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Star Wars Remnants of the Fallen Order

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Mar 15, 2020
Star Wars Remnants of the Shattered Order

After the initial days of the reformation from republic to the new Galactic Empire, a young Jedi survived the Order 66 and escaped while refuging from the sight of the Empire, each distant he gets away from danger shall soon be his regrets and guilts, witnessing his master killed by his most trusted and closest none other than Clone Commander Scrin.

Prequel Trilogy

Siege of Kalasmoon.png

Adventure between Commander Scrin, Jedi Master(General) Syeron and Fallon(Young Jedi) with the battalion known as 14th Flank Battalion, during the Outer Rim Sieges on the final days of the Clone Wars, they were deployed on Planet Barxon with thousands Separatist Droids Marching their ways, outnumbered they still charge forward fearless into the face of danger, each battles they fought made a bond like bundle of sticks, that it will and shall never break, till it break, 3 years from those days and months of fighting for the republic mostly for friendship will be nothing to protocol Order 66, Syeron will be executed while in his last stand and breath he vision the Shroud of Darkness within was the banner and Tides of the Empire, he told his apprentice like Son(Fallon) to run and never come back to Jedi Order nor into hands of the new Order the Galactic Empire.

Original Trilogy


The Journey to shelter from the eyes of the Empire, Fallon became a Mercenary drifting into space nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, he will be hunted and haunted by a Inquisitor and his guilt of not saving his master, he will be accompanied by Astromech Droid named R4 S6, as each slingshot from void of space he will encounter other Force User like him who have lost their ways, he will guide them for that was or he thought the dying wish of his Master Syeron, Fighting against Legion of Stormtrooper, Deathtrooper, Purgetrooper he refuse to die, he transform for the Rebel Alliance Network as an intel retriever, they all call him Harbinger.

Sequel Trilogy

The Empire fallen into the ruins, each years of searching lost artifacts and Force user, he grew old but he did not lose his touch, he will keep doing what he know is right, to guide and destroy the snares of the Dark Force, he promise to himself and the ones he saved to rebuild what they lost, the Order of Peacekeeper, a new evil grew beneath in their ignorance but they did not join nor reveal their existence to outer world, their Order continue to hide like a lost treasures they will be, they named themselves as the REMNANTS.

:wcool:Note This will be an upcoming Map or Campaign Which is currently in Development.:wcool:
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