Medieval Villagers 1.08d + Open Source version

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By Sulfar

Development status -on indefinite hiatus //// Open sourced


Important message
Version 1.08d is the last official version supported by me, therefore, it is the last safe version to play in battlenet.

To edit the open source version WEX editor is required

Since I am releasing my development version open for the community there might be some people who inject cheats inside their own versions, so beware of fan-made versions.

If you are interested in picking up the project send me a message and i will include a link to your map

Community versions of the map:

Lead by GabeValentine: [Life of a Peasant] - Medieval Villagers Open Source Project
Lead by shooterman56 Medieval Villagers 1.09 by Shooterman56

I am no longer able to maintain this project. It was fun to do but i've moved past w3 modding, between studying and developing apps I don't have time to commit to w3.
Sorry for taking so long to release the open sourced version, I couldn't finish cleaning it up and documenting everything but I hope it can be of use for someone. In case you have some questions about the source, need help to understand it send me a private message or post in this thread.

If you're about to check the source of the map, read the comments at the top of the trigger section, basic stuff is covered there. For information about certain triggers there is a comment at the top explaining in most of them.

As much as this is the end of w3 modding for me I hope this can be the start for some of you, good luck and happy modding!

You live in a dangerous medieval province and you decide to leave everything behind to embark on a epic journey full of friends, enemies and opportunities. The history is in your hands, what path will you choose? Will you be a deadly thief, a noble, the next king or a mighty hero?













1- Profession system:

This map feature the following professions in a very immersive yet user friendly level:

- Trading

- Breeding

- Farming

- Fishing

- Hunting

- Mining

2- Village construction and management:

There are a bunch of buildings you can get in your village and these are some types:

- Military: Such as a castle,training grounds, forge, training dummies, etc...

- Economic: Such as a warehouse, a housing system, a tavern, etc...

- Cosmetic: Some doodads like a bench, a table, flowers and more

- Profession Buildings: Like a wind mill, a barn or a hunting post.

- Defensive: Walls and gates

All buildings can be rotated in order to create a good looking village.

3- War system:

I wanted to encourage the players to have interesting fights and skirmishes but at the same time dissuade them to get on full scale wars, in order to achieve this I've developed this features:

- Training system: The units can train when in combat, there are 2 types of training, dummy training and real training, training with dummies is safer but slower and training units in real combat is faster, but obviously, way more risky.

- Wage system: Units have a salary according to their quality, meaning weak units will have low wage and strong units will have high wage.

4- Dynamic gameplay:

Face unique challenges every game, every game should feel different thanks to:
- The path system: You can choose between landlord, thief or Adventurer.
- The event system*: You can face the ancient werewolf, defeat the king and take over the province, become a undead necromancer and threaten the world, fight against the orc legions, etc...

Note: Werewolf, Dominion and Undead Legion events are released, the others will be released in future versions)


Want to see your Media here? Feel free to post it on this thread and I will add it






- More variety of armors and weapons
- Basic lore(city and town names, small background history, etc...)
- More diplomacy options
- Extended features for Bandit and adventurer paths
- Visual improvements
- More events

Want to see a feature implemented or think something should be changed?
Share your feedback in this thread, I read all your suggestions and your feedback really helps


- Werewolf event added

- Fixed several bugs
- Death system revamp
- Added some npc's in adventurer's guild

- General bug fix
- Added some doodads
- Improved trading profit
- Fixed some tooltips
- Added item decay and now item models are properly eliminated when items die.

- Bugfix: Hunting sword, civilian's bug and more.
- Ships now can cross the bridge to get into the sea.
- Currency system added
- Buffed thief steal ability
- Added some npc's at adventurers and thief guilds
- Reduced the maximum number of workers available.
- Dominion event released.( Enables war against the empire)
- Added several doodads and changed some terrain.
- Small balance changes.

- Several tooltip changes
- Added bronze and iron armor/weapon crafts in the blacksmith
- Adjusted weapon prices in function of their materials.
- Added traveler npc's that wander the world, bandits can kill them for loot.
- Imported some models for current and future weapons/armors

- Improved interaction system, now it is dynamic(It takes in count several variables like weather, profession, etc..) and it looks better
- Fixed respawn bug and some other small bugs
- Added path system with 2 out of 3 paths functional(Landlord and Thief/Bandit) now you will have to choose your path through a simple quest. Also there are path restrictions(Ex: Thieves can't build a proper village, Landlords can't be thieves, etc..)
- Added the option to Invest through banks and to buy properties in the city, this will provide a periodic income.
- Improved start picking dialog, now you can choose the starting location and the gender.
- Several other small adjustments

- Death System revamp, now you need to have a heir in order to keep playing(Dynasty system).
- Fixed some small bugs
- Added Arena events, now you can watch, bet or participate in arena fights.
- Fixed some performance issues
- Several income balance changes(city income, trading and farming)
- Small visual improvements

- Added Hero Path
- General bugfix
- Added Undead Legion event
- Added a spider themed dungeon
- Added stat progression system(you gain str when you damage enemies)


