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Last Activity:
Jul 30, 2017
Mar 10, 2008


【Firefox Pwns IE】, from Australia

manstie was last seen:
Jul 30, 2017
    1. rcshaggy
      Glory to the Firefox!
    2. TKF
      Hello, did you experience the no-control loss bug or did you just read the changelog?
    3. D.O.G.
      Hi! You asked me how I did table on my signature?
      Look here.
    4. assasin_lord
      Sorry but I don't think so, havent worked with wc3 for a while so I do not remember or know where I have stored m old projects at the moment. Sorry <.>
    5. supertoinkz
    6. Markskii
      don't i have a right to download maps and play them?
      and anyway i can use editor too but i work with my friend but his pc down atm.
    7. Markskii
      why not make an account? Why did you make 1 then? :p
    8. Markskii
      hi manstie
    9. Spoontoobig
      Fail Did I ask for a +REP ??? I was joking Asking for rep would be like this [PLEASE GIVE ME +REP] or smthing like that
    10. GoGoTauren
      thanks. dont worry about the gui version btw, found a gui system in my maps somewhere im gonna try and use.. just need to show the Z height detection script whos boss :P
    11. ap0calypse
      Nope... there's already a button for when you want to give rep on a recourse.
    12. manstie
    13. ap0calypse
      Hay, just wanted to say that you need to change your signature, having a link to your rep-button is lame and against the rules ^^
      So, ehh... I guess you should remove it as fast as possible, otherwise I will click that button and we all know what happens then, right?
    14. Devine
      So you didn't make that thread to have the whole community laughing at them.
      I kinda don't believe that.
    15. Kl3sk
      Because I don't want people saying "You suck" for no apparent reason...But I do agree poking fun at moderators / admins is strictly stupid
    16. Devine
      Orite. that.
      Don't laugh at Dondustin and general Frank. They both are friends of mine. They don't have to justify themselves because their English isn't perfect, especially not to you.
      They're from Germany and even though they are, they're perfectly understandable.
    17. Kl3sk
      I hope -Devine- is kidding...
    18. Devine
      You suck.
    19. Pyritie
      It's in the arena - look at the bottom of the "Contest Resources" sticky for the psd + zip with the fonts.
    20. Ironside
      When you log on come chat with me I have some things to clear up with you.
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    Kirin Tor


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    Mnopoly 2.3b ██████████ The real deal!
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