[Map] Four-Sided Siege

Level 18
Jan 24, 2006
This is a 4 player Altered Melee/Other style map, there a four different races available to the player, they are

- Corrupted Orcs
- Penguins and Sheep
- Pandaren and Goblins
- Corrupted Treants and Demons

Each race is trying to invade a massive castle in the center of the map, that castle is defended by a legion of computer-controled humans. The humans, led by their seemingly unstopable king are fighting a winning battle against a small army of undead who have somehow gained access to the city and have entrenched themselves within parts of it. The players themselves are being hounded in their attempt to invade the castle by four mini-races, on for each of the players. Elves are attacking the Corrupted Treants, Poachers are attacking the Pandaren and the other two races are uncreated at the moment. If a player succeeds in sending the king to his final death they will then have to defend the castle and themselves from the other players, the undead, and assorted creeps for 15-45 minutes (depending on diffuculty). If they succeed then the players main hero then becomes king (or queen) and gains the castles remaining defenders and facilities.

The aim of the game is to wipe out all the enemy players, there will be many side-quests and hidden items, monsters and bases throughout the game, we also have random events including:

- Meteor Showers (Including a special one where you can gain an ingredient for the most powerful item in the game.)
- Invasions by forces from beyond the boundaries of the map.
- Demonic Portals opening
- Carnivals coming to town
- Emisaries arriving to swap gold for forces with the current king.
- Creeps deciding to band together and attack a force.
- Merchant Trains laden with items and gold coming through (you can either trade with or rob them.)
- Temporary extra heroes arriving for the players
- And more....

Some of the more powerful items in the game include:
- The Sword of Power: Increases all the heroes attributes by 3 for each of the heroes levels.
- The Rod of Doom: An item allowing you to summon the equal 3rd most powerful unit in the game.
- Digging Claws: An item allowing you to burrow and move underground.

We have quests ranging from full-scale PVP quests involving killing a certain number of enemy units in a limited time to quest to fight yuor way through a trap-filled wizards fortress so you can take it over.

Completion Level:
Terrain: 50%
Triggers: 30%
Units: 65%
Spells: 60%
Items: 5%
Quests: 5%
Overall: 35%

The Doombringer, the unit in equal 3rd place for strongest unit in the map.

The King and his guard, the King is the strongest unit in the map.

The Corrupted Orcs base.

The Penguin's and Sheep's base.

A Creep encampment.

A part of the Corrupted Treants corrupted forest.
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
nice screenies. But just one thing, I like to make the doodads such as trees and Doodads larger so they are more life like and to scale. So just a few things like making trees bigger I have found can really change the terrain alot if done propely.
Level 18
Jan 24, 2006
nah, this map is huge so the trees are fine as is, but I know what you mean, I have a LOTR map I've scaled everything down so that it seems more epic, the units are bloody tiny but it works quite well, less lag too.

EDIT: Also, comments on what to change/add/improve are always appreciated
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
Oh well smaller units might be better for melee and games like that. However for RPGs increasing the Doodad size makes the map look alot better, especialy when its got one of those camera systems that follows the hero, rotates with it and is set at the angle just like WoW.
Level 3
Nov 27, 2006
involving killing a certain number of enemy units in a limited time to quest to fight yuor way through a trap-filled wizards fortress so you can take it over.

Oo, I just love those Kill EVERYTHING before they kill you games! Can't wait 'till your done!
Level 5
Nov 26, 2006
I think stealth units will be wonderful. I'd like to play this game with a few cloaked units, than a huge massive army. But that sounds great too :grin: