admin rights. Using this you can buy max gold/max tokens from the shop, aswell as instant level 200. This is intended to get people a view of the entire content. Upon official release, these features will be removed although. Saving your admin progress won't work aswell, since the codes will be changed upon official release. Enjoy the game!

update log

30/08/2011: The Deathwing Encounter Has Been Added.
First updated release coming up in approximitly 7-8 days.

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