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Stars 1.21 OPEN SOURCE

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Note: the open sources requires the Jass New Gen Pack to be opened.

Dedicated Websites

You are welcome on the websites to see complete informations and/or talk about the map.
http://jk2pach.perso.sfr.fr/stars (website)
You will find there full credits, update log, open source map, descriptions, models,etc...
Half of Stars-Models were not accepted there because they do not meet the requirements of TheHiveWorkshop. Actually, it's true, but they must stay as they are for the needs of the map. You can find them in the open source map. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need one I forget to upload on the website / you do not find on THW.
http://jk2pach.1fr1.net/ (board for my projects)
You will be able to report bugs, bring suggestions, organize clans, speak about the bot, etc...
http://kniveslives.net S.O.A.R. clan
Stars is a hosted project by the clan SOAR at US West.
Host Bot

They are two official host bots at the moment.
The first is the bot the clan S.O.A.R. @Us West provides me free and generously.
It is called: kniveslives and host the map on all realms except Asia. Go on the chan Clan SOAR to get more informations, or on the SOAR board (refer to the previous table).
Game name format is: Stars-Space Combat!! #(number]
The second is a bot I rent from VJain of Clan SAD@Us East.
It is called stars-host and host the map on all realms except Asia. Like the previous bot, you simply have to add him as a friend on BattleNet and to /whois it to know what is the game name. To get admin on this bot, go on my own board.
Game name format is: Stars Space Strategy - #(number)
The map

This map is a real time melee/strategy game, based on a space/futuristic universe.
Colonize planets, build ships and buildings, create alliances and destroy your ennemies.
You may be able to save your experience, which gives you bonus and show your power to the other players.
Basically, what you will have to do:
-Choose a way of development between: Alien, Merchant, Military, Pirate, Terrorist
-Destroy your enemies considering your way of developement and your strategy (fast expansion, long farming and powerfull ships, harassing, feeding...)

I will not describe all there is in this game, but what is original in this altered melee game.
-Universe: I tried to create a realist space environement, using a lot of models and icons to lure the player into the specific ambience of Stars.
-50 custom models and more than 250 custom icons for 3MO only!
-Alliances: they are customizable. A player can have up to 2 allies. Alien and Terrorist can not ally anyone.
-Several gameplays: Each way of developement has its unic features and skills. For example, Alien can not colonize planets, only destroy them, but they will be able to upgrade their ship by merging ship group togethers. Pirates will be able to colonize one planet only, but will be able to build space bases. Terrorists will have only one hudge motherships and a few specific ships.
-Unic objects: each way has its specific ships and abilities.
-Complete resource system
-Customizable Motherships
-Pirate AI implemented to harass the players
-Random map (16 quadrants: 12 complete solar systems for the 12 players, 2 empty systems, 1 nebulas field, 1 dead ship corpses field, 16 asteroids fields). They are spawned randomly through the map.

Motherships: you do not have Hero, there. You have a Mothership. A Mothership is a powerfull spaceship which is upgradable between three class (shuttle/frigate/cruiser, like all other ships), customizable and with several hard points. Contrary to base units in Warcraft III, I created an engine to make those ships with customizable modules (radar,motors,turrets) which are targetable as different units. For example, a Mothership Cruiser can have up to 6 different modules added to its main body, like 2 laser turrets, 1 ion turret, 1 blackhole generator and one afterburner. If it is attacked, the attacker will be able to attack not only the main body, but the different turrets to. Of course, since this kind of system is a bit power-devorer for the Warcraft III engine, you can control one mothership per player.

Ressource: they are several ways to get resources, depending on the way you picked at the beginning of the game.
Mechants, Militaries, Pirates, Terrorists get an income each minute. Merchants, Militaries and Pirates can collect pulsars from Pulsar Mines and Iron from Asteroids with Cargo Shuttles. Pirates get resources when they attack their enemies. Terrorists get resources when they kill enemies. Alien get resources when they assimilate planets. Merchants, Militaries and Pirates can trade.

Trade: this is an other special system of Stars. Merchant, Militaries and Pirates can build structures called Freeports. They will be able to use a skill of Cargo Shuttles (or, for merchants, the same skill will work for Merchant Cruiser or Merchant Mothership) and to use this skill on an allied freeport (or, for Merchant, on an allied planet). This will create a "road" between the two freeports, and the cargo will automatically fly between those two freeports. One will sell product, the other will buy them. This grant resources depending on the level of technology, the distance etc.
Freeports can also create "Trade Road" like the gates in the Microsoft Game "Freelancer" to make the cargo move faster.

Merchants, Militaries, and Pirates can colonize neutral planets. A planet will be able to construct satellites (shipyards, docks, research centers, turrets etc...). They are 8 different kind of planet with different food capacities, specific bonus (auras, income etc...). Those same ways can invade the planets of the other players (so non neutral planets) by loading troops on invasion ships. The pirates are also able to board enemy ships with the same system. This mean each building/planet/ship of the map can be feeded with soldiers/droids/tanks/planes as defensive/offensive task force. Finally, the Terrorists can only destroy planets, and the Alien will be able to assimilate them. Assimilate means destroy the planet and convert it in resources and light ships.


They are 3 main class of ships: Shuttle, Frigates and Cruisers. For each of these classes, you will be able to build, depending your way of developement: light ship, assaut ship, heavy ship, support ship, invasion ship. For some ways, you will also find pirate ships, merchant ships, scout ships etc...
Save System

A save system has been implemented. Depending on what way you play, you will be able to earn some Xp points. Those points give you a rank. Each rank provides you global bonus for your units, and allow you to show the other players how good you are.

This map is protected by W3 Map Optimizer
If you do have any question about this map, simply send me a message!
The reason it is protected is only because of the optimization which grants a lighter map and, overall, a faster loading time. As a consequence, this prevent a part of the cheater to generate codes.
I will of course provide any code you want to know. Open source systems are already displayed on the board.

Credits Page on the website
Entire map

This map is made by jk2pach.
Name ingame: jk2pach.

Special thanks

WorldEdit : probably the best French forum since years about the Warcraft 3 Editor.
Special thanks to Troll-Brain for his advices and suggestions on VJass


Models which are not from me:
Onslaught by Callahan
The Onslaught was the base model for 90% of the ships.
This is the base model used for ships or building explosions. It is modified for the map (no smoke).
Before 1.19beta2
Custom sky by Red Shift.
Before 1.17beta4
Zap Blue/Red by Thrikodius
They are used for the Ionic and Laser Main weapon (laser looking like a long range ray)
Before 1.16beta4
Star Trek Dry Dock by Jacopo Martinis
This model is used for all Shipyards, even if I have modified it (textures and geosets, to reduce size of the model)

All other models are from me


Since 1.12
All icons by jk2pach
Before 1.12
All customs icons are not from me. Ships and building are mines, weapon attack type are mine.
Others are not mine, most are Crazy Russians Icones, others those of Huinipachutli, Anachron and Redeemer59.
Downloaded from http://www.hiveworkshop.com/

General Libraries

VJass Libraries used for the map which are not from me:
-TimerUtils by Vexorian
-Table by Vexorian
-Independant Summon by Vexorian, Autoindex version by MoCo
-PowedUpSentinel by Vexorian
-Bound Sentinel by Vexorian
-GroupUtils by Rising_Dusk
-TerrainPathability by Rising_Dusk
-SoundUtils by Rising_Dusk
-AutoIndex by grim001
-UnitListModule by grim001
-Stack by Anitarf


