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[Campaign] Orcs of Draenor

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Sep 25, 2021

Orcs of Draenor
by RichardBlackEye and using content from several models, skins and icons creators, available on Hive Workshop.


As a big fan of Orcs and their story on the Warcraft Universe (RTS and MMO), I ended up creating a map based on one of their major events prior to WC1: Liberation of the Elements.
Of course, creating a W3 map takes time, but it is indeed a lovely hobby and something I want to continue doing for the time being.

And so, I'm creating an Orc-focused campaign, retelling the Orcs story right to the point of opening the portal to Azeroth.




Detailed Plans




Authors Notes

As a campaign focused (mainly) on Mag'har Orcs, the main objective is to create a collection of connected maps that tells the Orcs story, from a moment where the initial clans are established in Draenor, to the very opening of the Portal to Azeroth.

It should feature a playable race of brown skinned orcs with buildings resembling those of Warcraft 1, clan-specific units and buildings, lore-friendly abilities and well-known characters.

Currently, the plan being implemented is the creation of maps that follow a set of rules:
  • Every map should be focused on a Lore element. Either it presents an important clan/ character or an event.

  • The sequence of maps should increment the available building techtree, abilities and units available. Starting with a Great Hall, Farm, Barracks, Peon, Grunt and Hero.

  • Every map should focus on a interactive and strategic gameplay element or quest type that hasn't been used on the previous 2 maps.

Currently writing this one.



PeonThe basic builder unit. They may armor themselves to fight for the clans.
GruntThe main melee fighter unit. There are some variants corresponding to each orcish clan.
ShamanThe magic-user unit. They can stun enemies, heal friendly units and summon elementals.
OutriderThe fastest unit, great for cleaving buildings.
Rylak RiderThe ranged unit, great for striking units.

The Shadowmoon Clan Elder Shaman, Nelgarm.

The smith who forged (obtained) the Doomhammer, Gelnar Doomhammer.

Currently, the campaign is being designed with this sequence of maps in mind:

Map NumberNameFeaturesStatus
Chapter One - Blackrock Clan"Blackrock and Roll"Presents the Blackrock Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Grunt and Smith Hero are playable.
Gather Blackrock Ore and defeat resident Ogres.
Chapter Two - Frostwolf Clan"Distress Calls"Presents the Frostwolf Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Grunt, Shaman and Warchief Hero are playable.
Retrieve Frostwolf wolves and call enraged elementals.
Chapter Three - Warsong Clan"Bite and Run"Presents the Warsong Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Grunt, Outrider and Commander Hero are playable.
Defeat 2 strategic points while avoiding main Ogre forces.
Chapter Four - Dragonmaw Clan"Like a Bird in the Air"Presents the Dragonmaw Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Spearthrower and Rylak Rider are playable.
Hunt Elekks and strike an invasive Ogre Garrison.
Chapter Five - Thunderlord Clan"Over the Shoulders of Giants"Presents the Thunderlord Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Grunt, Spearthrower, Outrider and Berserker Hero are playable.
Defeat the Groon.
Chapter Six - Burning Blade Clan"Remember Hallvalor"Presents the Burning Blade Clan of Draenor.
Peon, Grunt, Spearthrower and Blademaster Brothers Heroes are playable.
Resist the invading Ogres for a time.
Cinematic 01"Elementary, my Dear Orcs"The Kosh'harg Festival of the Union.
Chapter Seven - Mag'har Orcs"Liberation of the Elements"Retrieve the Throne of the Elements from the Ogres.
Chapter Eight - Mag'har Orcs"Total War: Draenor"
Just concept
Chapter Nine - Mag'har Orcs"The Siege of Goria"Defeat the defenses of Goria.
Cinematic 02"Laying Down the Foundations"The destruction of Goria by the Elements.
Chapter Ten - Mag'har Orcs"Ancestors be Praised"The discovery of the Oshu'gun's Ancestors.
Chapter Eleven - Blackrock Clan 02"Blackhand"
Chapter Twelve - Frostwolf Clan 02"Durotan"
Chapter Thirteen - Warsong Clan 02"Grommash Hellscream"
Chapter Fourteen - "Kilrogg Deadeye"
Chapter Fifteen - "Kargath Bladefist"
Chapter Sixteen - Shadowmoon Clan"Ner'zhul"
Cinematic 03"Harbinger"Gul'dan and the introduction to the Fell.

