Voidspawn Building Pack

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This pack includes the Voidspawn buildings from the Heaven's Fall Race Mod.

This is the model of the Abyss Rift building from the Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

It has a spell animation where it glows green and expands outward (to explode).

This is the Aether Gate building from Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

I will attach to the bundle the 2017 version as well that is used in the private newest version of Heaven's Fall but is probably not anywhere publicly I guess.

This is the Altar of Abyss form the Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

It has a stand work animation where there is a stylized particle glow in the Voidwalker Statue's hands. The previewer probably previews it as a square but I'm pretty sure that in-game it's actually round.

This is the nether-drained Gold Mine from the Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

The surface of the mine uses an animated texture shimmer. This file is from a long time ago, but it appears that I renamed the Birth animation to "Arise" deliberately so that the Birth animation would not work ingame and that way the birthing behaviors of this unit can be handled by triggers. Obviously if you needed to actually use that birth animation in-game you could rename "Arise" back to "Birth".

This is the Prison of the Tortured building from Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

It makes a decent Tier 2 Void race structure.

This is the Shadow Bunker building from the Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

For some reason it took me years to think of the purple version, and so originally I was using the orange version. I think the purple one looks better, but the orange one is using in-game textures or whatever, so I will include both in this bundle and you can choose your favorite.

This bundle includes the different variations of the Voidwalker town hall type buildings that I created over the years for the Voidspawn race in Heaven's Fall. I will leave it to you as a map designer to decide which order to put them in or how you want to configure one upgrading into another!

Definitely don't hesitate to open them up in Retera Model Studio and import three different versions into a single file with transitional Birth Upgrade First and Birth Upgrade Second animations if you want to.

This is the Vortex of Sacrifice building from the Heaven's Fall Warcraft Mod.

It was made years apart from a lot of the other custom models that went into the Void race and so stylistically the base model is a little bit different, using an animated swirling particle emitter that was merged in using the Matrix Eater technology with I think I had just invented at the time, or something. (We're talking 2012 technology here when a lot of the others were originally Notepad jobs done with Oinkerwinkle in the 2008-2010 era. So to me this one stands out in an interesting way, but hopefully thematically it still fits with similar models.)

Abyss Rift (Model)

Aether Gate (Model)

Aether Gate 2017 (Model)

Altar of Abyss Purple (Model)

Altar of Abyss Red (Model)

BTNAbyssRiftPurple (Icon)

BTNAethergate (Icon)

BTNAetherGate2017 (Icon)

BTNAltarOfAbyss (Icon)

BTNNethershrine (Icon)

BTNPrisonsOfTheTortured (Icon)

BTNShadowbunker (Icon)

BTNShadowbunkerPurple (Icon)

BTNVoidcraftedHall (Icon)

BTNVoidHallUp1 (Icon)

BTNVortexOfSacrifice (Icon)

Drained Goldmine (Model)

Drained Goldmine Orange (Model)

Prisons of the Tortured (Model)

Shadow Bunker Orange (Model)

Shadow Bunker Purple (Model)

Town Hall-3DS Max Export from 2010 (Model)

Town Hall-Basion of Lament (Model)

Town Hall-Dark Shrine X2 (Model)

Town Hall-Great Rift (Model)

Town Hall-Mannoroth Head Shrine (Model)

Town Hall-Mannoroth Head Shrine Purple (Model)

Town Hall-Nethershrine (Model)

Town Hall-Sliver Shatter 4 (Model)

Void Birth (Model)

Void-crafted Hall (Model)

Vortex of Sacrifice (Model)

General Frank
A very well made collection of buildings with a distinctive and coherent artistic style. Great job.


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Apr 19, 2008
Thanks for your appreciations, I made these models years ago some of them up to even a decade ago, just like hundreds of others that I made but didn't put in the models section because that would take a while and also they are substandard geomerges like these or whatever, and I didn't want to hear it and preferred to tell myself they are cool.
All of the models don't have a proper or attractive birth animation. If I was a moderator I'd tell you to go fix 'em. Also, if there aren't attachment points and collision shapes, consider installing them on.


I tried to open Abyss Rift with War3 Model Editor v1.07, but - "Expected a VRTX tag, got a '*' tag"

So, your models are also broken. Nice.
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Level 27
Apr 19, 2008
I tried to open Abyss Rift with War3 Model Editor v1.07, "Expected a VRTX tag, got a '*' tag"

So, your models are also broken. Nice.

No, that means War3 Model Editor is broken. (Edit: Literally. Back in 2010 or whenever I made this I didn't know War3 Model Editor existed, so I didn't restrict myself to your subset of the format. I was using the format of the official War3 game)

The birth animation is a linked model in the same style as the original ones in-game. The import path is "SharedModels\VoidBirth.mdx"

Many of these models are very old and it is possible they might be missing certain attachment points. So I tagged the bundle with open source. Feel free to fix it however you want!
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