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Last Activity:
Sep 5, 2012
Jun 7, 2009
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Dropped to the wolves, from N/A

Mobilize was last seen:
Sep 5, 2012
    1. Zegaroth
      The world is flat and this Llama proves it.

    2. Jaakko
      Just hoping you do rest of those modern command buttons. The style looked nice. :)
    3. aaron
      free host failed ignore my last message xD
    4. aaron
    5. Mr.Goblin
      you're welcome :D
    6. aaron
      there is no fail like yours :P lol
    7. Jaakko
      Nice I'm interested in seeing where your modern warfare command buttons icons set goes. I think I could really use it when it is complete.
    8. NFWar
      Thanks for 3rd green gem :]
    9. RED BARON
      Thanks :smile:
    10. Midnighters
    11. Fingolfin
      Oh, yes, you mean so that you could make a skin for it?
      Will do!
    12. Misha
      gimme again the link to horde studios, had to wipe out system on my comp >_>
    13. Palaslayer
      well, it was only one, but i had to split it. first into two, because there is a max 1000 letters per post, but it said i still had 1016 in the second...
    14. Palaslayer
      ok, first, pm me if you say such things or i will report it since the comment is unnecessary and kinda offtopic. you didnt mention the icon in any way...
    15. Palaslayer
      second: i did not cnp it, lol, i based them of your icons and they were deleted.

      and by the way, you are one of the persons that keep being ignorant and submit one lacking icon after the other.

      now you even ignore my comments which were meant serious and do not intend to insult or offend you in any way as well as they were not meant to talk your icons down.

      then, as an unnecessary revenge you write useless posts at the thread of my icons to talk them down? this isnt real, or?

      as i said before i have nothing against you and you should stop hating me as well as trying to bring people up against me Oo

      i chose a wrong way to improve the icon section but i change what i did anymore, ok?

      i asked you to apologize me but you keep being stubborn...

      and you should think if the icon section really would be better without me.

      So I officially say it now:
    16. Palaslayer
      I beg you to apologize me for what I did. It was my bad and I take the consequences.
      I do only intend to improve the icon section and it hurte me so much that some people keep posting rubbish-comments (breebree) or misrate icons because they do not know it better.

      hiveworkshop.com should be a site where excellent modders meet and where newbies can learn from them. It should be open to visitors who search for high quality resources and I as many others try my best to create such material. And I think that you, if you would listen to what I try to tell you could be an excellent icon artist.

      And to fix another fault some users make:
      I do in no way claim to be an excellent icon artist nore an 'icon god', how someone called me ironically. But I keep practicing and I don't just submit some ten-minute-made crap.

      I hope you could follow me.

    17. Rmx
      That's helpfull, i will just shade or darken more the down side :)
    18. Misha
      sweet fan C: note me when it's aproved here C:
    19. Sheephunter
    20. Sheephunter
      The unit blademasters Feet Jumping if you can. :D
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Cult of the Damned
    Im born the 8th of march, 1992, even though it sais diffrent on this site,
    Hand on heart, I was pretty high when I made this acc to browse CRs icons.

    Please DO NOT reupload or remake any of my art or icons.



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