Basic info
As the first map (maybe after a short cinematic, contextualizing some loose information), Chapter One only enables the player to build Peons and Grunts and revive the first hero, Blackrock Smith. Besides these units, the player can build Mag'har Farms and Mag'har Barracks.
The grunts appear with their Blackrock armor model (Inspired by Orgrim Doomhammer's armor that Thrall's wears).

I'm interested in making this smith hero as Gelnar himself (the creator of the Doomhammer). Altough there is no evidence to when he was alive exactly, with only a reference of the creation of the hammer to fight the Gorian Empire, it seems fitting to place him here.
The Gelnar model for now is Grom H. with a hammer and Blackrock armor.

As for the objective of this map, it is simply to collect Blackrock Ore. Some was gathered by Ogres invading the region, others lie within caves. A caravan of ogre warriors stalk the caves' entrances and their bases. Use scouts to decide when to attack or fight them head-on, but be sure that they will replenish their forces.

Basic info
Presenting the Frostwolf clan, Chapter Two enables the player to build Peons, Grunts and Shamans and revive the second hero, Frostwolf Shaman. Besides these units, the player can build Mag'har Farms, Mag'har Barracks and Circle of the Elements.
The grunts appear with their Frostwolf armor model, as well as the shamans. If possible, I would love to integrate Cavman's Shaman Female models here. But the lack of female orc sounds would make it easily impossible, for the moment.

The Frostwolf Shaman isn't no one in particular. But the idea of using the Far Seer model (mag'har skin) with the wolf would immediatly present the relation between this clan and white wolves. At the moment, its abilities follow the same as the Far Seer. Still working on possible abilities that the Frostwolf Shamans could have, besides the ones from Shadowmoon's Elder Shaman.

The objective is to deviate a bit from the threat of the ogres and teach a bit more of the connection with the elements and frostwolves. As a Frostwolf Shaman, the hero has a responsability for both.

Basic info
Chapter Three enables the player to build Peons, Grunts and Outriders and revive the third hero, Warsong Commander. Besides these units, the player can build Mag'har Farms, Mag'har Barracks and Warsong Lodge.
The grunts appear with their Warsong model, as well as the outriders.

The Warsong Commander isn't no one in particular. The Grom mounted in a black wolf model seems to fit perfectly, specially for this chapter's objective. At the moment, its abilities are already established in the Liberation of the Elements chapter. Mostly passive abilities, besides the 4th ability which is an AOE (area of effect) debuff against enemies.

This chapter's objectve requires the destruction of 2 Ogre strategic points. Since the Ogres forces are much more powerfull and in constant movement, you must make use of the Outriders speed and maybe sacrifice some grunts in order to bypass the defenses and strike at the key positions. This one seems thematic enough to be epic, as it will spark the Ogres to get revenge in the nearest city: Hallvalor, home of the Burning Blade Clan.

Basic info







I'm having some trouble with the second map.
So far the hero and introduction quest are good and all, but the following primary quest wasn't working with how I ended up creating the map. The idea is that Dranosh, a Frostwolf Elementalist, is helping to retrieve some Frost Wolves when suddenly the earth trembles and some Elementals crash the place. What seemed like an easy quest then turns to worst when a Gronn tries to lead the elementals, which will require a fast escape from the local valley.

I was happy with how the idea was implemented, but the map gave too many constraints for it to be enjoyable. I'm currently altering all the map environment and, since the previous one was pretty much done, it will take a while until this map gets fit-to-play.

Best regards!

Although I haven't received any feedback regarding the Chapter One (Blackrock Clan), development of the second Chapter Two is going well.

Chapter Two (Frostwolf Clan) will present the shamans and the connection of this clan with the frost wolves of Frostfire Ridge. At the moment, the map expect you to avoid enraged elementals and volcanos, while capturing and saving wolves from an icy valley.

The Hero Frostwolf Shaman is no one in particular, but it will have an interesting gimmick and a quest to get such ability.

With the first Chapter already at 16 downloads, and the "Liberation of the Elements" at 267 downloads, I would like to remember that, if you can spare some time after playing each or one of these maps, your constructive feedback would be much welcomed.
I would love to make certain changes or alterations as soon as possible as the development of each map continues.

Best regards!

Every aspect of the map seems to be working as intended.

I will be looking forward for feedback regarding this map in order to implement required changes.
I'm really happy how Gelnar ended up. His abilities work nicely and seem intuitive and interesting.
As for the story, it is a simple one as to present the clan and the initial Mag'har Techtree, so I added a few things to spice up the exploration.