JassNewGenPack from Vexorian
Because the VJass from Vexorian is incredibly powerfull and the JNPG allows a lot of things, the map is edited with this editor

W3 Map Optimizer from Vexorian
It grantly reduces the size of the map and the map loading.
W3 Model Editor
To watch models, work on nodes and textures...
Mdlx Converter
The most simple tool to convert models ( *.MDX <=> *.MDL )
Oinkerwinkle Tools
A complete pack of tools. I use at 95% the Vertex Modifier to edit models of the first version of Stars. All of my ships were

made with this tool.
Mdlvis-(Bug) English version
The most simple and powerfull tool about models: create models, apply textures,optimize them and, more than all, animate

them. Used for ALL my models.
Button Manager
The easiest tool I have tested to transform pictures into W3 Icons.
W3 Viewer
I use it to convert skin files (*.BLP <=> *.TGA, *.BMP, *.JPEG)
Microsoft Paint
Really! I use it to create all icons of the map. Simple and efficient.
The GIMP 2.0
The free competitor of Adobe Photoshop. I use it for textures more complicated than icons.
Reduce the loading time.

Update Log on the website

Systems and Gameplay

Balance and Abilities
-Ability: Hyperspace shortcut modified (set To Z now, it was H)

Map Design
-Texture: All textures converted again from *.blp to *.tga and *.tga to *.blp with W3 Viewer. It seems it is the only way to prevent Mac users to crash (a corrupted texture which does not affect Windows users .
-Text: removed the space between each information category in ability tooltips

Systems and Gameplay
-New System: AI System
-Script optimization: Mothership system
-Bug fixed: Vote system: Pirate AI should be enabled when there are enough votes

Balance and Abilities
Map Design

Systems and Gameplay

Balance and Abilities
-Bug fixed: Invasion should work now (The SpellEndCast response was not checking if the duration of the cooldown was reached)
-Bug fixed: Hyperspace should work now (The portals were not removed due to a double free on the structure)

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-Script Optimization: Symbiosis System

Balance and Abilities
-Ability: Symbiosis and Final Symbiosis no more affect Omega cruiser (that granted a cooldown reset for spells)
-Bug fixed: Assimilate should work now (The SpellEndCast response was not checking if the duration of the cooldown was reached)
-Bug fixed: Colonization should work now (The SpellEndCast response was not checking if the duration of the cooldown was reached)
-Bug fixed: Star Energy should work now (the variable of the Omega Cruiser was not the good one)

Map Design
-Flying height of the Stars decreased

Systems and Gameplay
-Script optimization: Autoindex Library of [email protected] updated
-Script optimization: Changed the use of Autoindex since this grants more functions (AutoCreate and AutoDestroy)
-Script optimization: Terrorist Mothership Orbit system
-Script optimization: Mothership system
-Script optimization: Alliance system (now using textmacros thanks to Troll-Brain@Northrend)
-Script optimization: Help system (now using textmacros thanks to Troll-Brain@Northrend)
-Script optimization: Recycle system (now using textmacros thanks to Troll-Brain@Northrend)
-Script optimization: Player Leave Detection system

Balance and Abilities
-Ability: Separate ability from Aliens removed to prevent use of reset cooldowns

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-New system: now using AbilityEvent by Troll-Brain@Northrend instead of SpellEvent by Anitarf to avoid Table use
-New system: now using AutoIndex and UnitListModule by [email protected]
-System changed: Pirate AI does not use GroupEnum to check the power of a player anymore
-System changed: save/load system updated
-System changed: Hyperspace/Nanite Injection (do not use timers now: less power needed; movement is an instant move) Thanks to Troll-Brain@Northrend
-System changed: Trade. Thanks to Troll-Brain@Northrend
-System changed: Missiles (do not use ultrafast GroupEnum function but the goblin mine ability to check the nearby units) Thanks to profet@Northrend
-Script optimization: Independant summon system
-Script optimization: Mooring
-Bug fixed: removed the use of the UnitDamagePoint function which is supposed to make Mac user crash.
-Bug fixed: planets and pirate bases terrain path removed
-Bug fixed: save/load system
-Bug fixed: Extend Pirate AI can be activated

Balance and Abilities
-Unit: all Motherships modules health points raised by 100%
-Ability: Cocoon does not spawns Alpha Light Shuttles if the Food amount is to heigh
-Ability: Mooring: the caster can not attack until it unleashs the target
-Ability: Plasma Storm can now target ground.
-Upgrade: Improved Normal Structure and Improved Reinforced Structure HP bonus per level raised from 50-75 to 150-200
-Upgrade: Improved Light Nanites and Improved Fusion Nanites HP regeneration per level raised from 0.25-0.50 to 0.50-1.00
-Bug fixed: Aura abilities provided by planets work at level 10
-Bug fixed: Biologic Artillery: turret position.
-Bug fixed: Set up a Nuke Bomb: the effect is not shown when the bomb is killed before the cooldown
-Bug fixed: Destructuration is no more available for Terrorists

Map Design
-Model: size of the particles of the Cruiser - Agressor reduced
-Misc: webiste is now available on: http://jk2pach.perso.sfr.fr/

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: collision of all unit reduced

Balance and Abilities
-Ability: Resource collect AOE raised from 900. to 2000 and range decreased from 116 to 60
-Upgrade: Organic Supremacy HP and dmg bonus increased
-Bug fixed: Assimilation buff
-Bug fixed: Colonization buff
-Bug fixed: Destruction Station buff
-Bug fixed: Destructuration buff
-Bug fixed: Invasion buff
-Bug fixed: Hyperspace buff
-Bug fixed: Particle Shield buff

Map Design
-Text: Spy Cruiser - Secret Agent renamed Scout Cruiser - Secret Agent

Systems and Gameplay
-Game: reduced the size of the map to 160x160 (but do not influence gameplay: all sizes, scales, ranges, sights, AOE etc. divided by 2
-System changed: Board (now symply display and sort the experience)
-System changed: experience income and display
-System changed: now the custom interface has been removed, removed the custom player forces
-System changed: removed SpellEvent by Anitarf, now using Spell by Troll-Brain
-Script optimisation: most dummy abilites replaced with dummy buffs
-Bug fixed: Trade Road moving system

Balance and Abilities
-Player: Alien food limited to 200 for the shuttle spawn.
-Ability: Hyperespace speed raised by 100%
-Ability: Trade Road speed raised by 100%
-Ability: Create Trade Road duration raised from 120 to 240 seconds
-Upgrade: Organic Supremacy HP and dmg bonus decreased
-Bug fixed: All spells were casted after the unit animation backswing point: now it is cancelled.
-Bug fixed: Hyperespace
-Bug fixed: Select a Buyer can not select the Freeport of the player casting this ability
-Bug fixed: sight of all buildings raised
-Bug fixed: sight of the Spy Cruiser raised

Map Design
-Custom Interface removed
-Model: new model for ship explosions (lighter version, low performance model)
-Texture: custom sky from RedShit removed because of the probleme due to mouse scroll
-Text: Help Center updated
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for laser models

Systems and Gameplay
-Script optimization: period of Motherships timer raised from 0.04 to 0.05

