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  • Hey man, I created a new group. You should visit my User Page and check it out.
    Hey dude. You really do show some promise as a modeler, you just need to stop editing other people's work and make yours as they did; from scratch or from blizzard's stuff.

    I have nothing against you, but people do tend to get mad when you edit their stuff without asking.
    Feel free to ask me if you have any modeling questions or concerns, I'll help you to the best of my knowledge.
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    (Bundle) -10Stop saying they are your models! You pnly ripped off Kita's and DvO's models. Next time I see you submitting stolen content I will simply ban you off the Hive. Have a nice day.
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    (Post) [highlight](-5)[/highlight] Are you crazy? What is with the mass multi-threading?
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