- Fixed Neutral bandit wierd spawning points
- Fixed a bug where backpack was revealing villager position to other players
- Fixed Craft armor/abilities bug
- Fixed Town house population increase bug
- Fixed a bug where backpack was not allowing the player to build certain buildings.
- Fixed a bug that prevented spiders from respawning more than one time
- Fixed traveler AI bug
- Fixed Arena demon movement bug
- Fixed player 11 reaction to player units
- Fixed the location of some Sentry Towers.
- Fixed a bug that made werewolf minions hostile towards the werewolf player at the end of the night
- Fixed a bug where king wouldn't respawn on its proper location if player controled king died to NPC's
- Fixed a bug where a hero could buy thief spells.​

- Arena battle zone waypoint renamed for clarity
- Pack horses can now carry tools and buldings can store them
- Reduced expensive crop income.
- Increased pelt price and decreased meat price
- Increased Werewolf base Str based on hero str
- Wild beasts no longer spawn meat when there are no nearby players​
New features:

- Industry profit increase with item sales.

Gameplay changes:

- Can cook eggs into omelettes and milk into cheese.
- Tannery can craft Fur armor and thick fur armor with 5 and 9 skins respectively.
- Attacking king now gives 10x the regular bounty
- Increased cooked fish price slightly above raw ones.
- Heralds are now invulnerable.
- Added a new system for landlord military units: Morale: when units are low health(depending on their rank) they might leave your ranks and become neutral.
- Added a new landlord military unit: War drummer.(Prevents nearby units from routing during combat)
- Villager str progression is no longer constant, its degressive now. With low values of str the villager will increase his str faster than before.
Visual changes:

- Rock overhaul
- Added sound effects and environmental music.
- Added more flora
- New cosmetic non attackable trees.
- Added a filter to make day/night cycle more realistic/immersive.
Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug where attacking the dummies inside adventurer's guild would give the attacking player bounty.
- Fixed a bug where the player that converted into lich would receive money from his investments after triggering lich event.
- Fixed a bug where neutral bandits could spawn in water zones.
- Fixed a bug where the player coudln't get inside his house.
- Fixed a longstanding bug related to the respawn of the monsters of a dungeon.
- Fixed some unit descriptions and other strings.
- Cleaned up scripts to optimize the map and reduce lag


- Trigger optimitzation
- Fixed a bug where non military units would be affected by morale system
- Fixed the damage given by ahsbringer, now its in line with its description
- Upon dying if there is no valid heir the backpack is properly removed
- Son/daughter can now enter and exit player's house​
Gameplay Changes:

- Removed Black market contact from bandit hideouts.
- Added 2 new weapons only available on thieves guild.​
Visual changes:

- Now the lighting changes dynamically during the day and night.
- Added some environmental doodads
- Thieves now have a utility belt attatched to their chest when they learn thief abilities.
- Added a bunch of new icons.


- Fixed a bug where only iron veins would "take damage"
- Fixed a bug where villager would gain str when doing nothing
- Fixed a bug where Heavy Axeman icon would be hidden by cancel button when training units in War academy.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some periodic lag spikes.
- Optimized triggers reducing the performance hit from leaks.​

Gameplay Changes:

- Mining now is more random.​

Visual changes:

- Added descriptions for tannery craftable armors.
- Improved Worker tooltip for more clarity.
- Improved Catapult and Trebuchet Attack animation.
- Added a bunch of doodads​

Bugs and others:

- Script optimitzation.
- House waypoints no longer talk
- Fixed a bug where ores weren't droping at their suposed rate.
- Fixed a bug where assassins were doing unintended extra damage on hit.
- Optimized lich event scripts[hopefully fixing related crashes(needs testing)]
Gameplay Changes:

- Changed various locations
- Added thief idle quests
- Increased Fallen champion fight dificulty.
- Reduced crop prices.
Visual changes:

- Changed villager skins
- Changed villager voices
- Added a voice sound when using interaction
- Removed fog weather.
- Nights are more bright now​


Wandering Soul
Stanakin Skywalker
The Panda
Xeldarith and Kain
RPG Villager
General Frank
Blood Raven
Uncle Fester
Astaroth Zion
Grey Knight
And Blizzard entertainment

Note: If i your name doesn't appear in the list and I used your resources contact me and I will add you in the list

Author note: If you like the map don't forget to rate it, you help it getting to more people, and if you have suggestions or feedback feel free to share it here!


Medieval, RTS, RPG, Survival, RP, City, Events, Immersive, Diplomacy, War, Fall, Bandits, Thief, Build, Autumn, Snow.

Medieval Villagers 1.08d (Map)

Medieval Villagers 1.08e Open source (Map)

Level 1
Apr 21, 2018
Hello. Pls help. I can not figure out how to become the owner of the village. I start in the northern village as a hunter, earning 15,000 gold. I'm buying a scroll in the Town Hall. But with the activation nothing happens. Or did I not understand something? I ask to forgive if so.
Level 5
Jul 15, 2018
Level 1
May 23, 2019
is there an easy way of changing the money you gain from selling wood on medieval villagers on map editor? want to turn down the price to atleast half of what its now so not everyone can skip right to license right away by camping the shops selling wood for quick gold
Level 1
Jul 7, 2017
1. Fight as a Woman in the Arena (for the Adventuring path) is bugged? I could join it only as a Male.
2. How to find Dungeons?