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Jun 23, 2010
Apr 10, 2010

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Jun 23, 2010
    1. ap0calypse
      I've updated the thread.
      From here on, you pull the strings! And don't be afraid to do so, some people really need to be encouraged before they do something.
      If anything comes to mind, or you need a little help, I will do whatever's possible.
    2. ap0calypse
      Hey, I've got a question: do you want to be the project leader of Aeronauts?
      You seem to have a very good idea of which direction the map needs to follow and what (not) to add.

      This is how I wanted the main ranks to be spread:
      You: Project Leader / Terrain Art.
      chanan12: Creative Director.
      De.Facto/Kontulainen: Terrain Art.
      Takakenji: Object data.
      And then some others, you can spread out the ranks :P
      I'll just be the System developer, that fits me I guess.

      I'll update the thread with any news I come across, I'll be very active starting from thursday (I've got an end-of-exams party wednesday, so maybe friday xD)
    3. chanan12
      Thats good, maybe when schools out for you it will be better, see im already out.
    4. chanan12
      Haven't seen much action from you on the Aeronauts thread. you still in?
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    I love coffee? =D
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