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Voice Acting Contest #3 - Poll

Vote for your favourite entry!

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Contestants were to create a complete soundset to replace the standard wc3 racial warnings (i.e. "we need more gold", "we're under attack", etc)


  • Each user can only vote once in the poll. (remove this for a multiple choice poll)
  • You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has the same IP as the author then the vote will not be counted and it may result in the disqualification of the entry.
  • You cannot create multiple accounts to vote for an entry in the poll. If a voter has been found to be using multiple accounts none of the voters votes will count in the final result.
  • You cannot bribe users for votes. Contestants who break this rule will be disqualified and given negative reputation.

  • First Place: 50 reputation points and your entry on an award icon
  • Second Place: 35 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 20 reputation points and an award icon


You can either view the three entries below or look in the attachments section of this post for the .mp3s. Separate files will be posted after the poll has finished and the results have been announced.



Is the dialogue unique and interesting? Or did the contestant just repeat the ingame warnings? 0/10
Quality How well are effects and filters, if any, used? Do you hear any static? Are there any "plosive" sounds? (meaning popping P's) or siblance? (meaning snake-sounding S's) 0/20
Script How well do the lines fit the race? Are the things it says clever, or just generic? Is the warning phrased in a manner that grabs your attention without being too wordy?0/20

Inviting your friends to vote for you, bribing random members with rep and otherwise cheating with the VB poll system will get you DISQUALIFIED, BANNED from future contests, -REPPED, and possibly INFRACTED. So don't do it!

This includes, but is not limited to, sending PMs out to various users, getting other people to send those PMs, advertising this contest on other sites with the intention to gain more votes (whether it is explicitly stated or not), and so on. If you are suspected of cheating, the staff will notify you and interrogate you (hopefully) over PMs. <3​


  • Entry 1.mp3
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  • Entry (i).mp3
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  • Entry A.mp3
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Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
Thats completely idiotic. With no reference point we cannot determine how well the contestant pulled off the idea they were hoping to achieve. For example, the set that sounds (to me) like a dwarven race might have actually been a sad, sad attempt at the naga race. If so, I wouldn't vote for this entry. I seriously doubt voting is going to be swayed simply due to some peoples favorites. Besides, public poll is only 30% so the 5% of people who don't follow instructions would barely affect the outcome.
Level 7
Jun 21, 2011
oh i thought that they would replace the standard as he said "Contestants were to create a complete soundset to replace the standard wc3 racial warnings"
Level 17
Jun 17, 2010
Entry I for sure!!! I love the original, and it made me laugh, if i heard that in game it would just make my day! Its the greatest thing ever hahaha. "What you dope, do you think wood grows on tree?" "Your gold mine is almost out you greedy bastard" hahaha i just loved it, makes me want to join the next voice acting contest.

Whoever did (i) can you please send me a script showing the original voice, and your own voice acting? Please i would love it.

Edit: I would judge, using discretion of course, i wouldnt make (i) win just because it was halarious, i'd follow the preferences. But im not very knowledgeable in this type of work, voice acting and such. So i wouldnt be the best choice =P



Level 5
Apr 14, 2008
Entry (i) for sure. The only downside is that sentences are too long.
Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
we still need judges if anyone's interested

Teh lulzy part is I volunteered for judging and was turned down, even though I have recorded inside a studio (well, they didn't know that part :D)

I'd suggest open poll for 100%, but I know that entry (i) would win, even though its sentences are way too long and don't work as well as the others.
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
If you've recorded in a studio, i think thats pretty good qualifications. Whats better then experience?

That is correct :/ never said it wasnt, but a Degree is kind of better then the " experience ", since they studied music, and dint do it.. sometimes you can be good at playing music or singing, and dont know so much about it :goblin_cry: anyways, that is mostly not the state.
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
Entry 1 : Classic W3 Ogre / slight Draenei.

Entry 2 : Futuristic or Sci-Fi distortion / altered and new idea.

