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Aug 28, 2005
Sons of War - Compendium

In my current project, Sons of War I'm building up the world and the story with short articles(they are short because I'm putting them into tooltips) about different aspects of the races. In this thread I'll add the stories to make a Sons of War compendium. I'm separating the stories of each race into two categories: heroes' stories and information topics.

Sons of War - Compendium

Lord Granis has been leader of the Vanguard Order for more than 10 years. Yet he still leads his paladins in battle with a childish passion. One of the most experienced commanders of Empyr, he can win even the most desperate battle. Although the Vanguard Order is created as a personal guard force for the emperor himself, Granis has turned it into an effective military unit and that's why the emperor is sending the order on conquests in the neighbouring kingdoms.

Prince Victor Empyrean is the third and youngest son of emperor Magnus Empyrean and therefore not the first heir to the crown. Like his brothers and sisters he was send to study in the "Academica" where the best teachers of Empyr taught him everything from the art of handcombat to the labyrinth of high diplomacy. The prince however, knowing that his chances of becoming head of Empyr were small, was more eager to learn how to fight than how to dance and so he became one of the best swordsmen of Empyr. He was made first general of the royal legions but Victor prefers to cross swords with an enemy and often leaves the tactics to his assistants.

The Empyrean empire consists of the so called Twelve Kingdoms of Man. That's how other races call the lands, inhabited by humans. During their long and bloody history the Twelve Kingdoms were at a constant wars against each other. Their name is also not correct in the current time, because the Kingdom of Empyr united all others to form the first human empire. The first four kingdoms - Empyr, Livadia, Gorodol and Oldland are known as the Old Kingdoms. They are the first human inhabited pieces of land and according to the legends, it's there where the human Gods descended from the sky to create the first humans. The four old kingdoms are also the most developed and advanced. All other kingdoms were created much sooner and are mostly villages filled.

Empyr's current emperor - his emperor's majesty Magnus Empyrean is known as the Golden Seneschal because he turned Empyr from one of the many scattered human kingdoms into the major power in the eastern continent. The emperor is the first man who managed to unite all twelve kingdoms under one banner. Under his rule the Empyrean Empire entered a golden age and bliss is raining upon its inhabitants. Magnus became king of the Empyrean Kingdom before he was eighteen because his father, King Goustaff died in a battle against Baron Sedrick's knights. Magnus was quickly crowned but instead of mourning he prepared the army and assaulted the Baron's lands. the Baron's kingdom - Livadia, was Magnus' first conquest. Before he was twenty three he managed to unite all twelve kingdoms under Empyrean banner. Then he turned his attention to the non-human inhabited lands, surrounding Empyr. The orcish raids were becoming stronger and stronger for each passing year and Magnus decided that it is time for another conquest.

Before the unification the kingdoms were divided and very different from each other. Magnus brought something more than power to the empire, he brought equality. Empyr was introduced into a new, more effective way to govern its people. Magnus created a new administrative apparatus for the empire. Each village and city now has tax office, administration, guardsmen to protect it from bandits. Many roads were built throughout the empire. Bandits became rarity in Empyr and the army is stronger than ever. Although modern, the empire still keeps its connections to the past. The imperial administration is still linked to the Church of Light and many monks are sent to important positions in the empire. The Holy Father is known as the second man after the emperor and is spiritual leader of the masses. The Church is also the only organization that have its own laws and still keeps huge independence from the emperor, acting like a country in the country.

Following the tradition, started by the old kings of the twelve kingdoms, Magnus and his empress, Fiona Livadina, raised many children to ensure the throne of the empire. Magnus' first son, Emrick is being prepared for successor of the crown since his birth. Now he is a grown man and Magnus' right hand. No one doubts who will sit on the throne when the old emperor passes out. The second son, Joseph was sent in the Church of Light when he first said a word, according to an ancient tradition. Following his destiny he lives simple as a monk and shows no desire to join the politics. Victor, the third son, is assigned with the command of the imperial legions. He is known as Empyr's best swordsman but doesn't show much talent in leading the armies. Being the most hot tempered of Magnus' sons, Victor is the only one that dares to defy his will. He sometimes evades his guards and goes alone to hunt down bandits and slay monsters.

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