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    (Post) If you enjoy the 2p series, can i suggest you try my coop series? Its the first custom 2p campaign series on hive, if you have a friend you will enjoy it!
    Hi Azothan! Was trying to get into contact with you, I've got something awesome going on that you might be interested in. I'd love to get into contact with you over at discord where I go by the ID Papanosta#7443
    Hey man, I hope you are well. When are you going to cast a Hive map again?
    If you want to play a match sometime or talk about some of the good Warcraft III stuff hit me up sometime.
    Do you like playing World of Warcraft to? Which faction did you play if you did?
    Horde or Alliance?
    Good videos. Keep it up :)
    You miss a lot of bonuses in campaigns ^)^

    Play more Lordaeron Aftermath plis!
    Greetings from Poland.

    I just watched you on youtube and saw that you play mostly strategy wc3 maps. Love your channel btw, lot of interesting videos, love castle fight for example. Not a big fan of Azeroth Wars though.

    Would you give my map a bash? I made it and thought it would be awesome as competitive and fun. Check it out if you got time, its a 1v1 zone control.
    in case you didnt know, the blood elves campaign when you were getting the riddles, in fact you have to turn on the cinematic subtitles in options. This will show the text as game messages(like the ones in the campaign to type -new or -insane) if you are not in cinematic mode(I suppose you know what that is). Basically the banshees were talking, but having no dabing you cant hear them, but there is the text, but with the subtitles disabled you will not see that. So you can be happy that Tomoraider put the text into the dialog box as well :D
    Azothan, i am making a campaign about what i think happend to turalyon and alleria (they went through a poortal that nerzul made is what happens in the campaign) but i have 2 questions that i want ur input on 1. shouldi keep it only wc2 units(it takes place just after the end of beyond the darkportal) (no spellbreakers, priests, rifleman ect,) and 2. i want to do a stat squish in this campaign like it was in wc2 (300 hp would be somthing like 40 hp and 40 dmg would be somthing around 4-5 dmg) so can u put ur input in on both those questions?
    I am sorry that your stuff is not being posted :(. Can you make a thread in Admin Contact with the stuff you want on the frontpage the post?
    btw I have one question, I hope I dont bother you too much :D and it is a bit silly one, but I actually thought of playing Azeroth Wars, but I never played it before, so I would like a suggestion: do you think Green is a good race to choose as a newbie? I have lots of theoretical experience from your videos(I swear I saw all of them :D) like potential doom drops. I also thought about green cause my micromanagment is quite bad :D and also I LOVE chain heals and generally Im fine with being the support. Thank you for your time beforehand :D
    man, you have 41 posts and 550 rep points, thats like the best rep/post count Ive ever seen here lol
    Good to know. However, I would recommend downloading version 1.7, because one quest is bugged and it is really hard to complete, yet it is possible. Looking forward to those episodes. :)
    Hey. I wanted to ask you if you are still willing to release new episodes of Iceborn? I've been waiting eagerly, but no sign of if for a while.
    Hey dude, be sure when playing Iceborn, try to find all the secrets as you can, okay? The community loves you!
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