Entry 3 : Interesting human voice using multiple metaphors to deliver what appear to be Irish one-liners.

...I'm baffled. Does one have to lose ?
Level 2
Jul 9, 2011
"You think wood just grows on trees you.." haha hilarious (i). Though I must say it is way too long and for proper gameplay it cannot be chosen. Besides, out of experience, after a few games it becomes simply a well-known text which points for a certain issue.
Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
Well, heres my opinion on how I would judge them (if I was judge :D)

Judging scale

CreativityIs the dialogue unique and interesting? Or did the contestant just repeat the ingame warnings?/10
QualityHow well are effects and filters, if any, used? Do you hear any static? Are there any "plosive" sounds? (meaning popping P's) or siblance? (meaning snake-sounding S's)/20
ScriptHow well do the lines fit the race? Are the things it says clever, or just generic? Is the warning phrased in a manner that grabs your attention without being too wordy?/20

Entry A​
Creativity Very minimal effort was extended with the brain. The warnings are word for word copied from the game itself, with the only modifier being a voice effect. 4/10
Quality The quality of this entry is sub-par. The voice is mostly quiet, but it goes too loud at certain points. The volume increase grabbed my attention, but not in a good way. The voice is masked by a voice effect that makes it hard to listen to for extended periods of time (I listened to this baby 20+ times on youtube and played 3 melee games with it). The recording equipment was ok, but at 28-29 there is a definite feedback on the F, and 13-14 there's another F feedback, but it's very subtle. I liked the baritone quality of your voice, but masking it with the effect you chose didn't work well. 13/20
Script I couldn't easily tell what race this is. I'm guessing by the voice modifier that it is some kind of space/robotic race, but I could be wrong. The script itself is just copied from the game. 2/20

Total 19/50

Entry 1
Creativity This entry certainly has creativity. The unique phrasing caught me off guard at first though. Space rocks should probably be changed, while it does add a unique element, it confused me for a little bit at the start. 8/10
Quality Throughout the whole entry, there was heavy breathing audible, especially at the end of phrases. S's are sibilant and carry over far too long, it ruins the phrase for me, and is especially audible at 22-23. Your voice goes lower at 43-45, and the sentence seems heavier because of it. I'm assuming you're male (we have what, less than 10 girls on hive?), but you made your voice sound relatively female, which was a nice touch. There was a slight accent, which also contributed in a good way into defining your race. 16/20
Script "Our planet witnesses intrusion", "Our galaxy is being threatened." Assuming that these are custom races for warcraft 3, those two phrases don't work well. Everyone is always on the same planet, and definitely in the same galaxy. Again, the whole space rocks thing was not a good idea. Other than that, the dialogue choices were great, I particularly liked being addressed as "Sir". 13/20

Total 37/50

Entry i
Creativity This entry (which I believe to be dwarven), was definitely the most creative. There was unique and humorous dialogue, and I definitely payed attention to it both games I played with it. 10/10
Quality The most usual problem in this contest, you experienced slight feedback whenever your voice increased in volume (3 seconds was a big one). However, you were loud throughout the entry, so I only noticed it in extreme cases. I didn't find any problems other than that, but your voice has a dirty sound to it. Maybe the accent helped bring it out, but I found your voice sounded slightly unrefined, which works well for dwarves, but the unprofessional "I did this shit in my basement" feel which you have does not. No real problems other than that 15/20
Script The first time I listened to it, the script was hilarious and boisterous, a great combination for someone mirroring the dwarven race. However, the sentences were way, way too long, especially the final. Another thing, I don't like being called a blithering idiot, or a greedy bastard, or any other host of names. It really detracted from the mood of it, kindof like how you hate that guy who points out your mistakes and then calls you a jackass for it, "Who do you think you are? Hercules? You can't carry all that you stupid git!". When my warcraft abuses me like my older brother does, something is wrong. 9/20

Total 34/50
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