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Last Activity:
Aug 22, 2016
Mar 26, 2006


Just Visiting

iristle was last seen:
Aug 22, 2016
    1. iristle
      I got me a shiny one <3 (100% legit hatched from an egg)
    2. Pyritie
      togekiss = awesome
    3. iristle
      Unfortunately I no longer hold any model files or reskins. If you wish to have the reskins you will have to make them yourself.
    4. Cakiabo
      Hello you can check the link of wild horse pack in FileFront, the link down.
    5. s.kYliNE
      Hi, could you please re-upload your Wild Horses? the FileFront link is down and I can only find the Chestnut and would appreciate others. Thanks in advance. Also please PM me when you have done so.
    6. BlargHonk
      Someone made an account called Iristle-Whore :(

      I think Ghan got it tho
    7. Mulgrim
      thank you, yes I will give credits, and because if it was an attachment i would have to make an animation for the villagers, and i don't know how yet, i see it easier this way.
    8. Elenai
      Hi there.
    9. MasterHaosis
      iristle, :cgrin:
    10. Huurka
    11. Pyritie
      Hay, how's that refsheet coming?
    12. Nichita_00
      Hai hai
      Wanna bee freinz :D? You're too hot to hoot. (God I love palindromes :P)
      Nichland ├╝ber alles :D
    13. Pyritie
    14. MasterHaosis
      iristle, :cgrin:
    15. NearbyHermit
      Yo Iris,Eccho will be gone for some days and that means no more Bnet evenings,sadly!
    16. Elenai
      My dearest Iristle, I just wanted you to know that I miss you ^^ and I am hopefully going to return soon. But in my computerless wanderings, I have found something that reminded me of my situation and seperation from you.


      Goodbye for now, until I see you again soon enough ^^

      PS: had the song on my mp3 before my computer exploded, and found a link using a temporary computer.
    17. TheDivineBoss
      Aww everyone forgot about Iristle, how sad.

      ~First userpagepost, sproing!
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  • About

    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Blood Knights
    StarCraft II Account:
    I've been a dragon lover since i can remember, I've also been fascinated by Imagination and creativity.

    Drawing, Using the computer.


    Please be aware that I may not be able to answer your questions on modelling and any models that I have uploaded to this site. It has been years since I have been into modelling and I no longer have any of the files so I likely will be unable to help you.
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