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Mini-Texturing Contest - Skeleton Units

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Level 19
May 14, 2014
another wip
should i leave the tc or dont leave it


  • dragon wip.png
    dragon wip.png
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Since this is a mini-contest, your final entries can be posted here without the need to upload them at the resource sections.

Sure Ralle agrees? Afterall, "The -resource/spice- must flow".

Anyway, would have voted against frost wyrm / lich, since their complexity, compared to the other skeletal models, gives an advantage to people who have more spare time. An advantage which is only furthered by the fact that participants has less time to complete the skin. Just a note for future mini contests.


Shading 4/10
There are some minor traces of shading that hint at something fitting for the in-game environment.
However, what seems to be a confined shading trace over the wyrm's body has little impact when viewed in action.
It is quite insufficient and in turn makes the whole skin somewhat milky and blurred. It needs better sets of shading and complimentary highlights to make it work finely in the game.
Good improvements though. I like the fact that you're not giving up easily this time.

Concept 5/10
It is quite the concept you've got going. I just think that it could've used better wrapping all over the model.
Studying the un-wrap of the model would help your effort further and avoid the little messy look you're experiencing right now.
Not bad though. I like it.

Details 2/10
Your details suffer from a bland and undefined look. The head, the feature that should be most recognizable is quite lost in this sea of blurriness that's going on.
The horns are quite messed up as well. I think that if you would've used harder brushes with a higher opacity for those could've helped to better discern them.
The scales on his back, however are acceptable and I kind of like them.



Shading 8/10
You have something interesting going on these parts. The shading is on point, albeit slightly milky and somewhat washed. The highlights are excellent with well defined complimentary shadows.
Well done.

Concept 9/10
The texture wraps around the model finely and gives out a clean and recognizable look.
I love the whole approach you've given this Skeletron, mate. The spikes, shield and whole torso are ingenious.

Details 9/10
Aside from the aforementioned milky look it has, the texture has well shaped details that are nicely seen in-game. I love them a lot.


The winner receives 20 reputation points while the participants that submitted their finished entries 5 reputation points.
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