Balance and Abilities
-Unit: base HP of Light Shuttle - Alpha / Shuttle - Beta / Frigate - Iota raises from 100 / 200 / 400 to 125 / 250 /800
-Upgrade: Organic Supremacy HP bonus raised
-Bug fixed: Assimilate is now stopped when the channel is interrupted
-Bug fixed: Symbiosis does not work on illusions
-Bug fixed: Symbiosis works for Gamma Cruisers

Map Design
-New model for Shuttle - Fury Cultist
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Frigate - Incubator
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Frigate - AI Launcher
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Light Cruiser - Gentleman
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Merchant Cruiser - Miserly
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Frigate - Pirate Harrasser
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Scout Shuttle - Observer
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Spy Cruiser - Secret Agent
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Support Frigate - Engineer
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Terrorist Mothership
-Bug fixed: some tooltips with bad english :)

Systems and Gameplay
-Game: raised the amount of players to 12.
-Game: raised the size of the map to 320x320
-Game: Buildings, asteroids and planets are no longer visible through the fog of war
-Game: new way: Alien (including new models, spells, gameplay)
-System changed: using Jass local variables again instead of VJass global variables, it is less fast but may prevent some code error.
-System changed: Map Start triggers changed
-System changed: System creator modified
-System changed: damage over the time functions use now acid bomb spell based on dummy units instead of triggered damage with timers
-Script optimization: period of knockback timer raised from 0.03 to 0.05
-Script optimization: freeports are now implemented in a variable in order to avoid a unit group check
-Script optimization: bonus calculation for periodic income no longer use unit group to check bonus
-Script optimization: AI Pirate Mode
-Script optimization: Instant Colonization do not use timer anymore and is really instant cast
-Script optimization: unit group functions
-Bug fixed: meteors are spawned properly

Balance and Abilities
-New unit: Invasion Shuttle - Squareroot (Military only)
-New unit: Invasion Cruiser - Universe (Military only)
-Unit: new Troop available for Militaries: Aircraft
-Unit: Motherships do not cost food anymore
-Unit: range of AA Turret-Hurricane, MicroMissileThrower-Typhoon, Ion Canon-Flash Caster and Torpedo Launcher System - Nova Thrower for other ways than Terrorists raised from 1000 to 1500
-Unit: Stars now burns buildings
-Unit: attack rate of the Cruiser - Pirate Marauder raised from 4.00 to 2.00
-Ability: ionic weapons effect simplified
-Ability: Send Spy ability now proposes to detect planets of enemies only.
-Ability: attack of pirates converted in resources divided by 2 for all weapons excepted for Ion weapons where it is increased by 2
-Bug fixed: Set a Nuke Bomb fixed
-Bug fixed: damage with knockback effect no longer affect buildings and planets
-Bug fixed: Assaut Frigate - Fire Bearer can attack planets and Pirate Bases
-Bug fixed: Torpedo, Missile and Biologic Trap sight range reduced to 0

Map Design
-Interface: new custom interface
-Model: new sky design for the whole map, made by Red Shift @ TheHiveworkshop
-Model: new model for Carrier Frigate - Tugboat
-Model: new model for Terrorist Cruiser - Aggressor
-Model: new model for some lasers
-Text: Set up a Nuke Bomb: floating text cooldown added
-Text: size of the floating texts a bit reduced
-Sound: Ion and Plasma Weapon sounds are integrated in missiles models to reduce the amount of timers used
-Sound: missile thrower (secondary weapon for ships) uses now a sound.
-Sound: new sound for Hints
-Misc: reduced the number of extra explosion effects on ships to 1 for each death to prevent massive use of timers.
-Bug fixed: the planet with 50 slots is no longer a "light blue" planet, its the rock/brown one.
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Cruiser - Rigtheous
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Drones
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Cruiser - Pirate Marauder
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Firgate - Starkiller Gunship

Systems and Gameplay
-System changed: Mothership are now picked at the beginning and no more buildable with Shipyard

Balance and Abilities
-Unit: unit using a spell while in hyperspace abort hyperspace
-Bug fixed: dual Mothership is no more possible
-Bug fixed: Hyperespace is fixed
-Bug fixed: Terrorist Torpedo Launcher System - Nova Thrower works

Map Design
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Assaut Shuttle - Lighter
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Bacillus
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Cargo Shuttle
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Dock
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Freeport
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Training Center
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Pirate Base
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Research Facilities
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Shipyards
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Station
-Bug fixed: particle fixed for Warehouse

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: a lot of systems were bugged after some time in a game, due to the struct limit. Fixed now (concerns Hyperspace, Missiles/Torpedoes,Mooring,Planets Orbits,Motherships,Particle Shield,Drones)
-Bug fixed: some errors about the loops concerning players, player 10 removed.

Balance and Abilities

Map Design
-Bug fixed: size of the particles of Turret Base/AA Turret-Hurricane/Ion Canon - Fmash Caster /MicroMissile Thrower -Typhoon/ Topredo Launcher System - Nova Thrower reduced by 50%
-Bug fixed: sounds of portals (Hyperspace) switched to 3D
-Bug fixed: lightning added to a ship damaged in the Nebula field is now correctly destroyed.

Systems and Gameplay

Balance and Abilities
-Game: all the solar systems (star+planets+pulsar mines+asteroids) are created even if all slots are not busy.
-Unit: amount of AA Turret - Hurricane and Ion Canon - Flash Caster gained per planet or Pirate Base raised from 1 to 2
-Unit: raised the attack speed of Ionic Turret - Flash Caster from 2.00 seconds delay to 1.50 second (not for Terrorists Ion Canon)
-Ability: duration of the damage over the time of biologic weapons reduced from 30 to 10 seconds
-Ability: damage over the time dealt by biologic weapons reduced from 10+10*Level of the Research Improved Biologic Weapons to 5+5*Level of the Research Improved Biologic Weapon
-Ability: damage over the time dealt by Biologic Weapon do not stack anymore
-Ability: Burning Drone number of drones spawn reduced from 20 to 10
-Bug fixed: Burning Drones are no more stucked when no enemy ships is near.
-Bug fixed: Burning Drones are no more selectable

Map Design
-Bug fixed: Planets are no more half buried in the ground.

Systems and Gameplay
-New system: security added to remove all items spawned due to a strange bug from the map every 15 seconds.
-Bug fixed: strange item spawns on the map without apparent reason

Balance and Abilities
-Unit: troops set to 0 when a unit invade/is invaded a planet whenever invasion is a success/fail to prevent a bug which spawns items on the map.

Map Design
-Bug fixed: removed the model for the dummy units giving bonus due to the Rank of a player (lightning effect at the center of the map)

Systems and Gameplay
-System changed: -help command can be used without capital letters now

Balance and Abilities
-Player: alliance mode is set to defaut and not customizable now (FFA is simply useless)

Map Design
-Text: keywords added to the Help Center: Asteroid, Colonization, Invasion, Mine, Planet

Systems and Gameplay
-New system: to pick/random a race, a dummy ship is created. It brings more information
-New system: to vote the Creeps AI and Alliance modes, a dummy ship is created.

Balance and Abilities
-Player: Terrorist can not ally anyone (They already could not be allied by an other player, but they were able to ally)
-Unit: Satellites of a Terrorist Mothership in hyperespace are invulnerable.
-Bug fixed: when a player leave, its allies recover a "free slot" to ally an other player.

