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Mini-Texturing Contest - Skeleton Units

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You are to create a skin for the vanilla/in-game skeleton models. The skin must bring an uplift to the overall aspect of that unit's skin given various personal preferences of each contestant. You can create e.g. a Gentleman Skeleton skin, a moss covered Skeleton Orc or one that's really broken in appearance. Generally, your skin must bring higher quality and creativity over the existing one used by the skeleton unit you chose to texture.


All skins must abide the Site Rules and the Skin Submission Rules.
No previous works are allowed. All textures shown here should be made specifically for the theme of the mini-contest.
Your submission must be posted before the deadline.
The post containing your final submission must also contain an in-game screenshot showing your submission in action and the file in appropriate format.


Will be handled by me. If anyone feels like they want to lend help, then that will be appreciated given that you're from these fields of expertise.


20 rep for the winner and 5 for participants that managed to finish their texture.


This mini-contest begins on 22nd of August, 2016 GMT and end on 4th of September, 2016 GMT
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Jul 29, 2008
Heinvers, it might be wise to be a bit more specific; it might seem obvious to you, but the fact that there's a fair amount of discussion leads me to believe it isn't for others (stuff like the Lich; yeah he's bones but mostly robes & head-dress & ghostly chains, right?)

Speaking of specificity...
Heinvers said:
an uplift to the overall aspect of

What is this supposed to mean, exactly? It's written very vaguely/strangely.


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Feb 19, 2011
Seems that you kind of missed the post I have here. That's exactly what you would need to understand how the wrap works and how you can texture around problems. I can understand if you're afraid to try but think again.
I checked that post and even downloaded those but I still don't understand how the shapes form (for example Skeletal Mage, the skin behind his head has extremely odd functioning - draw a straight line - gonna be weird not so straight line).

Also, the white lines in those wrap textures are quite blurry.
Are you going for a drowned sea type of wyrm?

A word worth putting out: since this type is a min-contest instead of a full blown contest, it will be hosted more often and will take less time. What that means is that we'll not have theme polls and regular polls in order to speed up the process. That also inquires that the texturing will have to be faster for the span of the mini-contest(14 days).

I'll try concentrating more on mini-contests than regular contests since these take less effort and there seems to be an interval within which people have bursts of activity before going down.

Have fun~
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Nov 1, 2010
I'm also recording the entire process, there's currently 40 minutes of footage on super speed up. So if anyone is interested let me know and I'll make sure to upload that.

And thanks Heinvers! Pretty satisfied with the face area at this point.
What baffles me the most about the UV, is that Blizz has optimized the flying F**K out of it, and then left a good 30 % of the UV space, empty.


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Deleted member 238226

I'm also recording the entire process, there's currently 40 minutes of footage on super speed up. So if anyone is interested let me know and I'll make sure to upload that.

i'd like to see it if i may :)
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