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Wild Horse

A wild horse based off the archmage model, since there weren't any wild horses at present, i thought I'd make one.

Give credit if used.
Do not edit model or skin in any way without permission.

Download the whole horse pack here!!! :

EDIT: I do not have any of the files or support for this model any more, so please do not send me messages or such asking for requests, because I will not reply to them!

horse, knight,

Wild Horse (Model)

Werewulf: Tested and works ingame.
Level 5
Jul 12, 2007
this is awesome it inspired me to make a maze with differt horse models, Zebra, Black, White, Tan, Grey, brown, normal, choas horses for the hero. or may i should make it my patrolers? hmmm. well there going to be sliding any ways, nice model(s)! 9.999999+0.000001/10
Level 4
Jan 8, 2009
its awsome im using this. but culd you put all the other colours at the THW cus i want em all! and the link dosent work for me..
Hello, everyone. I noticed, popping back after a long time of inactivity, that these models are still popular, which is nice.

However, unfortunately, on the down side, I do not have these models or the extra skins any more. They were long lost along with my old computer and even if I still have them, I have no idea where they are and, in any case, it was Werewulf who designed the extra skins so I do not have them anyway. Sorry guys!

But I'll also give permission for anyone who wishes to fix up and improve the model and perhaps re-design the skins. I wasn't very good at modelling back then (I'm still not :croll:) so there's plenty of mistakes, and even if I had the time available to fix these models I've forgotten everything I've learned concerning models, so, alas, I can no longer do anything about them.