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Star Wars Republic Commando

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Level 6
Mar 15, 2020

Star Wars

Republic Commando

The Siege of Theart

The 14th Flank Battalion and two other Jedis was fighting thousands of droids on the fronts, while Cantina Commando Squad Dune, Harbor, Click and Nimbus take advantages on the back line defenses crippling their numbers, they were facing multiple BX-Commando Droids, B-1 and B-2 Battledroids, each Clankers dismantled, they grew experience and courage as a band of brother sticking to win the Clone Wars, they were known for their expertise on sabotaging and hijacking hostile turrets, so they were given mission to take control on the Eastern Turrets, the front line wars weren't looking good for Republic as Separatist sent new thousands of droid fleet in orbit descending and reinforcing their grounds, as they have seize the Turret, droids expected their arrival and shot one of their brother causing minor injury but manage to crush the droid security and took command of the D-11 Turret, they shot down the fleets, the 14th Flank Battalion morale heighten causing the Droids to be overwhelmed, advancing forward winning the war, the confederacy were obliterated, the Republic liberated the planet, the two Jedi recognize their mission and credited them, their teammate Harbor RC-5349 did not survive the shot, they honored their brothers death and move on.
As they left Heroes only for few years to return as Conqueror.

Clone Commando Squad Cantina.png
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