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  • If you want to join our club, send a friendship request to me "Arad MNK" and I'll add you.
    I always give 3 rep and you always give 1 rep. If you have 0-199 rep you give 1 rep, 200-399 rep and you'll give 2 rep, 400-599 and you'll give 3 rep, 600-infinite rep you'll give 4 rep. You can also be able to give 1 extra rep for every 2500 posts you have but unless you're a mod you can not give someone more than 4 no matter how much rep or how many posts you have.
    No, I mean those posts where users just put a map of what the OP wants without even explaining just a bit on what they do.

    Too much spoonfeeding I suppose
    Awsome. Too bad I lost wc3 and all my data on the computer. I will check it out when I have find a new wc3 :) you can make a threat in the idea factory if your map development threat seems dead.
    I suggest you make the never-ending game a mod that makes the game never end. Otherwhise you might lose points because you can't really win the game. And do the basics first. You can add more unlockables via updates. Nice idea by the way :).
    Okay so the game is now in writing stages I will tell you when development has started on the project.
    Okay, I was thibking we could nake a melee map that is set at this morden times, with troops and all + you don't have to worry about terrain I will take care of it so what you say and maybe we can find a modeler as well so what you say? You know any good modlers that can help?
    Yes kinda. Tecnicly the opposite is get killed, lose a unit wich sounds.. well.. obvious XD lol. I also just got this random idea. When a water elemental dies, it spawns two lesser water elementals. Another ability that the elementals can have is the parasite ability wich spawns lesser water elementals ofcourse so that your hero don't have to make the death shot.
    so his ulty has to do something with water right? There is a water elemental in dota that duplicates a target unit as a 'water' copy. Or you can make a passive ulty that summons a water elemental everytime it makes a kill at the position of the dying unit. Another option is that he can create lightning effects at a target location that hits nearby enemies similar to razor's ulty. I mean water is usually a souce to lightning.
    I have layed DotA 2 before, don't like it much though. On the other hand, I LOVE the original DotA!
    I'd agree to that :D I'm about to play that now. Anyway tell me more about the Human Hydromancer.
    Ok I'll check it out. Do you paly DotA?

    EDIT: Ok I saw your level tree but your second orc hero is a night elf huntress. I suggest that you replace her with the orc raider because that model doesn't fit to me in the tree. I would then give the orc cleaving attack, an ability similar to shockwave but with a large scleletal mage missile, an AoE net and as an ulty he can summon 2 permanent similar wolfs who has bloodlust. In my opinion these abilities fits together well and suits the model. I don't know what your human look like or what his abilities are.
    These are only my suggestions. ;)
    So then you agree 100% that you agree 100% :)
    Actually, I was hoping people would keep posting the same way "I agree blah blah with [username minus an "o"] 100%". :p

    I tested it but not in my map it works more than fine :D You are an awesome spell maker.:goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job:
    Oh. I meant while the target is in effect of the trap, the caster gains magic resistance according to the integer provided. This is to prevent the target from retaliating with spells.
    Thanks . :D As you can see it is very late in our country so I think I'm gonna rest 'till I see the bright tomorrow. Suddenly I got a feeling of being gay XD
    No I meant the timer and duration not for every unit he kills.

    My unit has 20 int, then he kills 1 creep thus giving him int for 10 seconds setting his int to 21.
    After about 3 seconds, he kills a hero and again giving him bonus int thus it becomes 23.
    Then after 7 seconds after he has killed the first creep, his int is reduced by
    the amount at the first kill so it becomes 22 int then after 50 seconds his int is reduced by 2 due to the hero kill turning it back to 20.. Think I'm not making clear of myself.

    Hope you get it :D
    Somehow it is not working in my map :( I don't know why . . . . . To be sure about my request I forgot to say it would work for multi-kills not for 1 kill only. . . .
    sorry to disappoint but my helper Hell_Master made the reviews and with low rating, follow his revisions and then it can be approved

    also DotCa made some criticism try doing it as well
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