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-System changed: planets, mines, asteroids and nebula are created after the map initialization
-System changed: Alliance and Creeps Mode are now voted.
-System changed: the chosen way can be random.
-Script optimization: Dismantle Unit and Destroy Building
-Script optimization: Satellite Orbit system and Terrorist Orbit system
-Bug fixed: trigger activated when a player leaves disabled during loading
-Bug fixed: upgraded building of a Terrorist Mothership are not removed from the Orbit system
-Bug fixed: Planet invasion/Ship Board is now possible (it was stucked on the message "you need to load troops..."
-Bug fixed: upgraded turrets of a Terrorist Mothership do not disappear or look weird (SetUnitX and SetUnitY bug)

Balance and Abilities
-Player: Nexus victory removed (including Nexus Center and the research Nexus Theory)
-Player: Anomaly removed
-Rank: experience points earned reduced a lot.
-Unit: health of planets raised from 15.000 to 25.000
-Unit: motherships modules attack priority raised from 3 to 5 (excepted for Tank module [1] and Cargo/Microcity Modules [already 10])
-Unit: AA Turret, Ion Canon, MicroMissileThrower, Radar Tower and Torpedo Launcher turrets for planets can now be dismantled and ordered.
-Bug fixed: Set up a Nuclear Bomb ability fixed (no more unpredictable explosion)
-Bug fixed: Set up a Nuclear Bomb: knockback removed; now it damages all things in the AOE.
-Bug fixed: motherships modules can not be dismantled
-Bug fixed: knockback effect from explosions like Torpedoes do not affect planets, modules or buildings anymore
-Bug fixed: the terrorist dock can repair units.
-Bug fixed: Mooring works fine now.
-Bug fixed: Nanite Injection works fine now.
-Bug fixed: stars have permanent immolation as in the past

Map Design
-Model: the Training Center uses now the models of the removed Nexus Center
-Model: new model for Ion Canon: Flash Caster
-Model: new model for AA Turret: Hurricane
-Model: new model for MicroMissile Thrower: Typhoon
-Model: new model for Torpedo Launcher System: Nova Thrower
-Model: new model for Assaut Frigate: Fire Bearer
-Model new model for Armored Cruiser: Iron Turttle
-Model new model for Assaut Shuttle: Infection
-Sounds: Hyperespace start/end, ion, missile, plasma and topredo sounds are now in *.wav to use 3D sounds.
-Textures: raises the quality of the loading screen since Stars is updated by clan SOAR and its high uploading bot, size does not matter anymore.
-Textures: bug fixed: Desactivate Shield icon
-Textures: bug fixed: Biologic Artillery
-Text: Dismantle Unit/Destroy Building: the unit type of the sold unit is displayed

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: trigger detecting a player leaving disabled

Balance and Abilities

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-New system: Rank system changed (old codes will not work)
-System changed: requirements for ranks have changed.
-Bug fixed: Nexus victory works now
-Bug fixed: Nexus victory destroy all units on the map.
-Bug fixed: Last player alive victory ends the game and destroy all units of the player.

Balance and Abilities
-Rank: gives now bonus (health, damage, attack speed and speed of movement).
-Rank: only 3 saves during a game are possible now
-Alliance: maximum allies set to 3.
-Bug fixed: scout shuttle/light shutle which where created at the start of the map removed-I forgot to remove a test trigger.
-Bug fixed: Terrorists can not ally anymore.
-Bug fixed: Nexus victory gives experience points.
-Bug fixed: Last player alive victory gives experience points.

Map Design
-Text: new help keyword: Rank
-Textures: multiboard icons for each player rows are displayed
-Bug fixed: message displayed to a player which unally a player who is already enemy.

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: Trade/Hyperespace system fixed. It was due to a probleme with the new system of casting detection.

Balance and Abilities

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: TimerUtils was set to Red favor to increase the speed of the map, but 256 timers is not enough. Now set to blue to avoid timer limit.

Balance and Abilities
-Bug fixed: torpedo launcher Module of Motherships is able to throw torpedoes.
-Bug fixed: only Military can use Microblackhole Generator Mothership Module.

Map Design
-Model: new model for red laser fire
-Model: new model for blue ion fire
-Sound: new sound for plasma weapons
-Sound: new sound for ion weapons
-Sound: new sound for hyperespace start/end
-Sound: new sound for torpedo launch
-Sound: new sound for missile launch

Systems and Gameplay
-Script optimization: Multiboard does not maximize automatically anymore
-Bug fixed: some sounds were not listenable (Hint or Error) due to the bade use of 3D Sounds
-Bug fixed: troops carried by units are not drooped anymore after the game remove the dead unit.

Balance and Abilities
-Unit: Asteroids/Dead ships from the Ship field are targetable/have visible health now.

Map Design

Systems and Gameplay
-New system: -help command and system added.
-New system: alliance system uses now dialogs.
-New command: -clear command added
-Bug fixed: items carried by a unit (ie troops on ships) are no more dropped on death.
-Bug fixed: -com command does not use a badly the GetLocalPlayer function anymore.

Balance and Abilities

Map Design
-Text: Readded the information log (quest log).
-Textures: loading screen is now in fullscreen, even if its raises the size of the map file.

Systems and Gameplay
-Orbits of Satellites removed. This is sad, but I hope now less players will have lags.
-New troops system (use inventory of units)
-New cargo products system (use differently the slots)
-New Mothership system
-New Mothership selector. Now each module is a Hero unit, making it easily selectable
-Bug fixed: satellites can't move now the orbits of satellites are removed, it is no more needed to give them a movement speed.
-Bug fixed: abilities granted by modules of a motherships are given to the upgraded mothership
-Bug fixed: now the Raven’s form is diffently added and should not be visible anymore.
-Bug fixed: when someone choose the terrorist way, this should not includes problems now.
-Bug fixed: Motherships can now be resurrected correctly
-Script optimization: general librairies such as TimerUtils have been updated with newer versions.
-Script optimization: Trade system
-Script optimization: new floating text function.
-Script optimization: added a library to detect when a unit is channeling/casting something instead of using dummy abilities

Balance and Abilities
-Units: each ship and planets starts now with one soldier, one droid and one tank.
-Units: all ships, planets and buildings are now using troops and can be invaded/boarded.
-Motherships: modules allowed for Shuttles/Frigates/Cruisers reduces from 3/5/8 to 2/4/6
-Motherships: construction time raised from 1 to 30 seconds
-Motherships: maximum resurrection cost raised from 0 to 500 pulsars
-Motherships: maximum resurrection time raised from 0 to 150 seconds
-Ability: Steal abilities now still all resources carried by a cargo
-Ability: troops lost in an invasion/boarding skills are now differently lost.
-Ability: period of the timers for the Trade system raised from 5 to 10 seconds.
-Ability: trading unit (cargos etc) do not use Select a Seller ability. They are automatically linked to the freeport of the player.
-Research: Improved Cargo Slots has now 10 levels.
-Bug fixed: Torpedo fixed
-Bug fixed: missiles and torpedoes have now a correct facing.
-Bug fixed: ship facing angle for hyperspace fixed
-Bug fixed: modules for specific Motherships disabled for other type of Motherships
-Bug fixed: terrorist dock is now only a dock
-Bug fixed: steal ability works on the ships having products only

Map Design
-Sound: building prevention for satellites: sound is now more listenable.
-Model: building rotation for shipyard/dock/turret base is really lower.
-Text: names added to the Motherships Modules
-Text: floating texts are now a little bigger and use all the same standard
-Text: a lot of tooltips fixed/improved (capital letters, mistakes etc.)
-Textures: new icons for Motherships modules
-Textures: bug fixed for icons of Shipyards
-Textures: new loading screen
-Texutres: bug fixed for the disabled autocast icons (it was a wrong path)
-Misc: Motherships modules placed differently because of their maximum amount decreasing
-Misc: Stars is now a dedicated project at the clan SOAR (Us West)
-Bug fixed: facing angles of missiles and portals fixed.

