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My Third item model I'v Uploaded, set a new record of 9 minutes to turn my red crab into this hermit crab, thinking ahead I also rigged a second red version of the hermit crab which uses the original crab critter texture, its actually interesting looking I think.

I wonder why people don't make critter based items? hmmm.

Any Way!!! Feel free to edit these models in any ways you feel nessesary, just give credits to me, preferably in the form of a mur'loc named ''kellym0 god of the mur'locs''

Update 1: some how............. I forgot to change the Internal name.... my bad

Crab, Food, Hermit Crab, Ocean, Item, Crunchy, Delicious, Tasty, Yummy, Regent, Sunken Ruins

ItemHermitCrabRedV.009+ItemHermitCrabGreyV.006 (Model)

ItemHermitCrabRedV.009+ItemHermitCrabGreyV.006 (Model)

19:07, 2nd Mar 2015 MiniMage: I can has other crab.
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Yey :ogre_haosis: My favorite critter in warcraft, I always want them to be a normal unit.

Edit: there should be a Hero Hermit Crab :ogre_hurrhurr:!
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hmhm could be useful

I already see some hermit crabs in my survival project that you can catch and eat ,)
''Yey My favorite critter in warcraft, I always want them to be a normal unit.

Edit: there should be a Hero Hermit Crab !''

its as tho ur psychic or something........... get ready to be amazed BRA

thank you hayate glad you like it.

thank you as well Ardenian. will release the HQ hermit crab Reanimated tommrow or the next day.