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Archived Projects

  1. Redemption

    Redemption is a custom campaign where you control futuristic human race from another dimension. here you must battle the undead in the ravaged land of Lordaeron in a effort to find your way home.
    Latest: Terrainer Wanted! Ratherion, Mar 21, 2007
  2. Apocalypse

    Apocalypse is a uniquely designed survival map for Warcraft III and is a remod of Warcraft. The time setting is in year 2012 and the world is under attack from massive armies of rioting monsters and beasts.
    Latest: Project Discussion Craka_J, Apr 27, 2008
  3. Warcraft 3: World of Warcraft

    Venture in the mysterious continent of Kalimdor. Choose your class and learn the ways of eight different races. Fight for power, protect your people, or just live to explore the lands of Warcraft.
    Latest: EGUI - Very Useful Windu, Oct 14, 2016
  4. Ansiria - Light or Shadow

    This is a project about dwarven battles against orcs and dwarven destiny with new units, creatures, spells, models, music, sounds and much more. Destroy enemies and build new home!
    By Naiden
    Latest: Updates/News HappyTauren, Sep 19, 2007
  5. Reinventing the Craft

    A project that aims to add more functionality to Warcraft III, while at the same time keeping it a low size, so it's still useful for mappers. RtC will be available for any type of map, mod or even a Total Conversion.
    Latest: RTC won't work AKAIMAX, May 26, 2009
  6. Arilen's Tale

    Arilen's Tale is a Cinematic Series that takes place in a world where a civil war occurs between Wizards and Necromancers. An adventurer named Arilen finds a strange orb in a ruin, unaware of what he has encountered.
    Latest: [Got a question..] SmartGoodBrother, Jul 4, 2008
  7. Pyritie's Adventure

    A campaign which tells the story of a young dragon who stumbles upon an ancient artifact, only to be thrust into a story which is as old as time itself.
    Latest: Help!!! Pyritie, Aug 4, 2009
  8. The Traitor Legion Chronicles

    The reimagined story of Azeroth: Only a shaky truce keeps The Kingdom from collapsing back into a full out war. On one side, is what is left of the highly disciplined and organized Horde, on the opposite side is the proud and brutally efficient Alliance. And then there is the Traitor Legion, enemies to all.
    Latest: What we are doing now Morris, Nov 3, 2016
  9. Broken Dawn – The Elementals

    BDTE is a campaign styled project designed to be played cooperatively by up to 4 Players over a series of different stages, utilizing unique races, classes, and various gameplay twists.
    Latest: Want to help? Apply here. Morris, Jul 27, 2016
  10. Darkwind RPG - A Heros Tale

    Darkwind RPG - A Hero's Tale Darkwind RPG will be a huge RPG that supports singleplayer as well as multiplayer. The aim of this project is to reach the limits of things that can be done with the WC3 engine and lift the rpgfeeling to a new never reached level. It will drag the player into a warforged interactive world where he will have to choose his way.
    Latest: You ask, we'll answer! robizeratul, Oct 26, 2017
  11. Day of the Fish

    Discuss everything about Joel Steudlers cool Campaign Project Day of the Fish.
  12. Cowardice TD

    A unique TD experience in which not only can the creeps attack your builder, but they will chase him! Run with your builder and level him up to learn new abilities to keep him alive! But watch out! The creeps will walk along in many random directions! Can you survive?
  13. Poison's Projects

    A Forum for Healingpoison's upcoming projects.
    Latest: A Test! brad.dude03, Sep 27, 2008
  14. Hive Keeper

    Dig underground tunnels, build rooms and attract creatures at your service, then use your army to annihilate your enemies. Each room has a different use and can attract a specific type of creature, so it's up to you to build the best dungeon possible.
    Latest: Group&Mod status Jumbo, Jan 8, 2015
  15. Battle for Middle Earth

    A campaign based in the lord of the rings world. Made by Bob27 this campaign will feature many new systems, icons, sounds, music and models.
    Latest: Project Restarted Craka_J, Jul 10, 2007
  16. World of Arcarius

    World of Arcarius in an epic Open RPG, very simular to the The Frozern Throne Orc Campaign except on a much grander scale, featureing hundreds of quests, thousands of characters, huge maps to explore, many hidden locations to raid for treasure and much more.
  17. Island Troll Tribes

    Island Troll Tribes combines survival and PvP melee combat in a fight to the death for domination of the islands. Players can join together on teams of up to six players per tribe, or even go head to head. You need to fight for survival against the environment and enemy trolls while gathering resources to build up your strength. You can carve out your own way on these tropical islands, whether thats base building, hunting, thieving, exploring, or dominating the other tribes, the choice is yours.
    Latest: Suggestions 3dris, Feb 16, 2020
  18. Warcraft III - The World Editor

    Warcraft III-The World Editor is a site about the Warcraft III World Editor. Talk about anything to do with the site in this forum.
  19. The Twisting Nether

    A home for Shados' various WarCraft III mapping projects.
    Latest: [Map] Four-Sided Siege 1)ark_NiTe, Dec 21, 2006
  20. Godfall Chronicles

