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  • I just can't find the Oakwood Posts online anymore. I suppose they got deleted :(. Wish I saved the contents somewere on my computer for later. Now it's just really gone, which is a shame.

    Anyway. I got a 110mb .zip file with all my documented works on Oakwood, including the map itself. Where shall I put it?
    Alright. I agree to just throw it online.
    It's just that the map itself is very hard to work with. IT's difficult to play around and just test the map because you always have to adjust a few triggers to be able to play a certain part of the map. There's events you gotta disable/enable through the editor beforehand, and a faction to chose. It's all complicated... But to the right person it might still be useful.

    It's something I'm very proud of, so I would prefer to keep it a mystery than to let people look at the map, get confused and leave it be without seeing all the hidden stuff that's already in there somewere somehow.

    If only for the terrain it took me ages to make all that. This was seriously a project that took away more than 1000 hours for sure.
    its not possible just to skip this level, so the rest of the map would be playable
    its a pity that this great amp attempt ends at lvl 3!!!
    hi Kino. no chance for a new version of dreamvale? Would be great (in my last version there is this bug...)
    Would love to, however I haven't touched the map in almost a year.
    Meaning I can barely remember what I left off doing.

    Sometime soon I may start working on it again.
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