Systems and Gameplay
-Bug fixed: Pirate AI should work now…I hope so, this time, I made not stupid error.
-Bug fixed: Mothership modules disable system for specific ways.
-Bug fixed: upgrade of the Mothership from frigate to cruiser enable lasts modules.
-Bug fixed: meteors do not appears as the Neutral Creeps green dot on the minimap.
-Bug fixed: a cargo can now trade even if he already has abort a trade operation.
-Bug fixed: speed to a cargo with the Trade Road works correctly now
-Script optimization: now uses a better ability preloaded to remove micro freeze.
-Script optimization: now uses a spell event system to decreases the power needed to play.
-Particle Shield: new system to reduce eventual leaks with the damage detection system.

Balance and Abilities
-Bug fixed: Select a Buyer and Select a Seller abilities removed until the player has a Freeport
-Bug fixed: Select a Buyer and Select a Seller abilities removed when a cargo trade
-Bug fixed: Mothership Modules Selector works now
-Bug fixed: Raven ability should now be invisible
-Bug fixed: Trade road gates are now correctly oriented and placed
-Freeport build time reduced from 60 to 10 seconds.
-Trade road gates are now spawned at shorter distances
-Hyperespace: unit pathing removed while the ship is jumping. It was a mistake made for the major script optimization (1.16beta3). It prevents the unit to be blocked on objet like asteroids.

Map Design
-Shipyard size increased
-Total experience icon in the multiboard changed
-Player icon in the multiboard added
-Player statistics icons in the multiboard removed
-Trade gate size reduced

Systems and Gameplay
-Added a save/load system with ranks. Allows you to show your power.
-Minimum ranges for independent drones have been increased (such as the automatic teleportation of the drones when they are to far from their caster, raised from 800 to 5000).
-Bug fixed: when a player acquires a planet, specification of the way chosen do work now.
-Bugs fixed: way system works correctly now (and all specifications of all ways)
-Bug fixed: chain explosions due to the death of a unit no more created on the center of the map.
-Bug fixed: Pirate AI does not create base when it AI is disabled
-Bug fixed: income of the trade
-Bug fixed: orbites of the modules of the Terrorist Mothership
-Bug fixed: orbites of the Pirate Bases
-Bug fixed: camera system for players

Balance and Abilities
-Bug fixed: planet can build shipyards now.
-Bug fixed: other ways than pirates can’t use pirate bases.
-Bug fixed: shipyard can now be upgraded
-Instant Colonization is now shorter.
-Added a texttag showing the time left before colonization or invasion is finished
-Fixed: upgrades should work now. This means upgrades which raises the level of an ability should work after level 2.

Map Design
-Raven form from Mothership modules icon changed. (It allows to make the unit have a triggered fly height, and spellbooks are not usable because of the Mothership selector).
-Wrong special effect removed from all Mothership modules (same as some planets)
-New sound when a planet is invaded
-Tips from Top Left Loading Screen removed: its reduces the size of the map, anyway no one reads this.
-Merchant Cruiser: model improved.
-Shipyard: new model. The old one was nice, but it was not mine and has a to big size.
-Removed the music. It’s definitely stupid to waste 150 ko for a 30-sec music.

Systems and Gameplay
-Complete script optimization. Most triggers do not use TriggerAddAction functions anymore. The last TriggerSleepAction functions have been replaced with timers. Most of local variables have been replaced with global variables for instant actions. Functions which were used for several triggers are now grouped in library.
-All Gui globals have been removed.
-New dialog system (No change in design)

Balance and Abilities
-In order to reduce the power needed to play this map, some timer intervals have been increased, so some spells are a bit longer.
-Destroy Building ability: this time it should not be possible to destroy the building more than one time (and so to earn more resources than supposed)

Map Design
- QuestLog deleted in order to reduce the size of the map
-Building tips improved

Systems and Gameplay
-New Mothership system. Everything for them has changed. Now all ways excepted Terrorists can choose a Mothership (Polyvalent or link to the way), upgradable from Shuttle to Frigate and then to Cruiser Mothership. So now 12 Mothershps exist, and each one can be customized with several modules (up to 30 different in this version ).
-Orbits use a new system, reducing the power needed byt the CPU. The cooldown of the orbits has been increased to 5 seconds. Now each planet is allowed to be surrounded by 14 satellites, no more. They have to range of orbits.
-Trade: system modified to reduce power needed. An ability has been added to Freeport, allowing the creation of Trade Roads. It creates portals between 2 freeports to increase the speed of a cargo. An attack will prevent the cargo to use this increased speed.
-Anomaly (final Blackhole): the power need for a CPU was really to heavy, because the BH hooked all things in the map and made them move to its direction. Now the BH simply destroy all things excepted space ships.
-Idle Worker: a worker without resource to harvest when an asteroid/a pulsar mine is empty will return to the nearest base.
-2 of the 4 “bonus” asteroids fields which made a square around the center of the map have been removed. One is now replaced with a Nebula field, where ships may be damaged by lightning, and one is now a dead-ships field, where a lot of Pirates are patrolling.

Balance and Abilities
-Pirate Frigate has no more the Ionic Mine ability, but receive the Mooring Ability (new one).
-Hyperespace: it is now a channeling spell, preventing the ship to move before the jump. Jump is aborted if the ship moves before.
-Destroy Building and Dismantle Ship (allow to recover resource from a ship or a building) are now directly linked to the cost of the destroyed thing. (Now it was linked only to the level of the item destroyed), but with a randomization.
-Shipyard Mark IV removed, but Dock is now upgradable 2 times (because of the new system of Motherships)
-Motherships are now upgradable thanks to the docks, and modules are not rebuidlable, only buildable thanks to the docks. Each module is upgradable.
-The chance for a Ionic main weapons for ships and turrets to have a special effect is now linked to the technology of Ionic Weapons.(Former version it only increased the damage dealt).
-All shuttles excepted Mothership Shuttles have now 25% chances to avoid an attack.
-Pirates give now bounties.

Map Design
-All models have been improved, some have been changed, and enlighted to reduce the size of the map.
-Disabled Icons for Autocast abilities have been fixed
-All ships have now a particular name, to enlarge background.
-A little soundtrack has been added. It is made with AcidPro 6.0

>>1.15 patch
-Implemented to work with Blizzard 1.24 patch.

>>1.15 beta
-New models for Carrier, Launcher and Terrorist Mothership
-Some models improved (during the same time i'm uploading these models on the HiveWorkshop)
-Some new icons.
-All icons have now their "Disabled" version, explaining why the size of the map is bigger.
-Buildings and Structures orbits reduced to 1 movement per second.
-The Particle Shield ability now taunts nearby enemies.
-Iddle worker and research ressource requirement icons fixed

-Bug fixed: now shipyard mk1 is buildable
-Bug fixed: research facility base can not build shipyard
-System creation during the ini of the map.