    A project bringing the fantasy world of Godfall to life. It features new races and new models, a squad based battalion system, new ways of gathering resource and an entirely different outlook from Warcraft 3.
    Latest: Status of things Denethor-S-O-E, Oct 21, 2016
  21. War of the Kingdoms

    War of the Kingdoms is an AOS made by the people at Hive Workshop, that will have many new features such as a create a hero system, Optional and Required Quests, and much more.
    Latest: Private Forum? Malufa, Apr 7, 2006
  22. Illidan´s Revenge

    This forum is for Elva's project, Illidan's Revenge.
    Latest: Dead? ragingspeedhorn, Apr 21, 2006
  23. Scars of Conflict

    Scars of Conflict is an altered melee set in the Warcraft II era. The project features entirely new techtrees, dozens of new models, naval warfare, new maps and much more.
    Latest: Resource Pack - Version 1.7 Deolrin, Jun 8, 2020
  24. The Oakwood Forest

    The Oakwood Forest is an ORPG where people can create characters and start a never ending adventure in beautiful terrained places within the forest. Great coded triggers will give people the opportunity to play strategic with their characters and do many events against the computer or other players. Do you want to reveal the secrets of the Oakwood Forest?
    Latest: Swordmaster Gwy, Nov 29, 2014
  25. Evolution TD

    The project is by Karawasa, it's a TD. By having towers gaining XP and being able to evolve into new towers, the player must plan ahead how he will build and where to build. Your strategy determines how you will do as letting one tower Solo would be better than massing them. At the same time, you must plan your gold and time things. Strategy is taken to a new level with this map!
    Latest: Bad lag DurotarLord, Oct 6, 2006
  26. The Black Company

    The Black Company is about a brotherhood of mercenaries who find themselves caught up in events that would change the world forever.
  27. Shadows of the Past

    SotP is an epic Single Player Role Playing Game (SPRPG) project who promises to be one of the best there is! Even though it’s made for and played in Warcraft III, SotP strives to give the players the impression of playing a total different game...
  28. Lands of Archanor

    Discuss everything about Lands of Archanor.
    Latest: About this map. Deckboy, Dec 19, 2006
  29. Warcraft: A New Dawn

    A highly ambitious project that will utilize the immense power of the Galaxy Editor in order to breathe life into the Warcraft RTS series once more and deliver an unofficial sequel to Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne!
  30. Clash of the Titans

    An upcoming mod/campaign converting Warcraft III to C&C Red Alert 2 as accuratly as it can be done.
  31. Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    A Tower Defense/Aeons of Strife game set at the end of a great war. Choose a side, The outlandish Forsaken or the forces of the Coalition, and fight an epic battle set in a greatly designed and complex world.
    Latest: STOPPED WORKING pred1980, Jul 3, 2016
  32. Elimination

    Elimination is a totally new type of map which includes FPS tactics, like hiding and aiming, but still from a RTS view.
  33. Steel Titans: Gods of War

    When peril comes to humanity, some men rise to save it, others rise to destroy it, when war comes to the worlds, men become heroes or tyrants. In the battlefield of the future, noone is safe from the Steel Titans, the Gods of War.
  34. The Fall of the Gnomeregan

    Join the Gnomes in their defense against the invasion from the depths and discover why they failed.
    Latest: "Welcome to Tinker Town" Kyrbi0, Nov 3, 2016
  35. Magic the Gathering: SC

    Defeat Enemy Wizards by summoning powerful creatures and casting map-affecting spells using the Mana gained from waiting and killing. Dozens of different strategies are possible!
    Latest: New AI jeromium, May 5, 2011
  36. Pirate Tag!

    An innovative multi player mini-game/tag map for up to 10 players. Gamers control the action with the keyboard keys IJKL instead of using the mouse. A simple but fun map for everyone to enjoy.
    Latest: Arrange a game Draenai, Jan 20, 2008
  37. Conflict for Sereg D`or

    A Spawn Based map project more fast paced and centralized then the LOTR maps. Inspired by various fantasy sources to create a unique experience.
    Latest: The Rise of the Legion panther-anthro, Apr 13, 2008
  38. Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster is a game that allows you to build coasters, ride coasters, and has full ai support. It has 3 game modes, free build, Ai challenge, and theme park.
    Latest: Screen Shots Miss_Foxy, Jan 23, 2011
  39. The Human Sin

    The Human Sin is an offensive/defensive style campaign revolving around the story of Gabriel and Baxter, who are in search of a human with a pure soul who can help defeat King Hades, an evil power who has descended to the earth to destroy all humanity for their cruel sins.
    Latest: Our Current Progress Septimus, Dec 4, 2010
  40. Hive's Core

    Hive's Core is an AoS based map featuring community members as heroes. Each hero has his own special abilities and as well as customization being one of the main attributes in this map. This AoS will dazzle your mind with seamlessly integrated systems giving you an experience transcending anything you have ever experienced in others AoS maps. Enjoy!
  41. Warden

    Warden is a single player campaign with unique boss fights, puzzles and gameplay, inspired by Zelda.
    Latest: Unable to use "spells" Rufus, Nov 27, 2019
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