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Mini-Texturing Contest - Christmas

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Cool wip's guys. Cool approach at toy horses JS : D
'love it!

Same for the rest of you guys. @Mr.Goblin try to include the deer as well if you think that you can make it. It is a mini-texturing contest, so I am less strict about it.
@~Nightmare how about you? Something in the works? I am sure that you'd be able to cook something in the meantime ;]
Giftapult Final.jpg



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if I have time tomorow I'll do the deer, but I can't promise on much :S


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Pretty cool Gob :]

Contest is over from this point on. Thank you for participating guys and sorry for those that couldn't finish in time. Soon we will have a texturing contest in the Arena in the following months. Please, check the suggestions thread once again :]

Now, Traggey and I will begin the judging process, so I will ask you to have a bit of patience. Thank you once again.
Ho ho ho and have a belated Christmas present :]


KRAMPUS by Mr.Goblin


Cloth face and hair is all well shaded and clearly defines the materials they are supposed to represent, however the texture lack general environment shadows, such as ambient occlusion and cast shadows, it makes the texture appear a little flat in places.
The UVs are well utilized and apart from the hair no clear seams are visible.
The texture is generaly rather dark aswell, making it read poorly in-engine.
Overall very well done!


The concept of "satan" santa is an oldie but a goodie, well executed on the mesh and all pieces of the model have been transformed into something that doesn't feel out of place.


The details on this one whilst well painted simply do not read well, especially not from the in-game camera distance, the chains, face, hair and furr is all very well painted but simply does not show up, I feel like this texture would be much more suitable in a first or third person title where the camera gets a little more up close and personal.

The leaves on his shoulders contain enough detail to clearly still be visible at a longer camera distance which is great! But contrasts with the rest of the texture.

Judging this one is hard, because as previously mentioned it is all very well painted, it simply does not fit Warcraft 3 very well.




This texture is very much lacking in the shading department, it contains no real cast or ambient occlusion shadows nor any directional light, this makes the texture look very flat in-game and appears confusing.

I feel the materials need more definition, if I had not known the name of the texture I don't think I would have connected it to a gingerbread man, the glacing helps there a fair bit and does make it more indetifiable! But the cookie part itself needs some additional work.


The idea for this was very fun and creative! I don't believe you could have picked a better unit to create this texture for. Certain parts are a little confusing however, the beard and arms for example, I can not really tell what they're supposed to be. A gingerbread is rarely that cracked and I don't understand the motife on the beard area.


I believe there is much too many cracks to represent a gingerbreak, the cracks and highlights in the texture remind me more of canyon rock than baked goodness, the glacing is well done and placed in proper areas, I like that part alot!

Whilst what is there is generally well made, it is rather confusing and unclear what it is supposed to be.


Giftapult by Just_Spectating


The shading on this one does what it needs to do in a very simple, almost childrens book styled manner which suits the concept a great deal.

I wouldn't say the shading style fits into Warcraft 3 very well due to it being too simple, but it clearly accomplishes what it was meant to do.


This piece simply oozes creativity and holiday spirits and I can not help but giggle like a schoolgirl whenever I look at those horse heads, they're simply too adorable.

Old timey music machinery, gingerbread, presents and candy canes! Everything you'd imagine the theme involving.

Not only do the colours work wonderfully together, so do the ideas you've put behind everything, if there was one thing I could complain about it would be the christmas lights, they're a little too small and do not read well in game, looks more like barbed wire.



The details painted into this texture accomplish what they were meant for, they help sell the materials well and are placed properly.

However I feel much of them fade at a distance and can not really be seen unless you really zoom in on the model, I would have loved for them to be a little more pronounced in order to stand out in game but due to the very cartoony style of the texture to begin with, this still works.

Again here, I wouldn't say this is very fit for warcraft 3, but what was done is gorgeous.



Shading 5/10
The whole models seems well milked when seen in-game. This is due to two factors: lack of transitory shadows, highlights not being strong enough and a lack of definitory shape for each are.
Not bad but still not quite there to make it work in game better.

Concept 6/10
I very much adore the idea. I can see the gingerbread concept inspired from Hansel and Gretel's adventure. Very delicious but still quite unclear when it comes to color tones.
Each body part needs some anchoring elements to it. I think that some fir leaves to the joints could've helped your concept further.

Details 5/10
The icing is the definitory character when it comes to details. Literally. It just leaves some lacking visuals due to unfinished details on it and also the whole ginger bread piece left halfway through.
Details look somewhat washed in-game. Shame really. Either way, you're improving, so keep at it.



Shading 7/10
Your texture lacks what one would call the warcraft feel factor. It is too bright in-game due to a milky overlook and a lack of stronger darker tones and shadows.
Still cool though.

Concept 7/10
Now, this is something I haven't seen in awhile done for the Meatwagon, at least not finished.
Horses instead of reindeers, just great but a bit off.

Details 7/10
Well made details. The objects are clearly seen when zoomed in and in cinematic angles but they loose some visual clearness when seen from normal camera distance.
Greatly done variations for the wheels, horses and gifts. Lovely.



Shading 5/10
Yours was just about right in the shading department as a whole but it did lack visible highlights.
Grim but not necessarily fitting with in-game textures. The texture is really dark. I due think that even by simply playing with the Levels options to make the highlights pop out more would've helped.

Concept 8/10
Greatly chosen thematic. The idea of Krampus portrayed onto Malfurion is well thought out and done.
I just think that the staff should've been better integrated onto the whole concept. I find it lacking.

Details 6/10
Your details are finely made with a good precision but what may look good and well executed close, it won't look recognizable from the distance.
From normal in-game camera view, your texture looses some detail visibility. Aside from these, well made.


Just_Spectating 42 points

Mr.Goblin 40 points

aeman 32 points

The winner receives 25 reputation points while the participants that submitted their finished entries 10 reputation points.
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