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Realistic Flowing Water

This is a reskin of the water texture.

It is a realistic 350x350 flowing water texture. If you complain about the size, let me note that there is no way you can use this in Multiplayer maps, as the water texture consists of 45 separate files. It gives you pretty neat quality even when you zoom in.

To use, import all files in your map, and change the path to:


I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Works on almost all tilesets, except for Outland (obviously) - it screws up the void there. I'd recommend using Icecrown, Dungeon, Black Citadel and Barrens (especially Barrens!), as the game renders the texture much more desaturated and it can be tinted easily.

Shown above is the Cityscape render without any tinting, and a version with slight tinting.

I'd most likely create a non-flowing version, as it currently looks funny and odd when the water is flowing from the shore inwards. Won't happen soon, though, cause I have more work to do - even here, for the Hive projects.

Made with Genetica.

You can redistribute, modify or change this texture any way you like, but I'd be happy if you leave credits for the original work.

PS: I cannot find a way to upload this as a pack. It seems that I must first upload the resources one by one, in order to get them approved. However, I do believe that nobody wants the skin section flooded with 45 similar 350x350 water textures.

Therefore, I upload this as a map, and delete the pack resource I've created earlier. I'd still prefer this to be uploaded as a pack, or as a skin archive (also impossible at the moment).

water, texture, realistic, flowing, skin, reskin, high-res

Realistic Flowing Water (Map)

19:43, 7th Oct 2012 Vengeancekael: Quite useful, more for terrain templates or singleplayer maps however.




19:43, 7th Oct 2012
Vengeancekael: Quite useful, more for terrain templates or singleplayer maps however.
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
This is a reskin of the water model, so I can't post it as a model.

As for a skin - it is not possible to upload a zip archive in the skins section. And I guess nobody wants to see it flooded with 45 350x350 similar textures.

I tried as a pack, but it doesn't work as well.