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  • What did you mean by bomber? It doesn't come out clearly from your posts what is the bomber is because in my view there is no clearly defined bombers in SC. Did you mean the Phantasm (short range high dmg)?

    Oh btw I appreciate your feedback.
    Projects: Missile Wars, Solar Conquest, Cruiser Command and Naval Battle

    1.Dont flame
    2.Dont double post ---

    Not good if a mod see's you might get a warning or neg rep for it. Use the edit button :(
    Well, from the begining user who uploaded Parasite 3 didn't looked like DarkShoGun, and I reported on him seeking to protect the rights of the original DarkShoGun from plagiarism and indenity theft, he failed to give any proofs it's really him, but later after returning he did, so now I left him in peace.
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