>>1.14 beta
-Some english mistakes fixed ;)
-Orbits of planets and pulsars mines removed.
-Orbits of building are faster
-System destruction when a player leaves has been removed.
-New models for carrier and launcher.
-Cooldown for Ionic Wall level 1 of Pirate Cruiser fixed.
-Some new abilities for all ways.
-Merchand cruiser can now use local trade
-New Mothership for merchands: Merchand Mothership.
-New way of life: terrorist (new ships, abilities,weapons etc...)
-Information (questlog) improved
-tips improved.
-Minimum speed of ships fixed.
-AA Turret attack speed raised.
-Asteroids fields available; new model for asteroids.
-Planet bonus raised.
-Invasion visual looking modified.
-Invasion or boarding now not possible if they are not troops loaded on the ship.
-Rally point model changed.
-Troops are more expansive and cooldown increased.
-Some abilities rebalanced.
-new models for Fast Pirate Cruiser and Spy Cruiser.
-Spy Cruiser attack is now disabled
-Only the military gunship can now use Torpedo Overload.
-Loading Screen quality reduced to have lighter files.

>>1.13 beta
-Try to fix a major crash
-Removed Rally points for planets.
-Troops display visibility fixed
-Planets can't now build Builder Shuttles
-Turrets movement removed.
-Quest log modified

-Removed the custom interface, it was not nice, and files are to heavy.
-Some new abilities.
-Some new icons. Now all are mines.
-Secondary weapons of the ships are now displayed and some other tips have been added.
-Shipyard Mk IV can now build cruisers.
-Light Cruiser scale value fixed.
-Abord trade removed the products carried by cargos now.
-New model for ionic mine.

-Minor change in building orbit system.
-New icons, to stop using icons made by others
-New ability for Gunship: torpedo overload.
-Gunship has 100 more energy points.
-Upgrades display changed.
-Two planets models changed.
-New Interface

-New loading screen with more information
-New icons for some things.
-New interface
-Mothership new system fixed (upgrades and moving system)
-A bit rebalance.

-local trade debug messages removed
-nexus victory is decreased from level 100 to level 25 and cost of the research has been modified.
-merchand cruiser slot is now upgradable (bug fixed)
-support frigate is now buildable for all ways
-mothership system modified.
-buildings orbits are now a bit faster.
-changed the icone of armor type heavy and normal.

-Removed inventories from planets, was useless.
-raised the collision size of most ships.
-decreased lumber cost of a planet upgrade.
-decreased pirate automatic ressource gain when attack.
-Fixed the icon of the upgrade Normal Armor Plating.
-Merchand have now a higher income bonus (25%) and a ressource collect bonus (+2)
-new custom victory available: Nexus Victory; new building, Nexus center, and new research, Nexus Theory.
-Merchand Freeports are now able to provide to their alliance an income bonus linked to the number of freeports in the alliance.
-reduce the timer which link motherships mods to mothership main body to prevent eventuel lag from 0.02 to 0.03 sec.
-light shuttle price reduced to 200 gold
-merchand cruiser trade income raised a lot.

-fixed the abusive trade items creation.
-modified the trade system to reduce leak when massive trade.
-orbital system loops takes now more time to reduce leak.
-when a player leave, it delete the neutral planet of its start sector, and mines and asteroids if they are not other players there.
-food limit now set to 150, to limit leak and farming strategy.
-fixed the facing of torpedoes and hyperspace portal.
-fixed a bug with blackhole at the end.
-iron income raised
-number of asteroids raised

-Creeps are now Player Brown, instead of Neutral Agressive
-Creeps AI is stopped as the blackhole start.
-Neutral planets are destroyed at the BH start to reduce leak. Asteroids may be destroyed to.
-Creeps training is a bit lower.
-stations have now a laser turret.
-light shuttle range fixed (1000 now instead of 2000)
-new ship: Launcher (with new abilities, can throw drones)
-laser turrets of drones, shuttle and frigates are now linked to the laser upgrade.
-new upgrade: cruiser turret.
-new ship: fast pirate frigate, with new ability (nanites)
-fixed bug: merchand cruiser can now be stolen by pirates.
-red can now choose if there will be a Creeps AI or not.
-new loading screen to get information about ways.
-alliances messages are shorter
-troops display is now a floating text.
-fixed a bug with troop display: now a player can display only its own troops points, and now buidlings do not display any troops points.

-fixed a bug after 1 minute of game.
-removed the shipyard mkIV for player 1 I forgot as a noob. It was created for tests...
-modified force slots.

-fixed a major bug which crashed the map at the second initialization.

-reduced to 9 player slots to be leakless.
-start locations are now fixed and players starts in different sectors.
-map size bigger (8 each axe) to prevent crash with orbites.
-shipyard mark III is very longer to build and more expansive.
-replaced the following ships models: scout shuttle, assaut shuttle, assaut frigate, frigate, heavy frigate,
-replaced the last periodic triggers by timers to prevent desynchronization.
-solar systems creation starts now after initialization to fix a bug.
-minor changes about triggers (optimization)
-fixed some bugs.
-new ship: carrier.

-added a creep AI to harass players in function of different factors.
-added an end to the map: after one hour a black hole will be created.
-gold mines asteroids and solar systems are now created in sectors where they are players.
-if there are no players in a start sector location, no systems will be created there.
-Starting builder shuttle are now invulnerable for 60 seconds and far more faster.
-Warehouse 2 times cheaper.
-Food ratios removed.
-Research Facility Base cheaper.
-Orbital system speed is now linked to the number of playing players to reduce leak when map is fullhouse.
-Gold Mines are now included in orbital system.
-Mothership is now selectable as a Hero.

-Added Distbtn icons.
-Fixed upgrades tooltips.
-Colonization level 10 fixed.
-hide from radar skills lasts now 60 seconds.
-Merchand handicaps reduced.
-Number of global available buildings reduced.

reduced the power of the micro blackhole.
-two new ships: the merchand cruiser and the support frigate.
-improved the orbital system
-pirates attacks grants now ressources.

-the pirate base orbit bugg is fixed
-upgrades are now implemented on already libing units
-fast pirate cruiser can now steal cargos whereas they do not trade.
-pirate base less expansive.
-spawn of gold mines and asteroids linked to the number of player.
-fast pirate cruiser less expansive.
-runner frigate less expansive.
-research facilities have been their tech available changed to more clarity: now there is a base research building and 4 upgrades.
-upgrades changed. More abilities depend on research degree.
-research time reduced.
-Destroy a building grants now ressources.
-buildings are not now constructed on each others.
-alliances are now hidden (not displayed to other players)
-added more tips in questlog
-dying planets deals AOE damage.

>>1.00 beta

>>0.00 Alpha
Test map.

space, futurist, planet, ships, stars, satellits, strategy, starship, battle, war, blackhole, laser, plasma, ion, photonic, tachyon, sun, star, astero

Stars 1.21 OPEN SOURCE (Map)

23:17, 7th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 1
Dec 7, 2008
>Placing credits in the details of the map is good but please include info about the gameplay too. Something more than
A real time space strategy game.

Colonize planets, build ships and buildings, create alliances and destroy your ennemies.
>Also ennemies is mistake.

>Suggested players are 12. Can I play it in single player too?
>You need to give the Type & category of the map in this thread too. It helps.
Level 4
Mar 16, 2008
this is better then galactic conquest, planets have special effect surrounding them making them look more pretty.

planet builds building will automatically orbit the planet over time also is a nice feature,

hyperspace jump also has nice special effect,

the mothership also great, 1 big ship with many small component, looks homeworld2 style...

however, why use the egg model for iron harvesting? what are they? look very wierd to have such thing in space.

laser effect also slower then the impact.

sometimes the orbit defense will overlap with other building like station or dock.

mothership is too fast for a big ship.

many good idea in this map, mothership component is 1 of the best.
but how you reduce the file size with so many import model?
Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
Well first sorry for bugs. The normal version should be ready tonight.

