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The Workshop forge-fires continue to blaze! We have been hard at work since release and we still have a LONG list of things that need doing. Today, we want share some updates with you.

Table of Contents:

We also want to use this opportunity to once again, thank all heroes of the Hive. You're keeping the site alive and make it possible for us to dedicate time out of our busy lives to work on Hive. Thanks to your extraordinary contributions, Ralle is able to take a full day off to work exclusively on Hive. You can follow Ralle's Development thread for specific details on what a Full Day of Work on Hive has yielded so far - and there are major (to be announced) updates on the way.

Full day of work - May
  • Add 'search description' to resource repositories.
  • Add relevance search to resource repositories.
  • Fix trigger viewer JASS/Lua code overflow. (Thanks @MyPad)
  • Update model viewer. (Thanks @GhostWolf)
  • Add download of single resources.
  • Investigate nested trigger categories not rendering.
  • Investigate if melee maps are properly displayed as melee.
Full day of work - June
  • Add collaboration support to pastebin (Thanks @SpasMaster).
  • Fix broken bundle draft, now storing description and tags (Thanks @Verdun).
  • Work on secret theme (Thanks @Archian).


Today we also want to eat your brains share with you, the latest addition to Hive's themes: UNDEAD.


This is still a work in progress, but we couldn't wait showing it to you and hope for your feedback, so we are making it public.
Select it near the bottom left corner of the site, by clicking the Style Chooser.


It is now possible to collaborate on a pastebin with other members of the Hive. Simply add the name of the user as a collaborator and they will have access to the paste when visiting the pastebin. It's no Google Docs as you will be taking turns editing the paste. The system is pretty smart about preventing you from stepping on each other's toes though. We are sure it will be useful to many.



We have some pretty big bundles these days with big model packs and map packs so we have finally gotten around to adding the ability to download single resources from a bundle instead of being forced to download the whole thing.



Resource search now defaults to searching by title which gives fewer but more accurate results. The search can be expanded to the description with a checkbox for more results. The results are also presented in order of best match to further improve the experience.

❤️ Thanks @Bernkastel, @BlakeAVENGER, @Bribe, @Daemonic_Sword, @Daliox1, @Eikonium, @Footman16, @Gismo359, @Goffterdom, @Gyrosphinx, @Kam, @Kick King, @King I Rat, @Lich Prince, @Med. MapGuy, @MindWorX, @Nihilism_Is_Death, @rangger16, @Regeneration, @Retera, @ScrewTheTrees, @Skopetski, @Tarrasque, @Tauer, @Thepriest1750, @ThompZon, @Xthreo ❤️
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Nov 12, 2016
I'd like to give some 2cents on a tweak regarding night elf theme and some of my thoughts on Undead Theme.


So, before you ponder, this image is cropped so the left and right side are closer to eachother so that the image isn't too long for an example, anyway, i think the yellow color you fellas chose for night elf, the more subtle/soft yellow does fit the night elf theme alot, and i would personally apply it on texts like the ones you see above.

Now for the Undead theme, i did have a look on the cool classic battle.net UI and understood that some of the color schemes was crossed over, though i did go there to bring this to mention maybe its worth putting it somewhere ;P

The one on the actual website is animated as a gif though when i tried to post a gif here i couldn't continue writing a message below it as i would be able to if it was an image so i had to convert it, so maybe that's one thing worth improving too.

As for the undead buttons and text tweaks, in contrast to the image above, if some more of the night elf ones were to turn into their cool yellow color instead of green, it would then be quite fitting to use purple and green for undead buttons and text as the colors are different enough to stand out as opposed to over blend with 2 different shades of green.
Also, note that this is still WIP. For instance, we plan on updating the buttons, with more skull-like borders with some more purple-ish eyes.
A combination of greyish or some interesting style of skull like white (not to be confused with the traditional bleach white skull) for buttons would also be a neat thing for sure so, i hope whatever best idea that suits is chosen :grin:
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