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This model icludes six variations. Stand - Wheatfield, Stand Upgrade First - Wheatfield with Windmill, Stand Upgrade Second - apple Orchard, Stand Upgrade Third - a vegetable garden, Stand Upgrade Fourth - vineyard. Updated: I replaced the sunflower farm on the dairy farm. Added and improved some details.

Garden, Farm, Mill

UniversalFarm (Model)

12:56, 6th Jul 2014 MiniMage: It's a useful multi purpose building.




12:56, 6th Jul 2014
MiniMage: It's a useful multi purpose building.
Level 7
Feb 9, 2010
Really interesting!
Change the windmill texture to something more stoney or anything more appropriate that comes to your mind but not that white please it doesn't fit well...
Level 6
Sep 8, 2013
The model is rather impressive yet useful.
I like most of its animations.
So, I give 4/5.
It will prove its usefulness when it has been approved.
Since people might want to grow farms on a variety of tilesets, you should probably just use dirt for the foundation. It would be more realistic that way, anyway; you don't grow grass underneath crops. So you'd be killing two birds with one stone by switching it.

And why does it do 180 flips and 90 turns in different upgrade animations? Wouldn't it be better if they were all turned the same way so that people could actually upgrade it in different ways? It would look awkward to upgrade your farm and all of a sudden the whole thing's completely moved and turned.

I also think this could have been more useful with attachment points to make these changes, such as putting crops in, adding the chimney to one animation, and such.

I do like this, though. 3/5.