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Mini-Texturing Contest - Christmas

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Contestants are to create a skin depicting a Christmas inspired themed creature/costume/construction of any sorts. As long as the skin is winter ad Christmas related it is allowed. It can even contain hints of horror as Krampus or movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas. In-game models and custom ones are allowed.


All skins mus abide the Site Rules and the Skin Submission Rules
No previous work is allowed. All textures shown here should be made specifically regarding the theme of the mini-contest.
Your submission must be posted before the deadline.
The post containing your final submission must also contain an in-game screenshot showing your submission in action and the file in appropriate format.


Will be handled by me and Traggey.


25 rep for the winner and 10 for participants that managed to finish their texture.


This mini-contest begins on 24th of December, 2016 GMT and end on 7th of January, 2017 GMT
Good luck and an early merry christmas/hannukah/whatever you celebrate to everyone!
Here's an early WiP and it looks like wrapping has decided to screw me over again. Atleast it's not as bad as those izual wings :D
I was wondering if I should have instead gone for a christmas-themed Doodads0.blp, turning all the crates into presents or something. If anyone likes the idea, go ahead :p


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I'm in! and I'll probably post something today since we only celebrate on the 25th and everybody is going apeshit with preparation anyway. :D

Loving the snow themed idea for buildings @Blood Raven ! Might give it a try myself. :)

I won't win much on creativity :S going for KRAMPUS!

edit change of plan... but still krampus! - I'll go with the malfurion one


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Deleted member 238226


Deleted member 238226

i have finished mine.
making the bear now :


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@Just_Spectating odd choice of models. Looking forward for the result :]

@Mr.Goblin really goofy for me, the smile just reeks of weird looking spikes. Maybe it is the wrap at fault here. Though I love how the Krampus comes along.

@Wisdom, a little more shading and contrast would be good. Otherwise, good start.

@aeman almost has that hint of Christmas decorations. Go for it :]
@Mr.Goblin that stag has both the creepiest and goofiest grin i've seen this year xD

@Mr.Goblin really goofy for me, the smile just reeks of weird looking spikes. Maybe it is the wrap at fault here. Though I love how the Krampus comes along.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, the warp isn't really friendly with this one, I'm still tweaking it and trying to make it work.... hehe but thanks for your comments! :D

Deleted member 238226


Deleted member 238226

i withdraw. i'm not feeling for it.
Well, there's a start to everything. So, no worries. You just need to work more on it :]

How about the rest of you guys? @Just_Spectating @Sclammerz @Apheraz Lucent @Mr.Goblin (it's extended until the 7th of January ;-) )

Sweet! erm, it shall be done before the week-end hits us. I doubt I'll manage to finish Malfurion and his dear though, so I'll probably only sudmit good old Mal. will see!
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
Absolutely no clue will I get to finish it by deadline, but I plan on finishing it anyways.
So, first WIP on face and candy cane staff :)

I need to find a more effective way for fuzzy white thingy on the cape.
Also, curly hair can't work at all on any of female skins, which is super frustrating.


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