Plenty of resources were used so you can find the reference to their creators in the credits tab.

Currently focused on the first chapter. It is supposed to be a simple and short map, and yet I like how it ended up.
I'm testing it as development continues, but the Hero's abilities have yet to be developed.

Terrain seems to satisfy previous feedback, as well as the main quest appeal.
I'm really happy how the models stand out, showing off the immense talent from Hive' community modelers.
I took some time to edit some textures from the main game (to be identified as mag'har orcs), so I could use more models that require Thrall, Blademaster, Warlock or Kodo Rider's textures.
The Orc Banners from Azazzello [XGM] also give the map an immersive and interesting look.

By continuing to follow feedback (thanks again Resyak and Alexen):

A no-units-available defeat/win condition was implemented;
Warsong's Commander "Pack Tactics" ability won't turn green anymore when unavailable to choose;
Unit selection isn't visible during cinematics;
Chapter 7 has a requirement before the main quest can be fulfilled;
Chapter 7 has also suffered changes on the map, to be updated on its page once fully tested;
Quests are now more visually appealing and with descriptions;
UI was altered the best way possible (at the moment) to match the race;
New icons were implemented to better understand who's what;
Ogre bosses were enhanced;

Following feedback (thanks Resyak and Alexen):

A no-units-available defeat/win condition was implemented;
Warsong's Commander "Pack Tactics" ability won't turn green anymore when unavailable to choose;
Unit selection isn't visible during cinematics;
Chapter 7 has a requirment before the main quest can be fullfilled;
Chapter 7 has also suffered changes on the map, to be updated on its page once fully tested;

Elder Shaman abilities were altered in order to give a more interesting choice of abilities:

Earth Slide (which was basically Earthquake) is now Elemental Empower (Giving ally units Bonus Damage for a short time);
Tornado is now Undermine (Deals damage over time to a Building).

Waiting for feedback regarding this map in order to implement required changes. Creation of upcoming maps will be based on this one.

This map post uses the template made by Rufus.

Campaign is being created (put together) by RichardBlackEye. Based on Warcraft Chronicles: Volume 2, World of Warcraft and its expansions.

Warcraft 3 (W3) and W3: Frozen Throne assets and W3 map editor belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Custom Models, Icons and Skins are from Hive Workshop users (that aren't presented below in no order in particular):

Currently writing this one. It will have references to the content from several models, skins and icons creators being used throughout the campaign.


Orc Barracks (WC1) and Great Hall (WC1) models and icons;


Ogre Legion (Re-Classic), Grunt (Re-Classic), Warchief Thrall Dismounted models;


Ogre Gladiator model;

Loading screen base mdx model and tutorial;

Ujimasa Hojo​

Tower model;

Azazzello [XGM]

Orcs Banners models;

Armored Peon icon;

Blackrock Grunt icon;


Ogre Arena model;


Brown and Blue Elekk models;


The Mag'har Orcs icons and skins;

Rise of the Horde project
Treant Mage model;

Lightning Rune model;

Doomhammer icon;

Ogron model;

Dungeoneer's Pack models;

Ogres icons;

Hi, I'm RichardBlackEye!

I've been playing Warcraft 3 for years, creating maps and campaigns usually for my own entertainment.

With the Warcraft 3: Reforged launch and the discovery of some fan creations like Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War project, I've come upon the Hive Workshop.

After looking at such an amazing amount of fan-created content, the idea to improve my maps with new models and icons suddenly came up.

Feel free to reply to this thread with ideas you would like to be used in this campaign, as well as constructive feedback and commentaries.

I have no idea if any Hive Workshop user is currently working or already created a similar campaign or maps. I hope these won't interfere in any way with the works of others, since that isn't my intention.

If any creator (with the corresponding username) of any asset being used in any of my maps wants me to remove their creation/s, by any reason, please contact me so I can do it promptly.

Best regards!

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Level 5
Sep 25, 2021
Chapter One - Blackrock Clan is now available, with every aspect of the map working as intended.

As the first map of the Campaign, following some feedback given to "Liberation of the Elements" map, it features:
The Blackrock Clan orcs in the caves of Gorgrond.
Play as Gelnar Doomhammer (Blackrock Smith) while retrieving Blackrock Ore from the hands of Ogres from the Gorian Empire.



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