And thanks a lot to comment that :D


-First it is not a solo player game. You can test it alone but IA does not work.
-EnNemy: it should be fixed. I already make this mistake :( *** french language. And there were more than 40 times the name 'enemy' in tips :/
-Thread: fixed.

-Tips: done
>>How get planets?
The Builder shuttle can colonize your first planet. Then, to colonize others, it will need the Colonization upgrade. To colonize, select the builder shuttle and target a planet.

>>How receive ressources?
To gain ressources, build cargos. They can harvest to asteroids and pulsars mines. You will also receive an automatically income which depends on a lot of factors.

>>How invade an enemy planet?
You need an invasion frigate and load troops on it, buy using the training center skills. Then send the frigate on its target and use the Invade ability.

>>How defend my planets and ships from abord/invade skills?
Same: load troops on planets and ships with the train center.

>>How can I repair the MotherShips modules?
When a module of the MS is destroyed, it is repairable by a dock.

>>What is trade?
Players can trade together. To create a trade road: two players must build a freeport with the builder shuttle.
Then you have to send cargos on the other player freeport. Use for that the trade ability. Then cargos will automatically trade between the freeports, like in Age of Empire II. The more far freeports are, the more ressource you will receive. To abort trade, use the Abort Trade ability of the cargo.

-Eggs: rofl=)
Actually i did not found a model of asteroids which is a bit animated, but not as fast as the small meteors which go across the map.

-Laser: i do not understand.

-MS speed: actually if you destroy one of the two motors, it lost 49% of it speed.

-Building overlap: fixed in the next version, I just ended the test^^.

-Size of the map; first W3 Optimizer allows me to gain 250kb with triggers etc... But there is a major bug with this tool, and I ask Vexorian if he could work about. Cause at the moment I can't use the script optimization.
Then, the models: as you see, most are fully displayed with team-colors. All these models are based on the Onslaught by Callahan downloaded there.
I am not good into making models, but his was very simple to change with vertex modify. It use ingame texture, so an average ship model is under 100 ko.

There is otherwise a heavy bug: sometimes the game crashed while loading for some players, as soon as the game is hosted in battlenet with more than 3 players, and I do not foudn wtf. It seems to have a link with the W3 Optimizer bug, so I am waiting the answer of Vexorian. But map starts when the crashed players leave BNet, so I already made lot of tests with alpha version.

Mothership: the idea comes from WarZone 2100, an old strategy game. All units are a 3 part system: corpse, motor and turret. So now I am able, since my Savagery maps (rejected cause the moderator does not trust me when I say it is MY map :/) to use VJass, I simply created an attachement system to link modules to main body, and there was a MotherShip :D
But it could be so leakless I limit that to one /player (tests have prooved that playing with more than 8 players could be dangerous after one hour of game).
Level 4
Mar 16, 2008
do you mind posting the attachment system? kind of curious how it work XD

still, i think the MS is too fast, since it got hyperspace ability, it can be slower. And when lost its 2 motor, it speed drop to 1% XD (near unmoveable...)
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
A very good map, that has a great, dynamic feel to it.
It has a nice tech tree, with plenty of varied units.
The use of size to make units look different worked surprisingly well!
At the start I couldnt find a planet, maybe you should ping the closest planet to each player at the beginning on the game.
The death effects looked spectacular with lots of units onscreen.
The orbiting buildings sometimes intersected, making them unselectable.
It really needs DISBTNs.
The upgrade tooltips say Level %d
At one point, I think colonization failed, as my builder could suddenly move, and the planet was not mine.
Level 10 colonization doesnt work
4/5 (Due to the bugs)
No vote until they are fixed
Level 21
Mar 19, 2009

I will work on 1.02 today.

Disbtn: That was to not overload the map, but you are right, thats kinda ugly^^
Colonization: it is not a bug. It is when your builder is issued an order, it abord the colonization. Level 10: -_- I will se that, but this is only a simple ability of drain linked to a timer and booleans/custom values.
Building intersection: if you have tested the new version (1.01) instead of 1.00, it should be better. But it is sure i did not find the perfect system at the moment.

Attachement system: it is the the same for stars/planets/buildings and mothership.
Planets and building: simply detect the creation or the owner-change and run a local timer which set the position of the unit every 1.00 seconds for the buildings, 20 seconds for the planets.

Mothership: detect the creation/reparation/destruction of modules and linked them with a timer every 0.03 seconds. That is why it could leak a little with 12 motherships on the map ;) I use 3 triggers: the periodic move for all modules, one to the first creation of mothership, and one for the repair. I use globals, because it was easier for the repair. Otherwise I would have use locals .

For the generic form of the mothership it is...test. A module is linked to main body with: a distance and a degree. I simply have tests hours the best settings ;)
Level 21
Mar 19, 2009

It is like other levels, Ancient-Mechanical-Neutral.


Disbtn added. Upgrades tips level %d replaced by level 1 etc...

I'm working on a better building orbital system.

Probleme is to set the first angle between planet and building. I can't use custom values (already used), so I use globals. But for a reason, it does not work well^^


1.02 online

EDIT 2 :

I'm working on 1.03
Main chainges: Neutral Agressive Player to harass players
Black hole after 1 hour to make a little cleaning on the map if they are survivors :D All buildings/planets/stars will be locked by BH.
Lot of minor changes, like the genreration of solar system which is now full linked to the player start location.
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Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
Thanks for for the reporting.

Unfortunately, it is the first time there would be a abug with this -_-.
There are no triggers starting with "a unit within range of planet" etc...

Do you remember what ship was aproaching the planete, if he had an ability runned?

For the OS, I think there is no probleme with Mac.


Well I made 2 other games this morning, I did not find this bug. I found some other which are fixed for the 1.07
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Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
Goldmine upgrade. You mean the cargo harvest pulsars or the planet bonus?

Btw, I trust your level, but not my way to write code xD

Probleme with gold /lumber iron is that they only appear in one trigger, the periodic income. It never has bugged, I will check this.

But. How can you be sure it's an infinite loop?

Edit: and shuttles; there are no triggers for shuttle. It should be an other thing.

Did you use the Pirate AI? (at start, as host, when you choose AI mode)
Level 10
May 19, 2008
Jap, I used the AI.

So I played it again and every thing worked right...

And why I'm sure that it was an infinite loop, the game freezed. I think that occurs only when the game needs all power to do one thing...

I can read nearly everything, then I helped enough bad triggerers...

But I think there're some other bugs. The I builded a canon, but it hadn't appear...
And I think you should use another system for the summons of the unded transporter. Ehh and, give to every ship, which has a second attack a dummy ability, which says how mana damage the weapon deals.

I thin, a funny ship is one, which can reales five, six torpedos instantly. But they should appear on one of the ship sides. then you can call it full broadside or barrage.

Ähh jea, the mines should have a new icon, without outocast borders. And create mines, which stay at the cast point. ( like goblin mine. ) Ahh and the black hole looks very bad...

Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
Canons: it arrives with all buildings when the orbit of the planet is "full" of structures.

Icons: i'm working on creating severals new icons (my own), more simple as the existing, which are nice, but not mine, and not easy to understand.

Multitorpedoes: it could be an ability of the gunship frigate (military way). But it should also cost a lot of iron, cause 6 torpedoes is something very...powerfull ;)

Secondary weapons (laser turrets, missile thrower, bomb thrower, shrapnel): if only the pheonix ability could appear. For a reason i do not understand, the icon is disabled, whereas sometimes it appears on other maps I made :/

Attachement Drones System of the Launcher: in fact I needed a Locust ability, but without invulnerability/unselectable units. So i needed to recreate this with timers. What do you reproach to this?

Mines without movment: it already exists for pirates, they have a "ionic mine" which is like Goblin Mine. Military autoguided mines are able to move because its an interesting way to play.

Mine icons: same (future new icons, like in the map Void, easy to understand, less graphic for more comprehension).

Blackhole: :/ I'm not a modelist, excepted for ships. I don't know really create models. This is a classic aura with other skin .
Well, played this map 2 days ago, and there is my complete revision: (They get on ranges from 0 to 5)

Terrain: 4/5
Better than most space maps I played. But it would be nice if you could add some nebulas, etc. By anyways, its hard to get a good space terrain because there are not too much things in space :p

Tiggers/Spells/General Work: 3/5
Average. This map dont have anything in spetacular systems, but you put some good work here.

Theme Implementation: 5/5
Great models! They fit perfectly with the game. Nice size/model usuage.

5+3+4 = 12/3 = 4

Overhall: A 4/5 map. Better than most space-conquest-like maps I played.
Level 3
May 17, 2008
Yea i had some problems..... sometime trough the game all my buildings teleported to random points in the map and manny things are spelled wrong...
Level 5
Apr 19, 2009
please remove the black hole it is very imbalanced, if you put ur units into groups before it happens you can still select the mand build with them, and pirates can make bases with thier income and take over the world since allmnost allways a builder is alive after black hole comes, please remove it!!
Level 10
Jun 7, 2009
I'll look over your map completely today, and I'll prob find something,
Ill edit this post tmorrow when I'm finished with it.

Here ya go, I hope this helps.

Get another portal model, though its good the ship didn't just blink :D
And add an effect to the hyperspace move, that would be great.


The Rally point flag, and,
change these please, the doesn't look really "spaceish"
And their icons, I'm pretty sure you know which one I mean as my mouse is place over them and they're not like the other.


I hope this isn't supposed to be lol.



Nope, that rally point wont go, It'll just fall down in space.

The cancel button isn't that great either...
Anyway lol, do this or the map will be fail :D


That was all, though I cant believe I just did that :eek:
Hidden inside Hidden inside Hidden inside Hidden and so on lol.


its more than just hyperspace in the models tab, just hard to see the text lol
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Level 9
May 30, 2008
I will test your map and will give you replay after 10-12 hours when i wake up good night to all for now

Edit1: WTF who told you that you can release new versions without testing them. Heres my review: 1/5 Rejected for approving i can't even host your map when i click Create Game it don't host instead of this it's going back like i click Cancel

Edit2: When new version is up i will try to play it again (do i need 1.24 patch to play it coz garena users are still on 1.23)
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Mar 19, 2009
I tested it, that was not necessary to rate like that. On my computer this work :/

Edit: yeah. As it is written in update log, the 1.15 patch works for 1.24 Blizz' patch. So previous 1.15 patch do not work on new Blizz' patch, and my latest release do not work for patch less or equal to 1.24 Blizz'.

I have made several tests, the map works good. You could have asked before rate such a bad note :p. Enjoy.

1.16 will be created this month. I have stopped my current ORPG project to make a new version of Stars.
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May 30, 2008
I will make 2-3 games today with more ppl than me (then i will change the rating of the map).
For now only the problems that i can notice:
Repair ability at Dock MK appear to be green box when i rebuild the dead modules of the ship.
Pulsar Collect (upgrade) is also Green box when is from lvl 2+
When the timer run out most of my building was on the center of the map near a "Sun Shines".
There was a base of the "AI" i think down of me and everything was disappear but when i go there the brown things was on the minimap and my mother ship begin to fire, on things that only he can see.
When the timer run out if i have "Builder Shutle" and if i am pirate i can still build pirate base but when i make some buildings they don't arrange around the base.
The "materia" thing is supposed to destroy everything near it and to drag most of the things that are close toward it (i go at top of it with my ship and nothing happen)
When the asteroids are "empty" and my workers can no longer gather from them they remain at the place where they are.
Take the icon and the tooltip of the Phoenix Fire "stats" to somthing else it will be nice.
Make the "hyper jump" thing to be chaneling or atleast somthing becouse i think when the ship is charging it's engines for the jump he must not be able to move, attack maybe but moving arrownd and jumping with his back infront is not very original.

That's all for now, i will write more later today when i play few games with ppl so i can test all of the variants for playing pirates/traders/etc. And please Write with red Laters at the end of the map description that you need version 1.24 in order to play it (if i don't know about the new hash things how i can know that your map need 1.24) atleast for 1-2 weeks
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Mar 19, 2009
Thanks a lot for this report. All errors have been writen on my paper for the fixes I want to set on 1.16

In order to explain to you: at the end of the timer (anomaly), there is a trigger which locks all planets, ships, etc... and moves them second after second to the position (randomed) of the giant blackhole. This explain why all seems completely bugged. I mean this trigger takes a lot of ressources on CPU, and even if there is no leak created by the trigger, such a timer (0.04 sec on all things on the map) is hudge to manage for a CPU.

Probleme with pirate base is a real error from me: the goal of the timer is to stop the game after 1 hour and to force the players to finish them each other with their last fleets.

I think I will remove the black hole trigger and simply destroy all planets/Stars/fleets without lure them with a fast timer.

The two main changes I want to make for 1.16 (more than fixes, new abilities etc...) are:
-implement all my models with animations /particles like those I have uploaded on this site and most of all, use mdx squisher on them to reduce the size of the map.
-develop the role of motherships, by granting to each player a mothership like a hero in a melee map, but with all modules upgradable :D

Edit: a player had the idea that it would nice to create trade-road with jumpgate like in the game of Microsoft, Freelancer.
I will work on this, now that I can use VJass tables properly.

Edit 2: the 1.16 will certainly be like a 2.0 with a lot of changes.
Motherships will be available as soon as you got a dock and a Shipyard Mark I. They will be shuttles upgradable to frigates and then cruisers.
Actually they will be 12 kinds of motherships: 4 shuttles, 4 frigates, 4 cruisers, divided in 4 ways: Polyvalent/Merchant/Pirate/Military, for all ways excepted Terrorists. Each way will be able to choose between the Polyvalent and its own class Mothership.
Up to 40 turrets will be choosable as Mothership Modules. Shuttles MS will have 3 modules, Frigate 5 and Cruisers 8.
Docks are now compulsory to manage Motherships, and are available in 3 upgrades.

Lot of small things will /have been added to diversify the gameplay, and I have changed the basic systems (Trade/Orbits/Motherships etc...) by implementing the Tables of Vexorian, in order to reduce the ressources needed to play this map.

I hope the 1.16 Beta will be ready in 2 weeks at least.
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May 21, 2009
Help Me I Need The Script that allowed you to get the parts for mother ship (Multiple Guns) because i am thinking of making a Star Wars Campain and requier the script for Capital Ship Hard Points